It’s Autumn and I already have a cold. Its not that I wasn’t prepared for the chilly weather, its more that I wasn’t prepared for my colleagues. They really love me and they enjoy sharing anything with me, from food, cute things to a flu.

And that’s how I got a cold.

I can’t complain. I mean I got some really cute stuff yesterday from my colleagues. It was like a mini Christmas. Really made my day a lot easier at work.


This is a food container from Ikea. Not that functional, but cute. I mean, besides a sandwich or fruits, I cannot put real food in it. It might spill and it will make a mess. Still, its something I wanted and Ikea is in the other part of town; it takes around 1 hour to get there during a normal day. I’m glad someone bought it for me.

I wanted a wallet for a while, since my wallet ended up with my mother in law (long story). But I am not prepared to spend so much money on a wallet. After all I am on poor mode for almost 3 weeks. I’m trying to save money not spend it. So, I got a mini pouch from one of my favorite friends at work. It’s perfect as a wallet for me.


Its not like I will have lots of money with me, more like work card, metro card, ID and taxi vouchers. I was really happy when I got this. I don’t know if she read my mind or noticed the plastic bag I had as a replacement. Yup, I’m that cheap. Then again, we (me and Johnny) are trying to make a major step and it takes a lot of preparation and responsibility.

We are trying to save for our own place. So, for use to avoid paying our entire life for a small apartment we decided to save money and pay one big chunk of it in one go. Growing up sucks in these times. Its easier being a kid, because parents now will do anything for their kids and they spoil them rotten.

Still, it will be fun, I want to see how far can we go.

Valentine’s Day

I am starting to feel like Valentine’s Day is becoming more and more like Christmas. The only difference is that I forgot to buy gifts, or more like I thought we had an agreement that no gifts will be purchased this year for Valentine’s Day.

Well, Johnny surely surprised me.

I woke up looking at a red rose and a black box with a silver ribbon on it. Inside it, 2 BB cream’s: a cleanser and a face cream. BB creams just appeared on the Romanian market so I was really surprised that Johnny actually went to a drug store and bought them for me. And he didn’t buy the imitations he bought the real deal.

I was shocked! Really, I was just shocked.

And that was not all, in the evening after Johnny came from work he opened his backpack and got out a new photo camera!


I actually started crying a little. I mean, I bought nothing and here comes Johnny with things that I wanted and for which I was saving for. And I was just staring at him thinking “I have no idea what to buy for you“.

I am in such a happy state right now. All I need is a case for the photo camera and I can take it with me without having to worry that I will ruin it.

IMG_0396So, now lets plot on what should Johnny receive for his birthday in March.