It seems that Johnny laziness is rubbing on me. I guess the weather and the fact that we have work to do kinda keeps us away from the blog.

Well it’s not like interesting things happen every day. Well, we still get to see “live” car accidents happen, like this morning when we were going to work (yup we have a lot of bad drivers here, and guess what most of the people that are responsible are men not women, but I guess stupidity doesn’t discriminate).

Umm one good thing will happen, the Easter is coming so that means we will have a three day weekend and that’s good. Plus tomorrow it’s my birthday. Turning 22 this year, but I still feel like I’m 16 , seriously. Just seeing all the high school girls so “mature” and well looking so “femme fatal” makes me feel like a little kid. Seriously, just check this out this and you’ll see how the world most popular occupation is making a serious come back. I’m just concerned there won’t be so many clients with the economic crisis. But heck I’ve heard some are so cheap they will even settle for a 6$ reactivation code for their mobile phones. So there’s hope for them not starving.

I just remembered, I saw at the newspaper stand a magazine with “Dragon Ball” the movie. And on torrents you can find the telesync version of the movie. Something tells me that soon enough the DVD version will be out and I’m still not sure if I should go and see the movie. 70% of me says “NO, don’t watch it” but the other 30% is curious. Just like with the “Boys over flowers” Korean version (by the way I have KBS World again and I saw Son Dambi new song, it’s horrible, I hate it, and the “Sorry Sorry” from Super Junior is rubbing on me).

Anyway, I think curiosity will get the best of me and I will eventually watch it. But till then I hope some good movies will come out soon. But I guess it’s the same thing like last year when the fist part of the year was full with horrible movies. I still can’t believe how much money we spent on movies last year >_<.