Work doodles

It is cold again. No more sunshine and no more spring like weather. It’s time for winter to take its place, after all it is November. Somehow that doesn’t depress me.


I am hoping that I will take my drivers license before the snow comes and for that I need to study for the exam. It’s not going to be fun at all.

Other than that, what can I say. Nothing new, same old things. I’m just more tired than usual and I’m guessing my brain needs a break. Especially from work, but that’s not going to happen any time soon. I can only say that I am happy towards the persons that invented the pen and paper.

Doodles are a  lifesaver for me.

IMG_20131031_231826 IMG_20131031_231722 IMG_20131031_231641 IMG_20131031_231504

I might not be the greatest artist in the world, but somehow I feel proud after I finish one of these. It’s like my inner child is giddy with joy that I can still draw something. I still regret not keeping up with drawing like I used to, but that’s life. You can’t do everything, and I am focusing on studying … besides doodles, there are the eternal hiragan characters that I still can’t remember.


I will get there, I won’t give up. After all I have all my life ahead to learn this language.

Learning Japanese on a lovely Monday

Repetition is the key to learning any new foreign language. But I can’t help but feeling sleepy after 2 hours of practicing. Repeating gets boring really fast and my mind starts to wonder in different places.

I must confess I haven’t practiced as I wished. Actually I haven’t practiced at all in the last month. I can’t even blame laziness this time. I was just busy.

Yet, this morning I told to myself I will practice at least 2 hours. Well, here’s the result of 2 hours of learning:

It’s not much and with some characters I still have a long way to go. But I’m getting there. Soon I shall know the basic hiragana characters.

Well, I have one more thing to share. The new character design for One Piece:

I am just shocked. I usually hate spoilers but this time I just want to watch One Piece some more. They look so different and yet the feel the same. Okay so maybe they haven’t changed that much, still the one that changed the most seems to be Usopp. Heh, I really want to go home now.

I.Want.To. Watch. One. Piece.

My first try at reading and translating hiragana

Normally, at this point I would drop everything and forget about learning Japanese. I would just give up!

I’m just stunned how difficult it is to learn a foreign language as an adult. Now I regret even more giving up so easily when I was still in school. If I would’ve kept going maybe today I wouldn’t feel so disappointed with myself.

But enough of that.

I tried the impossible today aka reading and translating a childrens story. Needless to say, it was a futile attempt on my part, considering I still haven’t learned all the Hiragana characters. But I tried. Learning from error is better than not trying to learn at all.

With this opportunity I also practiced my writing. What can I say, I barely managed to read the words, translating the text is another story. So here is how I read the text:


Mukashi mukashi kodomoga inai ojiisanto obaasanga kamisamani ongaio muruto koyubikuraino otokonokoga umawamashita.

“Mamaeha itsusunboushinishimashou”

Futariga takusan gohano tabesasetanode itsusunboushiha totemo genkini sodasamashita.

That doesn’t feel right at all! The words are way to long even for Japanese. Even I can tell that it’s wrong but the question here is how wrong am I. The original text:


むかし むかし こどもが いない おじいさんと おばあさんが かみさまに おねがいを すると こゆびくらいの おとこのこが うまれました。

And it’s reading in Romaji:


Mukashi mukashi kodomo ga inai ojiisan to obaasan ga kamisama ni onegai wo suruto koyubikurai no otokonoko ga umaremashita.

I can only think of one thing right now, and that is that I still have a lot to learn about how the Japanese form their sentences, about particles and all the other things related to grammar. But I can recognize some words like “ojiisan” and “obaasan” which are stuck in my mind thanks to watching anime for so many years.

Oh well, back to my Hiragana characters.