2 months..

2 months left till September. 1 month left till our two week vacation. 1 day left till the weekend.

It’s sad how we’re waiting for things to come, but cannot enjoy the present day.

Well I cannot say that I haven’t enjoyed today. I worked hard all week just to be sure that I will be able to have an extended weekend. Freeing up my last days of the month, just to relax and chill. No stress, no pressure to meet deadlines, or run around (to and from work).

I guess, I can’t complain about the work from home policy that some companies have.

Plus the weather has been great, from my point of view. It rained and it was colder than usual for this time of the year. I can’t say much for other areas where there are floods and things are not so good.

I can’t say I like summer that much, especially as an adult. There is no point in pretending that summer is great. It is only great when you can enjoy it, as we did when we were children. Now, I just can’t find any joy in sweating my ass off just to get to work.

I like autumn best, and I can’t wait for it. Plus, all the major sites have sales on boots and cardigans, jackets and other pretty things that I normally can’t touch (if it were the season). I don’t want many things, just two pair of boots (one brown and one black), an autumn brown coat and a winter jacket. These are the things that are missing from my wardrobe, and I want them before the craziness starts. Last year, I barely had time to buy a winter jacket and that was during my lunch break. I am not taking any chances this year.

At the end of this summer, I shall be prepared for Autumn.