Not such a good ending…

… to the week. It’s raining and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna stop anytime soon. On the weather channel they said it’s only gonna get colder, and here I was waiting for spring and to get rid of those really big and ugly winter clothes.

My brother, his wife and their little daughter are going to be spending the weekend at us, again. And that means another “Do no disturb” weekend, and we’ll have to be very quiet so we won’t disturb their daughter (she’s 5 months old or so). Basically that means, no listening to music, no watching movies, or we watch movies but in completly silence and the movie will be on mute, no talking like normal people, we will have to whisper, etc.

I guess we won’t be staying at my home, that’s for sure. But because the weather is so bad we have very few options: stay at Johnny’s place or go to my friend Alex and play some Remi again. I think we’ll be doing both.

Even reading the news makes one sad. There’s only news about those stupid “Romanian” stars, car accidents, people who kill themselves because of unemployment, more unemployment, guns stolen from a military base, armed attacks at exchange shops, and to top it all, yesterday evening there was another car accident in front of Johnny’s building apartment. I swear this feels a movie with idiots and about idiots.

This year just started and I am seriously thinking “I can’t wait till this year is over”. I believe that this year will be depressing. I just hope that I am wrong. Oh well, C’est la vie!

Johnny’s cat

I swear cats have the best life there is. I mean they sleep, eat and play. And if you piss them off they will scratch you and then run away and hide somewhere where you can’t find or reach them, and when you’ll relax they will come back, purrrrrr and you just can’t be mad at them.

I mean seriously, who can be mad when your cat makes a face like this:


It’s been a week or so since we made a post on this blog of ours. I could start and say that we were really busy, and we had so many things to do and we were so tired and so on. But we weren’t busy, we were just really lazy these past few days (especially me) and well I just couldn’t bring myself to post something here.

I mean, I have pictures of us in the park, pictures with cute puppies and wild ducks. I could rant about “Heroes“, the Bollywood movie, and many more, but again I’m just lazy. Oh well I’m sure this is just something normal and I will get back into writing on my lovely blog. But just not right now.

Who knows maybe Johnny will make another post.

Great weekend

This weekend turned out to be really awesome.

Johnny didn’t had to go to work anymore, and that meant we got to spend the entire weekend together. On Friday we went at my brother and his wife and we had Chinese food (really good stuff, especially the broccoli with garlic) and we watched at “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift“. Around 10:30 PM we went home and it was snowing so beautifully that we decided to walk home.

Saturday we went to one of Johnny’s friends, she needed help with her computers (Johnny is really good at fixing computers and stuff like that, this Blog wouldn’t be alive without him!!!). After that we went to the park with some of my friends and we had this really good hot dogs, the bun was crunchy. We had second portions, even if we were full. And the rest of the night we played Remi (I won and Johnny came third).

And today we went shopping. I bought a pliable table and a little bird bath for my parrot. And I’ve got my hands on some more Hindi movies: Heroes, Yuvvraaj, Dil se, Gupt and the Temptations Tour (with Shah Rukh Khan). I can say I am good for the next week. The last Hindi movies I tried to see was called the Professor and I didn’t managed to see it all. But it was really good and very interesting.

It’s Friday

It feels so good to know that tomorrow I won’t have to wake up at 6 AM. Just that thought brightness my day. But the same thing doesn’t apply to Johnny, he has to work this weekend and it sucks in a way, cause we’ll be seeing each other only in the afternoon or in the evening.

It could be worse, for example: I could work this weekend also. O_o

But for now it’s all good, and I’m not even in the mood to post about the car accident that happened in front of Johnny’s building apartment (yeah that is a very dangerous street), where an idiot hit a women with a baby in a stroller. And not only that but the gypsies there stole the women phone, money and all that was worth something. The car driver even tried to run away from the scene, cause he was the guilty one not the woman. And yeah we got there at the same time as the ambulance.

That street is a really dangerous. The crossing areas aren’t even indicated correctly and the drivers don’t give a shit. The year just started and that’s the second accident that happened there. Well I’m sure it won’t be the last one.


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