Alexis Bledel on “ER”

So I’ve looked around the net and couldn’t find any pictures of Alexis Bledel from her short role in “ER”. I really wanted to see how she would look like an intern/future doctor.

So with the help of YouTube I could get a glimpse of her, and since it was a HD video I managed to take and some decent screen caps. But I couldn’t make out what she was saying, she was speaking too fast, I might need subs. She does look more mature then she usually does but she’s still really cute, and I loved how she smiled at the end.

I was wrong yesterday

I said yesterday that there are only two movies that am I really waiting for. But I was wrong, cause only after I made that post I’ve found this little article on allkpop.

It’s about “Blood: The last vampire“, not the anime but MOVIE!!!

Blood: The Last Vampire” is scheduled to premiere in Japan first on the 29th of May. It will then be released in the UK on June 12th and in France on June 17th, but the date for its US release has not been officially announced yet.

It doesn’t say anything about being released in other countries but that doesn’t mean I’ll give up hope. I really really really want to see this movie and the trailer kicks ass. Plus the leading lady, Jun Ji Hyun, looks really awesome with a sword and in a school uniform.

It’s a bit funny cause I’ve Google it and there were a lot of websites talking about it. Wow! I just wish they would make a huge banner with all the movies that will come out this year.

The weather is turning nice again

It was really nice this weekend. It was the first time this year that I managed to go out without my winter jacket. But it gets even better, for a short time I even managed to stay in my tee.

Well I did received some weird looks from some people but that didn’t matter cause it was so sunny and nice. But it felt weird cause the change in the weather is so sudden. Last week it was really cold and now it feels like summer is right around the corner. That’s not good, cause I’m a huge fan of Spring, when it’s not to cold but not to hot either. Oh well it was a good weekend. And because the day has gotten longer and with the change of hour for summer time we had time to do everything we wanted. Well, almost everything except watching a movie.

Speaking of which, there are two movies this year that we both (me and Johnny that is) want to see very much: CRANK 2 and Fast and Furious. We were planning on watching “The fast and the Furious” and “2 Fast and 2 Furious” this weekend but we didn’t had the chance. Well Johnny saw them both but I didn’t, I only saw “Tokyo Drift” . Anyway, Vin Diesel rocks my socks, he has even cool in “Babylon A.D.” and I didn’t even liked the movie that much, maybe because the ending sucked. Release date for Romania: 3 April 2009. Wooo hooo.

We both saw “Crank” a few months ago and it was really awesome. But I’m thinking the sequel to it will be weird. But at least it will have Jason Statham in it, so I can’t complain. If he makes another topless scene I can truely say it was a good movie. The movie gets released on 24 April this year, so we won’t have to wait that much (or 6 months like we did with Kung Fuu Panda).


Ahhh what a beautiful Friday. It’s sunny outside, we get paid, the weekend is coming and we actually got some work done these past two days.

On another note, Johnny failed his drivers license … again. I was with him this time, and we were both late for work. But it was fun. It’s been a while since I used the bus and the town has changed, not much, but it is different.

Oh, back on the subject. Johnny is more determined now to take the exam next time. I think he said that the last time he failed (I’m sure he won’t be buying me any ice cream this weekend after he reads this). Anyway, I think he took it better this time, he wasn’t so hung up on it, and he didn’t swear all day long, like he normally does.

Oh yeah, because of reading so many Korean blogs lately, I’ve become curious about “Boys over flowers” (or “Hana Yori Dango“). I haven’t seen any episode of it, but it looked interesting so I thought “What the heck let’s try reading the manga”. My head hurts from it. The characters and what’s gonna happen next is predictable (I dunno if it’s because all the manga’s I’ve read), the action, the characters are so common … This is one of those manga’s that I’ve been trying to avoid so much. I just hope that the movie/series is much better then this. Otherwise I’ll consider it all a waste of time.

Time isn’t flying like it used to

The days seems so much longer then before and I think it’s not just because the day has gotten bigger.

It doesn’t feel like I’m doing the usual stuff on auto pilot. I wouldn’t mind if things would keep up like this. But I’m sure the time would fly again when I will start to get lazy again and just sit around doing nothing except reading manga’s. Well at least two worth mentioning things happens in the course of the past few days.

1. I register at a local public library. I did this because I know that you can find interesting stuff there (and I did, for example: foreign books, which are very expensive if you want to buy them). Also I had learned that with this I can go and borrow books from all the public libraries that we have here in Bucharest. But the best part was seeing Johnny’s face when I dragged him there. I’m sure if there were any books with computers, PHP or anything else related to computers, he would’ve been there long before me.

2. I’ve become interested into Photography. I’ve already looked up classes, but there aren’t many. And those that are, well either they are expensive, they start in September or the teacher sucks (a lot of complaints concerning one teacher that doesn’t seem to have any qualifications and there will be no diploma at the end of the course). But until September I’ve looked up for online FREE classes and I’ve found a few that are very good (in English and Romanian). But, before I start getting to serious I should read the user manual from my digital camera first.

Anyway, I just hope time will go slowly on me and let me do all the things I want to do.

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