Update on my stitching projects

I finished my exams and I’ve passed them all. Technically, that means I’ve finished university, but I still have 2 exams that I didn’t pass (from previous years) and one big exam that I will have in February next year.

I guess I should be proud of myself. I actually was happy when I saw the results. But, we got some bad news and I’m once again in a bad place. I am not superstitious, but I’m really starting to think nothing good will happen this year. We’ve had so many bad things happen, one after another, that it’s really hard to keep a positive attitude.

So, I’ve wasted my free time stitching. Nothing bad can happen if you do nothing productive.

I’ve started a smaller stitching project and in 3 days I’ve advanced a lot.


 Today is a holiday and of course I’m not allowed to stitch. So here is how my two projects are standing:


At this rate I will finish the smaller project in a week or two. Hopefully, it will turn out OK. I’m having second doubts regarding the shade of the face.

Days of Spring!

It’s April and I’m happy!

I’m happy for no particular reason. OK, maybe my good mood was triggered by the lovely weather we are having, my stitching projects, the fact that I am on the morning shift at work (and I’ll be on it for the next 2 months as well!), and by many others.

Don’t worry, life is not that perfect for me and John but it certain has some good things in it.

This is my only free day for this week. I plan on taking advantage of it. Besides the cleaning, washing and even a little blogging I intend on stitching some more and just chill.

I finished my needlepoint poinsettia from Krif. I was really happy with this project because it was small and very easy to stitch. And, I made a resolution to myself to buy smaller projects that I can finish before I get bored of them.


I did a little shopping for more needlepoint projects, but I started a medium one. In fact, last week I had a stitch-a-ton. I am almost done with the black floss (which has become really boring) but I am happy of the way I advanced on it.

Needlepoint Project

Oh well, I think I shall blog more next week. Until then I’m off into my stitching world. After all, we have to take advantage of the lovely sun.

New things

After a few years I decided it was a good time to reward my patience and actually buy something online. I decided on two things: stitching materials and books. Shocking, right?!

Well, It’s been 3 years since I last bought any manga’s, stitching kits/materials or any other random things that I used to buy before. Its not like I saved any money by not buying anything, is just that I stopped my impulsive shopping. It became an addiction in getting things by post every two weeks and it was not healthy for my budget, the free space in my room or my mental health in general.

So, after much deliberation I bought 2 needlepoint kits, both from Krif.ro. The first one I liked because it resembled Marlanu’ in a way and I can always do the background a different color. Its very easy to customize it to your own needs and cute at the same time.


The second needlepoint kit I just loved it. It’s just beautiful! Its like in video games, you go to the next level. No mode 20 colors and small size stitching, but 30+ colors, the stitching will require more attention on my side and also it is pretty big compared with what I’ve stitched so far.


 My second purchase was for 6 books, all of them were written by Georges Simenon. There were on sale and I took advantage of it. The Maigret books are the only ones I cannot find online in audio format or in any other format. It’s not that I mind buying books, heck no, its just that he is Belgian writer, his books are in French and my French is not what it used to be.

I think if I try hard enough I might get some books in French, but at the moment I’ll stick to English and Romanian.

Hopefully, soon the post will come and I’ll be one happy hippo.

Marlanu’ and tulips

First was Suzy,  now it’s Marlanu’.

Marlanu' sleeping

But he isn’t interested in the real flowers. Nope. he was busy sleeping while I stitched on my tulips needlepoint.

If I keep on it, in a few days I will finish the tulips needlepoint.


I am really unsure of how much I like this project. There are moments where the flowers seem too square and then there are moments when the result seems gratifying. I guess, its a love hate relationship and the only way I’ll know if I love this project is by framing it.

Tulips 1

Here is a detail of the stitching.

Tulips detail

Framing my stitching projects isn’t on any list at the moment so I’m guessing after I finish the tulips they will go to the folder with all the other finished projects.

Still, after I finish the tulips I would love to finish the cat needlepoint. It’s been more than two years since I started that project and it needs just a few more stitches and it will be done. And I will be at peace with myself for finishing something that I started.

I don’t know why, but lately finishing, completing, finalizing, anything that means an end result brings me a lot of joy and satisfaction.

Geisha needlepoint

Spring is here! It’s so nice to not wear many layers of clothes. I think the reason why I like Winter so much is that it makes Spring so much sweeter.

I’m doing good.

I wanted to write about many things but then again not everything needs to be shared. I passed all my exams at university, work is OK and soon we’ll go team building (it will be high school all over again). But, I am happy about one thing in particular: I finished a needlepoint project.


Yup, I finished my geisha needlepoint from Draga Decor. I actually, worked on it on every spare moment I had (while I “read” about 6-7 audio books by Agatha Christie).

And here is the end result, my framed Geisha:This was the final stage right before framing it.  I was really happy with the colors and all that. Had some issues with the quality of the floss but that passed.


Of course, Marlanu’ had to approve it before putting it on the wall. But then again, I have no idea where I could put it in my room and all the other rooms are already packed full with paintings and other stuff.

So, I’m still pondering on the location.

Still, its so nice. The framing was really expensive and this was actually the second choice of frame since my first pick, a more simple reddish frame, was out of stock.


I’m actually proud of myself, now another 5 projects to finish and I can say that I don’t leave anything unfinished.

Post of shame

I have this thing that once I start a project I keep going on it for a while but then I get bored and I start another one.

So at the moment I have a “few” projects that just beg to be finished:

Work in Progress

Probably the most “famous” project that I have yet to finish is my needlepoint  cat from Krif. This stitching project is almost finished, I really have a few more stitches to add and then I can frame it and just get over with.

cat needlepoints

But those last few stitches are criminal. So many colors in such a small area, it’s becoming annoying to change the floss every couple of stitches. I thought of buying more needles but then there’s a chance I might lose them and I don’t want to have a bad surprise later.

Another project that is on the last 100 meters is my tulips needlepoint. The thing with this project is that I made a mistake on it and I’ll have to undo and re-do some parts of it. I don’t mind re-doing, its the undoing that will kill me.


Still, this project is dear to me and I will most likely finish it by the end of this year.

And then we have the two Geisha’s. One of the is a huge one, when I bought it I was so in love with it, with the bright colors and all, but now that I am actually stitching it the love is slowly fading away. That’s the issue with big projects when it comes to stitching you get bored and even tired of them and its very hard not to give up on them completely.

Geisha Printed needlepoint

The only thing that keeps me going back to this project is the fact that its printed so I don’t have to check a paper every time and count every stitch. That would’ve been criminal.

The second Geisha is a lot smaller and I’ve seen this project on many blogs. I’ve seen the completed needlepoint and the cross stitch version, but the needlepoint version is much nicer.


This the most “cleanest” project I’ve worked on. I really just tried to complete each stitching page before going to the next one and the result is really nice. This will probably be finished as the same time as the tulips.

But wait, there are a few more:

Those projects are the “least” important to me. I don’t feel burden to finish them but at the same time I don’t feel like throwing them away either. It’s really sad, but stitching really takes a lot of time. Even if I would stitch two hours per day I wouldn’t be able to finish a project in a month.

And yet, its so addictive that you really can’t give it up as a hobby.

Unfortunately for me, I have one more. This one is a cross stitch from Marjolein Bastin. I made a HUGE mistake with this one. I didn’t keep the same material on which came with the packet. I said to myself that I can’t stitch on that small piece of material and there’s no way that the project will fit on it.

Guess what, now the project is way to big.

Nestingbox with pink boxes by Marjolein Bastin

I still have a lot to learn about stitching and hopefully this year I will have a project or two finished.