Johnny’s cat

I swear cats have the best life there is. I mean they sleep, eat and play. And if you piss them off they will scratch you and then run away and hide somewhere where you can’t find or reach [...]



It’s been a week or so since we made a post on this blog of ours. I could start and say that we were really busy, and we had so many things to do and we were so tired and so on. But we [...]


Great weekend

This weekend turned out to be really awesome. Johnny didn’t had to go to work anymore, and that meant we got to spend the entire weekend together. On Friday we went at my brother and his [...]


It’s Friday

It feels so good to know that tomorrow I won’t have to wake up at 6 AM. Just that thought brightness my day. But the same thing doesn’t apply to Johnny, he has to work this weekend [...]

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