Books and tulips

Did I ever mention that I managed to make some good friends at work?

If not, well I did. I actually found nice people, and not only that but I can actually call them friends.

*Happy dance*

And when my birthday came, I actually got a nice surprise.


It was nicely wrapped and heavy and I didn’t want to open it. You see, I don’t usually get presents (besides the ones from Johnny, who’s nice like that). So, I really felt like a small kid for Christmas. I really like surprises, especially nice ones.

After a few moments I decided to open it and voila: Edgar Allan Poe stories (English version).


Life is really nice at the moment, no matter how broke I am.

Speaking of being broke, I still managed to buy a book. I know I’m an idiot, but it was there, starring me in the face. I know that I cannot afford to buy the Harry Potter books, because 1) they are expensive, 2) they take up lots of space and 3) I already have/read the audio books. But I bought it, I bought a J.K. Rowling book.

Yup I bought “The Casual Vacancy” (Romanian version).

J.K Rowling

I am very happy with my two new books. But, I don’t want to start them right now. I’m waiting for that special moment and to finish the books that I am currently reading (about 5 of them).

Besides the two new books, I also managed to take a few more photo’s with my new camera. I’m starting to get used to it, even if not all the pictures turn out decent.

But, tulips are always a nice photography subject.


Especially for close ups (macro photography).


Hopefully, this year it will be a good year regarding my photography.

Marlanu’ and tulips

First was Suzy,  now it’s Marlanu’.

Marlanu' sleeping

But he isn’t interested in the real flowers. Nope. he was busy sleeping while I stitched on my tulips needlepoint.

If I keep on it, in a few days I will finish the tulips needlepoint.


I am really unsure of how much I like this project. There are moments where the flowers seem too square and then there are moments when the result seems gratifying. I guess, its a love hate relationship and the only way I’ll know if I love this project is by framing it.

Tulips 1

Here is a detail of the stitching.

Tulips detail

Framing my stitching projects isn’t on any list at the moment so I’m guessing after I finish the tulips they will go to the folder with all the other finished projects.

Still, after I finish the tulips I would love to finish the cat needlepoint. It’s been more than two years since I started that project and it needs just a few more stitches and it will be done. And I will be at peace with myself for finishing something that I started.

I don’t know why, but lately finishing, completing, finalizing, anything that means an end result brings me a lot of joy and satisfaction.

Suzy and Tulips

With me having a new job (with a very different schedule from the normal 9-5 hours) and since we have Marlanu’, we weren’t able to visit Johnny’s parents that much. In consequence we haven’t seen much of Suzy lately.

Suzy, compared to Marlanu’, she’s like a princess. Always clean and docile (until you piss her off, then all hell breaks loose) and very small.

But she’s so cute when she’s curious.


Must make a note to self, to take more pictures of this fuzzball.

End of the hiatus?

Is it wrong to enjoy a hiatus?

I must say not blogging for a period was good for me. Not only did I had time to focus on my normal life (work, university, stitching, photography, Johnny… well not in that order) but it was refreshing. Taking a break from time to time is good for the mind.

In a week time I’ll be 25. Yup, I’m getting old.

Around this time I ask myself “What have you done with your life so far?” and I ponder for a while, and then realize that I did nothing worth mentioning. Almost 25 years old and still a lazy bum. I don’t know what’s worse: me thinking that it’s not something to put myself down for (considering there are 7 billion people on this earth and only a few are successful) or the fact that everything I start is doomed for failure.

Maybe I’m just a laid back person that doesn’t get to upset if things don’t turn out well, or maybe I suffer from chronic laziness. I don’t know why but that’s the way things go for me.

And, can you believe I started this stitch work in 2010 and I haven’t finished it even now?

I found it when I was Spring cleaning. Shame on me, how could I forget about my tulip needlepoint? Darn you memory…

I actually stitched a little more on it but forgot to take pictures of it. Hopefully we’ll have sunny weather this week and I’ll be able to take a few decent photos of it. Until then, I’m going back to my work. Hopefully, things will go a lot smother.

Tulips Gobelin

I’ve put on standby my cat gobelin because I was getting bored of it.

It isn’t fun to work on something that you have no more interest in. I didn’t realize it would take so much time to finish it. I thought “Oh, 20 x 20 cm, that isn’t a big gobelin, it won’t take much longer than a month to finish it.” Well, I think I will finish my cat gobelin in 2-3 months from now.

It’s nice to be able to put aside things knowing that you can finish them later.  

So, I started a new gobelin with tulips. It’s much smaller and it’s easier to work on. I was curious on how many hours it would take me to finish a small gobelin and this is the result of 13 hours of stitching:

There are 4 blocks of stitching like this one, meaning I can finish it in 2 weeks top, if I work on it on a daily basis (but I won’t promise anything). That would be really cool, because, this way I would have tulips in my room all the time, not just during spring.


  “February is merely as long as is needed to pass the time until March.”
-   Dr. J. R. Stockton 

There aren’t many things one can do in February. For me it’s just there so I can “wake up” after winter “hibernation”.The month has almost passed and I didn’t even realize that the days have gone longer, the weather isn’t as cold as before and my most beloved flowers are everywhere.

White tulips, pink tulips, yellow tulips, all kind of colored tulips are at every flower shop. What better flower to cheer you up on these cold, gray days than a tulip.