How time flies.

It feels like nothing has changed, and yet so many things are different.
In a way, I understand why I couldn’t bring myself to keep up with this. I just didn’t want to destroy a good thing.

Truthfully, this blog makes me happy. It brings back lil bits and pieces of a time passed, which was really happy.
Simple, but happy.

With a few exceptions, here are only good and happy memories. Thoughts of someone who had no real inclination of life. No stress over what is and what might come.

Time did flew. It feels like the years have melted into one continuos state of mind: “I feel tired“.
I feel like all this time we fought. I do not know for what and why, but it feels like we fought all the way.
Hence the tiredness.

And what a time to be alive: new diseases, war, economic instability, social anxiety..
It feels like the world got suddenly a lot smaller.

I am thankfull Johnny has kept this blog alive.

We all need a safe heaven, and this used to be mine. Ideas, thoughts, hobbies, mondane things of no interest to no one. Just a place of random bits and pieces of someones life. My life. Our life.

We can only see what the future has for us. Either way, I am officially back in the obscure and non descript blogging world.


It has been a long while.Almost an entire year without any updates.
Flash forward to today, and I can say that things are different from what they were last year.
To make it long story short, there are two major changes: Pluto has gone to live with my parents (at the country side), and I’ve changed jobs (can’t say that things are better on this front).

Yes, we relocated Pluto. Believe it or not, he adjusted really well really fast. Since last November, we had no more health problems with him. That in itself is a major point in the decision. Life in an apartment didn’t agree with him.

Based on the stories from my parents and the way he acts around them, he is happy. And, my parents are happy to have him (they can’t seem to stop laughing when they talk about him and his daily adventures).

True, the house is quieter now with Pluto gone. Marlanu is missing his buddy, but he has adjusted with being the only child once again. He still greets us when we come home, which is nice. Spends time with us, but usually he acts like a normal cat. A normal ginger fat cat, who rules the household and everyone in it.

Besides these two furballs, we’ve been relatively good. No major changes that are worth mentioning.

I must say, I do miss my ex-colleagues, but it was time for me to move on from that place. I can’t say if the work changes are an improvement, but I can say the pay is better.

That’s a good enough start for now.

Remembering the good times

Remembering the good times, because that’s what is important. I want to remember my happy moments.

Even simple moments are happy moments. Staying at home, enjoying some free time with Pluto and Marlanu’. Watching TV or reading a book. Those are moments I should be focusing on. I couldn’t be more happy that people invented smartphones. Looking through all the pictures on it, I’ve realized how much fun I’ve had.

Work might not bring me much joy (at the moment), but the rest seems almost amazing. 

We’ve had our summer vacation (one mega road trip), awesome theater plays, awesome outings with friends, buying and getting awesome books, stitching (I missed it so much).. 

Why are our brains so set on focusing only on the bad things, but never on the good things?

I’ve been to some awesome places, seen some awesome things (and animals).

Cascada Bigar

Hateg Natural Rezervation (Bison)

We’ve even visited the Timisoreana beer factory. That is a place we must definitely go back to. The beer and food there was amazing.

I’ve finally went to the theater, not once but three times. And for the last play we’ve went to Cluj, by the night train. It took us 9 hours to get there. It was totally worth it and much fun.

Even running around the city was fun. Also, people are so nice in Cluj. 

I should be happy and keep being happy. Trying out new things and also making happy memories. After all, this is what is important. That and taking care of myself and the ones I love. Plus, by visiting new places I get to buy books, and on the last trip I found a beauty in a thrift store.

Happy ranting

And here we are, with less than two months till the end of year. This year has been full of ups and downs, some more memorable than others.

I can say truthfully, that I now know why some people end up being grumpy and hating humanity.

It isn’t about hardships or bad situations, it is about human interaction. 

I truthfully hate corporations, and if I wouldn’t need to work to be able to just exist and buy food and clothes, I would probably hide somewhere remote. I had some lovely interactions with the HR department lately. Been told that our manager feels threatened by some of my actions and e-mails (apparently asking for some courses for which I will pay with my own money and fair distribution of workload is a no no). That, and also to stop doing the workload of my manager cause if she is not able to handle it, it’s on her. 

I wonder how many people have heard this kind of bullshit?! 

If the work doesn’t get done, the managers are the last to be held responsible. I think this is universally valid. 

