Sometimes, you can find interesting articles in the news. And today is one of those days. On the first page of MSN it says “Teen lived without a heart while waiting for a new one“. As far as I knew, so far, if you don’t have life support that’s pretty hard.

So reading on, the article says that the girl “survived with artificial heart pumps — but no heart — for four months between the transplants” That is something.

Also, I remembered about this article about a baby that was “born” twice. I read this yesterday.

Here’s the link to the article, must tell you that the link contains graphic pictures.

And, this is really old news, from last year. But I think it’s worth mentioning cause the smile on the little girl’s face says everything.

I read this last year in a newspaper and I still have the article saved at home in a journal. I am just amazed how much medicine has advanced till today.

But what’s more amazing then all of the above happened here, well not in my country, but at our neighbours that speak the same language.

So a guy goes to the doctor so he could get an infection treated. But he was just stunned when he read what the doctor wrote on the prescription. The 41 years old MALE was told, that, every 3 days he should do vaginal washings. Now, I don’t know about you guys out there, but as far as I know, men have only two holes, and no vagina.

But there’s always the rule exception:

The subway

Today is a big day for us all. Well, at least for the people in Bucharest that use public transportation.

We’ve been waiting this moment since 1989. I’m proud to say that they opened the new subway stations, 4 to be more precise. I know that it doesn’t sound like much, but they actually finished them, after 19 years. They were saying that the new stations would be finished by 2004 (I’ve found an online article about it, sadly it’s in Romanian), guess what were in 2008, what a shocker:

Well, since they opened it, we decided to try it and see what took them so long to finish them (besides not having money). So this morning, we woke up earlier and we went for it. People, pay attention, cause we’re making history here, cause we went on the first day, at the first hours of the morning (the sun wasn’t up).

I sincerely liked the fact that they actually used colors, green, yellow and orange. That’s an improvement, cause all the other stations are all grey and very depressing. But, there weren’t many people taking the subway at 6 in the morning, and like me and Johnny, most of them were curious about it.

The downside is that they used old trains, but if they aren’t broken why not use them. Plus I like the graffiti on them, it gives a nice touch.

And this is where the subway takes you:

Right outside Bucharest. In the first picture it says “Goodbye, have a nice trip” (with just two words). So there you have it, the new subway stations brought to you by yours truly.

I know that our public transportation doesn’t compare with the ones from Russia or even Japan, but I would rather have a nice quiet ride to work then to be pushed in the subway, or to forget where I am supposed to be going because I would feel like in a museum.

If you’re interested here’s a link to a website that presents the best subways in the world


I’m very much like a pregnant women: when I crave for something I must have it otherwise I get cranky. And yesterday I was craving for pasta’s. So, I ended up cooking at Johnny’s place, in his mother’s kitchen, with her right besides me.

I have my own way of cooking and I usually like to add wine in the sauce because it gives it a really good taste (well that depends on the wine as well).  I don’t like using things (well related to cooking) that usually come in a plastic or paper bag. I like to use fresh ingredients if posible. And I like things done my way, like everyone does.

So at a certain point I was covering the pan with my arms so I could stop my “mother in law” from adding certain things in it. I finally convinced her from not adding them by asking “Why? Isn’t the sauce good like it is right now?”.

It’s hard cooking in someone else kitchen, especially when they are present. And I am not a big fan of cooking in the first place, but this time was better. The last time I cooked at Johnny’s place, I ended up adding vinegar instead of cooking oil, but the bottles were identical.

Oh well, it could always get much worse.

The weekend

1. We ate what we wanted.

2. We slept all day long.

3. We watched movies.

4. Slept some more.

5. Slacked the rest of the time.


In conclusion, all was good.


Friday should be the most awaited day of the week. Cause it means the weekend is right around the corner. Well I hate Friday more then Monday. It’s not that I don’t like having free days, heck no. It’s because everyone is just so annoying. Especially my boss. You know:

Let’s say the word “pissed” does not cover it all. I really can’t wait to get that two weeks of for Christmas.

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