02.01.2018 Random thoughts 


That moment when you worry that not all your books will fit on your kindle. And then you realize that you read on average about 50 books per year.

I guess, my only worry should be if I have enough genres to keep me happy. It will take me 10 years at least to read all the books that I currently have on my kindle. 

Choices will be made, some for the better some for the worse. 


How to accomplish the maximum of things, with the least amount of effort? Also, time needs to be taken in consideration. I want to do things, but I really don’t want to. 

I guess it’s still early morning, and the coffee hasn’t kicked in. 


New Year work resolutions

No overtime.

Stop giving a fuck of what is happening at work.

Don’t quit in a moment of rage, you still need money.

It’s a job, not your life.


I wish this vacation would last longer. I also wish it would snow. It’s one thing to wake up to a gloomy view, and another to wake up and see everything covered in snow. 

It might be wishful thinking, but it would make things better. We would actually get to enjoy winter. I know, going to work will be a hassle, but who cares. I am thinking of the moments when we take Pluto out to play. 

Also, we would get a lot more cuddles from Marlanu’. That would mean more cute moments to enjoy as a complete family. 

Oh well, I cannot control the weather but I can control what I do with my time. 

I have planned to do nothing all day, but I guess a bit of reading or watching TV will help with filling up my time. After all, it is our last free day and we should enjoy it to the max.


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