But, on the upper side, I am that good that my simple suggestions and work results are enough to make a manager feel threatened. I didn’t knew I was that good *end sarcasm*.

Also universally true is that we are all replaceable. This I’ve told them many times (not as a threat) but as a valid truth that I am also replaceable. Therefor, pressure is being to put on me to update documentation. Oh well, since the workload issue was not resolved I am sure I can also take my time with the documentation.

Plus, if I’m the only one that knows the processes, I can write whatever I want. How will they know if it is good or not? 

Sometimes, managers and HR should think what are the risks before pissing people of. I mean, sure, we can always be fired. But, what do they do when one person knows sensitive information that no one else knows? How do you tackle this issue, and make sure that the information is held within the company? In case of someone being fired or quitting? 

I am just asking.

I know what I know, and some information will be passed to one of my replacements (been teaching her since February, and she is a good person; I will not do anything to make her life a misery). But, what about the other part, where my so called colleague likes to yell at us during meetings and the manager does nothing (and always takes her side no matter how much proof we bring to show the contrary)? 

Oh well, it sure would be a pity if something bad happened.

No, I am not being fired. They want to keep me, but want me to keep my mouth shut and allow being (ab)used by my colleague. Everything not to upset the poor woman. Did I mention that this so called colleague is a vegan and anti-vaxxer? Yep, two scares so far from work, where we all had to go to the hospital and do tests, just to be sure we don’t get some disease from her child. No fucks were given by the management towards our health.

I already updated my CV. Well not updated, I’ve done it from scratch. The end result being awesome. I’ve reached out to my contacts and the search has begun. I know it is a bad period for hiring, being just before the winter holidays. But, it is never to early to start.

I am also proud of myself for not quitting directly. I promised to myself that I will not let myself take a decision when I am mad. So far so good. 

At first, I got that anxiety feeling of what if I am unable to find work somewhere else. But, then I realized that it is just my brain being an asshole. I have 12+ years of work experience. I have feedback from different countries and certifications. I want to learn stuff. I am good. 

I just the patience of a saint, and to temper myself into doing something rash. *fingers crossed*

Weekend vibes

And so ends another weekend. It was not extraordinary, nor did amazing things happened. But it was one of those weekends that matter and shall be remembered.

It was a rainy and cloudy weekend, filled with household chores, trips to the store and the regular things that we normally don’t get the chance to do during the week. It was memorable because we visited one of the museums that we went together, about 6 years ago. 

I still can’t believe that we haven’t been to it in such a long time, but there it is. We visited the National Technical Museum Dimitrie Leonida. It has changed, in some ways for the better in others for the worse. For example, a bad thing, they do not have any souvenirs for sale. Last time I got a leather bookmark (which I still have an cherish). But, they have new models on display and the lighting inside is better.

At the entrance we had a surprise, an old Cadillac.I am not great with cars, but it seemed to be in a good shape. 

I think they even repainted it the walls, and added new photos and paintings. A few more rooms were opened to the public, and a few others were being prepared to be opened to the public.

Of course there were the old cars (the Oldsmobile and a few others). But, this time the motorcycles took our attention. They were small and old, and on some of them we could see the rust. Still, that didn’t took our from their charm.

Of course, I have lots of photos (after all, I paid the photography tax!). It is really hard to pick which photos to post and which not. 

They even had a small section of household appliances. It is amusing to see how small everything was back then. I guess, we (humans) grew taller with time and we started taking up more space.

I missed going out and visiting places. Even places that we’ve been before. I’ve always waited for the weekend, but it has been a long time since I took advantage of my free time and just go on adventures

I guess, we’ve been caught up in our daily routines and became once again, comfortable with doing nothing and just rest. Not that it is a bad thing to be comfortable and rest after a long week, but sometimes a bit of fun activity is more restful than any nap. 

2 months..

2 months left till September. 1 month left till our two week vacation. 1 day left till the weekend.

It’s sad how we’re waiting for things to come, but cannot enjoy the present day.

Well I cannot say that I haven’t enjoyed today. I worked hard all week just to be sure that I will be able to have an extended weekend. Freeing up my last days of the month, just to relax and chill. No stress, no pressure to meet deadlines, or run around (to and from work).

