A new chapter

I’ve almost finished cleaning the house. I still have the laundry so I can take a small break for my house chores.

While I’m writing this, Marlanu’ is drinking water and Pluto (also known as Smotocel) is sleeping on my foot. You might wonder who Pluto is. Well, he is a 2 months old Labrador puppy. Yes, we got a dog. After many months and a lot of begging, Johnny caved in and now we are 4.

Pluto Smotocel

As you might imagine I am really happy with the outcome. We’ve bragged about him to everyone, except to my parents. In fact, it would be for the best if they didn’t find out just yet. I know it’s their house and they’ve allowed us to stay (we pay everything and take care of everything), even with a cat, but I don’t know how they’ll react to a dog that will grow to be 30 kg.

I hope we’ve done a lot of good things so they won’t be that mad when they find out. Because, they will find out and they will be mad. It’s just a matter of time.

Pluto is a really small pup for his age, even if we bought him from a “breeder”. He came to us dirty, with a fake health certificate and no pedigree. We don’t care about the pedigree, but he wasn’t dewormed and he doesn’t have his first vaccine. The vet we went today told us that the signatures and stamps on his health certificate don’t have certain things that all vets normally have.

That means we have to start from scratch with Pluto as we did with Marlanu’. That’s not a problem for us. We wouldn’t have gotten a dog if we couldn’t afford it. It’s just annoying we’ve gave money to someone that does this kind of things.

I’m also happy that Marlanu’ is not aggressive towards Pluto. We we’re worried on how the cat would react to the dog. Well, we left them together alone for 5-6 hours and nothing bad happened. Even the house was in one piece.

I just can’t wait to take him for walks and for him to learn to sleep alone. When people say dogs are like children they aren’t joking.


I haven’t been to Johnny’s parents in a very long time. But I managed to squeeze in a short visit this weekend. Of course the first thing I did there was to play and pet Suzy. While she is an old lady, compared with Marlanu’, she still has that photogenic beauty that Marlanu’ rarely has.



I never seen a cat to look straight at the camera without blinking. Its like she knows she’s pretty and she demands for her picture to be taken. It’s just a pity that I don’t have the chance to see her more often (because of my busy life) since I am certain I could take some pretty photos of her with my new camera. I think I could make an album both with her and Marlanu’.

Countryside weekend

Finally we went to the countryside. It was about time considering we haven’t been there in a very long time.

It wasn’t anything special. We had lunch, played with the cat, fed the rabbits and just enjoyed the peace and quiet. Seriously, you could only hear the birds and the wind.

It was so nice!


What can I say, I’m really happy that Summer came. There is one thing that I would like to do on the next payday. I would like to go on a drive for the entire day and just stop somewhere and have lunch. I would really love that!

But it will take a little bit longer before that will happen. Till then, here are the rabbits.


There are 3 other white, but they have underground tunnels and most of them go there to cool down or sleep without being bothered.


There are actually 3 generations there. But the oldest one, Vera, doesn’t like to be photographed. They were really funny when we gave them fresh grass. Rabbits are cute when they eat.

And there there’s the cat. I don’t think my father was ever so attached to a cat like he is to this one. This cat, as fluffy and nice as it looks, is a real killer. Everyday a mouse/rat dies because of him.


And yet, he’s the sweetest thing when he comes in contact with humans. The fact that we were eating meat with more meat doesn’t have anything to do with his attitude. Nope, he just loves us like that.


It was nice.

I wish the weekend would come faster, but its barely Tuesday so another 4 days of hard work and then just one day off. Well, I did have a 3 day weekend, I can’t actually complain.

Marlanu’ and tulips

First was Suzy,  now it’s Marlanu’.

Marlanu' sleeping

But he isn’t interested in the real flowers. Nope. he was busy sleeping while I stitched on my tulips needlepoint.

If I keep on it, in a few days I will finish the tulips needlepoint.


I am really unsure of how much I like this project. There are moments where the flowers seem too square and then there are moments when the result seems gratifying. I guess, its a love hate relationship and the only way I’ll know if I love this project is by framing it.

Tulips 1

Here is a detail of the stitching.

Tulips detail

Framing my stitching projects isn’t on any list at the moment so I’m guessing after I finish the tulips they will go to the folder with all the other finished projects.

