Snow in January?

I wonder if we’ll see any snow in January. It feels like a very long Autumn and it’s weird. I would like some snow, seriously. It would cheer me up to no end.

Give us SNOW!

It has begun

The real Winter is here.

It started snowing last night but I wasn’t expecting to find the tress white since it also rained yesterday. Still it is a nice surprise and its a good way to start the week in my opinion.

My mini vacation is over and I start work today.

I’m also expecting an increase in snow related posts on my dash on Facebook and Tumblr. It should be interesting..


Good Morning Everyone

Am I the only one in a good mood? I hope not.

Ahh, I really don’t have a particular reason to be happy right now but I am feeling rather good.

  • I have one more exam to go and this exam session will finally be over. It’s the dreaded Math exam!!!
  • My Japanese is improving and I will be moving on to Katakana (I actually can’t wait to make this step).
  • I started watching “Lie to me” (will write about this after I finish the entire series).
  • I had a great weekend. We even went out clubbing (and I once again wore a dress).

And this morning as I was making my way through snow Zdreanta welcomed me! Seriously, I love how this dog comes to me every morning. He’s so big and yet such a gentle giant. I really wish to have a dog like this one day.

He really is the only thing that can cheer me up at work.

By the way, am I the only one that hates wearing so many layers of clothes just to keep warm? I really hate getting dressed up in the morning. The hardest step is getting out of bed, and then washing my face with cold (bitter cold) water.

But the only good thing from all this snowing is that when Spring comes my legs will be nice and tonned. I mean, how could they not be when I have to walk through all this snow.

And that is a clean street. There are other streets which you have to walk on the street because the sidewalk is just a mountain of snow.

Waiting for the first snow

Here I am, at work, feeling lonely and bored.

I blame the weather. The sky is gray, it’s foggy and cold.

So, here I am in my office wishing for snow. I don’t need sunshine or warmer weather, I just want lots and lots of snow!

I want to wake up knowing I will have to walk through snow. I want to hear squeaking noises under my boots. I want to wear my cute hat, muffler and gloves. I want to play fight in the snow and afterwards to enjoy a nice warm drink with Johnny. I want to see how my cat reacts to snow. I want to enjoy the pretty lights and beautiful Christmas tree. 

I want a real winter.

So, here I am wishing for snow. But the weatherman said we’ll be having snow after the 21st of December. I really do hope we’ll be having a white Christmas.