I guess, I can’t complain about the work from home policy that some companies have.

Plus the weather has been great, from my point of view. It rained and it was colder than usual for this time of the year. I can’t say much for other areas where there are floods and things are not so good.

I can’t say I like summer that much, especially as an adult. There is no point in pretending that summer is great. It is only great when you can enjoy it, as we did when we were children. Now, I just can’t find any joy in sweating my ass off just to get to work.

I like autumn best, and I can’t wait for it. Plus, all the major sites have sales on boots and cardigans, jackets and other pretty things that I normally can’t touch (if it were the season). I don’t want many things, just two pair of boots (one brown and one black), an autumn brown coat and a winter jacket. These are the things that are missing from my wardrobe, and I want them before the craziness starts. Last year, I barely had time to buy a winter jacket and that was during my lunch break. I am not taking any chances this year.

At the end of this summer, I shall be prepared for Autumn.

Half a year already gone

And, with half a year already gone I can only ponder “what have I’ve been doing with my myself?

The answer: nothing much. I’ve been hooked up on work and just getting stuff done. Even on my one week vacations, I did nothing for myself, been nowhere and done nothing that I could think back on with fondness. 

Did I mention it is already summer?

I feel robbed…

Reigniting old hobbies

Life always has a habit of derailing people from their course. Things happen; free time is precious and sometimes non-existent; lack of motivation to keep up with everything…

There can be a million reasons why we don’t get things done.

I always felt that if there is something you love and wish for with all your might, no matter how many times you get derailed from achieving your goal, you will find your way back to it.

This is how I fell, after years of ignoring anything related to Japanese.

Instead of feeling bummed out, for losing so many years of precious time, not working on achieving this dream of mine, I feel like now is a good time to get back and immerse myself in the eternal struggle of hiragana, katakana and kanji.

After all, I got a Goku tattoo after 14 years of setting my mind on it…

I only have one concern: time.

I’ve been racking my brains out to figure the best way to get this done. I don’t need a planner, or things like that, I just need to be realistic about my free time during the week and in the weekend.

Would studying only during the weekend be the best option? Should I set aside a few hours during the week?

The best course of action for me would be this:

  • One hour, in the evening, three days per week.
  • 4 hours each Saturday and Sunday.

I am going to give it a try for the entire month of January, to see how things evolve. I want to see if I can keep up with this, or if I need to make changes.

I will keep track of it, just to be sure. I will give it my best try and hope for the best.


02.01.2018 Random thoughts 


That moment when you worry that not all your books will fit on your kindle. And then you realize that you read on average about 50 books per year.

I guess, my only worry should be if I have enough genres to keep me happy. It will take me 10 years at least to read all the books that I currently have on my kindle. 

Choices will be made, some for the better some for the worse. 


How to accomplish the maximum of things, with the least amount of effort? Also, time needs to be taken in consideration. I want to do things, but I really don’t want to. 

I guess it’s still early morning, and the coffee hasn’t kicked in. 


New Year work resolutions

No overtime.

Stop giving a fuck of what is happening at work.

Don’t quit in a moment of rage, you still need money.

It’s a job, not your life.


I wish this vacation would last longer. I also wish it would snow. It’s one thing to wake up to a gloomy view, and another to wake up and see everything covered in snow. 

It might be wishful thinking, but it would make things better. We would actually get to enjoy winter. I know, going to work will be a hassle, but who cares. I am thinking of the moments when we take Pluto out to play. 

Also, we would get a lot more cuddles from Marlanu’. That would mean more cute moments to enjoy as a complete family. 

Oh well, I cannot control the weather but I can control what I do with my time. 

I have planned to do nothing all day, but I guess a bit of reading or watching TV will help with filling up my time. After all, it is our last free day and we should enjoy it to the max.


Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year 2018!

Just a few more hours till the end of 2017, and the beginning of 2018. 

The holidays were mild.. There was no snow, no Christmas tree, no decorations. We just went for the sleeping and eating part, which was a nice change compared to other years.

No running around for gifts, no plans made with weeks in advance, no stress.

Tonight, we are going to have a nice dinner, with very loud music, and then go to the park to watch the year end concert and the fireworks. Just us and a few friends hanging together. 

I cannot say how 2018 will be or what it will bring forward, but we’ll make the best of it. 

All the best wishes for the new year!