Still, after I finish the tulips I would love to finish the cat needlepoint. It’s been more than two years since I started that project and it needs just a few more stitches and it will be done. And I will be at peace with myself for finishing something that I started.

I don’t know why, but lately finishing, completing, finalizing, anything that means an end result brings me a lot of joy and satisfaction.

Feeling refreshed

Routine can make one feel tired. The days pass so quickly and so uninteresting that it makes me feel like I’m wasting time rather than being productive.

But its a miracle what a little change in the daily routine can do to one spirits.

Just by leaving one hour earlier and going to the park before work, by visiting a friend during my day off, even reading a book or two. I really do feel much more refreshed and I’m in a better mood than before.


I must admit the weather was really nice and it was a shame not to go out for a walk. Even if I was by myself. I guess being alone doesn’t bother me at all, especially on a lovely early Spring morning.

Yes I do consider that Spring is here. I can actually smell it!


What can I say, when Spring will come in full force all the parks will be full with people so I should enjoy them and their solitude as much as I can.

After that I know for sure that everybody will come out and the parks will be much to full for my liking.

And yet, even staying indoors has it perks when you have a cat.


Marlanu’ in action

It’s bitter cold outside, raining and in general horrible weather. And if that wouldn’t be enough I have to go to work in half an hour.

And here I am trying to muster the energy and will to get my butt to work and then comes Marlanu’

DSC01360Seriously I hate him. If I die and I get a chance to come back I will always choose the reincarnate as a cat.

Grr, I’m off to work.

Before & After

I don’t know exactly why, but whenever I see the old photos of Marlanu’ I get this fuzzy feeling.

It may be because I did a good deed by taking in a helpless animal. It may be because I finally have my own cat. It might be because this little fellow has grown on me so much. It may be from many other causes. Yet it shocks me when I see the pictures from the first day I took him in. He was so little and cute, and now he is so big and cute.

Do parents feel the same way about their children?

That moment…

You know life’s a bitch when you start something you really like and you are unable to finish it because things interfere.

I started the March photo challenge and then: work got really busy, university is gonna be hell this semester, I got food poisoning, the flu and my tooth hurts. The same thing happens every single time. Is this Karma? Did I do something bad in the past and now I’m being punished?

Oh well, there’s nothing I can do about it. I am only happy that Spring is finally here. I already stored all my winter clothes, no more heavy boots or layers over layers of clothing. And I am not the only that celebrates the arrival of Spring, Marlanu’ is also enjoying himself:

I hope we all have a great week. ^_^

Today is a greyish day

Okay so not everything in life is black and white. There are also shades of gray that are harder to see, especially to people like me that just glide through life without lifting their heads from the ground.

For a while I started giving mean stares to a neighbour of mine, I just really hated the fact that he just wouldn’t put his dog out of misery. You see, this neighbour of mine has an old dog that had multiple surgeries and can barely walk. I once caught my neighbour trying to push his dog butt down just so he could pee. This weird sight just broke my heart.

Why can’t he just put the dog out of misery and get a new dog?

I’m not a heartless person, I know losing a pet can be more devastating than losing a relative (yeah I said it). But why go through all of this just to extend your pet life for a couple of months, maybe a year? Why drag on with the pain?

This morning, I was just going to work when I saw this neighbour with his dog in his arms and he was talking to him, whispering things, and I think he was crying. Now I don’t know who I should pitty more, the poor dog or the owner that is trying to hold on to his dying dog.

It’s a sad world we’re living in.

After this depressing incident I went straight for the bus, and on my way there was this woman with her dog starring at something under a car: a black and white kitten. The woman was just looking at it, didn’t said a word and then left. I felt really bad for leaving the kitten there, but I can’t save them all. That’s what I said to myself, I can’t save them all. And then it hit me, the secretary (yes the one from work) was asking for a kitten, not for herself but for her cousin that lives at the country side.

So I called and she agreed to take the kitten. I went back and took the kitten home, fed her/him and now at this hour I have two cats at home, both locked in different rooms so they won’t fight. This is the little kitten I took her photo mostly to have a memory of the critter that made me late for work on very gloomy Friday morning.

I can’t save them all, but if I try even just a little I might just save one or two. I can’t say for certain that this kitten will have a great life but at least at the country side he won’t have to worry about being hit by car and he can catch mice (not rats like we have in the city).

I feel a little better about myself right now.