Everyone is moody today

It seems like everyone is being really annoying, moody and bitchy today. And it’s even pay day.

I just don’t get it why everyone at work is so tense. We had our medical examination this morning and we weren’t supposed to drink coffee. But I doubt not drinking coffee could make someone so bitchy. Even Johnny is upset, but I guess in his case I can understand why he is that way. I don’t like people yelling at me either.

It was such a good day yesterday. The new co-worker that eats with us came in late and we had such a peaceful and relaxed lunch. We actually ate the food calmly and it took 30 minutes to finish it all. And today, when the new co-worker came, she just kept babbling about the economic crisis, and how bad it is and how worse it will get. And she even suggested that, there isn’t any need for so many people to be working here. Lunch only lasted 10 minutes, and she was the only one talking. It’s like that every day when she eats with us.

I just don’t get why some people just keep on talking about the same subject for weeks. We all know that we are facing some hard times, and it won’t be as easy to keep a steady job, so why does she keep on talking about it? Talking won’t make things better, it won’t cheer up anyone hearing the same stuff every day. What’s done it’s done, now let’s move on, shall we.

Even if everyone is like that today, I’m in pretty good spirits today. The weather is fine, the sun is out, I got a new haircut and I’m loving it, I got to play with a black cat this morning, and this afternoon I’ll get to play with another black cat, Suzi. And what’s even better is that Johnny is coming over today, and that means we’ll go and watch “Yes man” with Jim Carey. The people that saw this movie, told us that you can see on Jim Carey’s face that he’s gotten old, but that he kept his sense of humour, so I guess this will be one of the year best movies. It’s been a while since he made a movie, so I’m actually looking forward to seeing it.

Short memory

I completely forgot what I was going to write about yesterday. I just can’t remember. All I know is that it was something interesting, not a rant. But it seems it wasn’t interesting enough for me to remember it for more than two days.

Anyway, the weather is nice, the sun is out, it’s still cold but it’s okay… Ahhhhhhh I remember, duh, stupid me. It was about a manga I’m currently reading. I found on the Internet a cool drawing of the main character (which is now my new background on my computer) and I’ve sent it to Johnny. He started teasing me about it, and I’ve started picking on his two DJ girls, which are set as his avatar.

The manga is called “Change guy” and it’s Korean. It’s really good and I love the art work. I only have a problem with the characters names. They are hard to remember. At least the characters don’t resemble each other and that’s good.  The main character becomes really cool after the first two volumes.

We’ll, Johnny wins this round, because his DJ girls are real.

It’s Shaun the sheep

I have once again managed to “rub off” some of my hobbies onto Johnny.

This weekend we went for a walk and on our way he bought me Shaun the Sheep and Timmy. They are really cute. If you press on Shaun’s face he bleats and if you pull his tail he shivers. And if you pull out Timmy’s dummy he starts shaking and cries! Give Timmy back his dummy and he makes cute suckling noises!

They are as cute as my Sponge Bob plushie, which I got for Christmas from one of my brothers. Anyway, this weekend I finally watched “Wallace and Gromit: A matter of loaf and death” and “Wallace and Gromit: The curse of the were rabbit”. The second movie was really funny and the bunnies were so cute when they were crying at the end of the movie. Too bad Johnny couldn’t watch it with me cause he was at a friend, trying to finish her website.

We didn’t go out this weekend, cause it was cold and there aren’t many places open, and those that are open are full. So on Sunday we went at his place, ate some cookies that his mother made, played with Suzi who was more lazy then usual and I played some more Sims Pet Stories. Same old, same old…

Let it snow

It’s been snowing for two day and it’s incredibly cold outside. I wasn’t expecting this kind of weather in February. I was expecting spring weather and a lot of spring flowers, like in the past few years.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so dressed, in order to keep warm. But I guess it could be a good thing if we would go on a mountain trip in the weekend, but I doubt it will happen. Even so, if the snow would pile up, and the weather would be a little less cold, a visit to the park would be perfect.  That if I could convince Johnny to get out of the house.

Anyway, it’s Friday and I’m really happy, cause it was starting to get hard for me to get up in the morning.

Sometimes, life seems unfair

I am one of those people that would love to have a pet. Every since I was little I tried to convince my parents to let me have a cat or even a dog. But it didn’t work out. I could just bring the animals and the next thing was me giving them away.

I even had guinea pigs for one year, but it was hard to tell which was a girl and which was a boy and after a few months from 2 guinea pigs I had 4, then I managed to give one away. They were really fun to have, and cute. I still can’t believe that some people eat them.

Even Johnny has a cat (Suzi), and his parents treat her like a baby. Well she is really cute, and fat, and that makes her even more cuter. And I’ve read about people having weird animals for pets, and now this: “British people have a fox pet, and they transformed their house in a more suitable place for her”. Well “transformed” is a bit of a big word here, all they did was made a shelter for her out of boxes and a blanket. But even so, they have a fox and I can’t even get a cat. That is really unfair.

Oh, but there are and good things happening around. Johnny got me tulips, pink tulips that is and they are really nice and all that.

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