Good morning

Even if it’s Thursday, it’s the last day o work for this week. Tomorrow we have a free day.

I just can’t wait for this day to pass. It means we’re gonna have another three day weekend, and that’s just great. As Johnny said we might be going to the circus to see a seal show, but I’m not sure we’re gonna on Saturday. On Saturday we might end up going to the country side again. Which reminds me that I completely forgot to post the pictures from last time we went at the country side.

Anyway, we don’t know for sure so we won’t make any plans, we’ll just wait and see how things go.

I just found a really awesome book, and I just finished the first volume of it. It’s called “Musashi” by Eiji Yoshikawa. I found it at the library, and the cover just won me over. It has such a beautiful drawing (and I love pencil drawings) on the front and back cover. Even if the book it’s not in the best shape a book can be it really caught my attention. Today is the last day I can keep it, but as I said, I already finished the first volume and I’m gonna take the second and third volume with me. Maybe I’ll look around to see if I can find more books like it, even if the library doesn’t have many books.

It sucks because the main libraries here have really strict rules and, at some of them you can’t even sign up if you’re not a student or still in school (which sucks big time) and you aren’t even allowed to take the books home (cause some people forgot to bring them back). That’s why I prefer local libraries, even if they are small they don’t have such stupid rules, and with the same pass you can go take books from more then one library.

Anyway, I realised that I started reading much more now then I did in my school days. It’s much more pleasant now when there aren’t people on you back telling you what to read.

Great day

What can I say, it was a pretty nice days, the morning began with an episode of my favorite series “Prison Break”. Work was a relatively good day, but when I went home, I realized that I forgot my wallet there. My luck was that cre-cre was with me and she gave me some money! And we are waiting for Saturday when we go to the circus. I hope we will have a good time there, since itţs gonna be a show with seals! Have a nice day and keep in touch!

A slow weekend

The Harry Potter marathon has reached the third movie. I would’ve watched and the last 2 movies but one movie per day is good enough. Plus I don’t have the patience to sit in front of the TV for more than 3 hours. I think that’s why I find it hard sometimes to watch Bollywood movies.

This weekend I saw a movie that I wanted to see when I was in high school but couldn’t, cause no one wanted to go with me/they were busy/had a life/etc. It’s called “Home on the range“. It’s an really old movie from 2004. But it has two things that I really love: cows and rabbits (well just one rabbit, but that is more than enough). It was a cute movie, worth watching with the entire family and I’m glad that after 5 years I finally watched it. Oh, while we were watching it (me and Johnny that is) we felt the sofa moving and the parrot just went berserk in his cage. It was a “small” earthquake if you can call it that. I live at the 6th floor so it was a bit scary. Hopefully we won’t be getting a bigger earthquake as in Italy, cause the results could be far worse.

Anyway, I just realised that there are a lot of old movies that I want to see. And most of them are recommendations from friends and coworkers (“August rush”, “Zeitgeist”, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”; I don’t even want to think about Korean horror movies and Bollywood movies). So I think I’ll take it slowly. I’ll finish the Harry Potter marathon and move on to “Ballet Shoes” (2007) and “Driving Lessons” (2006). I’m just curious what kind of characters Emma Watson and Rupert Grint play besides Hermione and Ron. Plus I think I was really lucky to find these two movies since they aren’t that well known.

I’m hungry

I seriously am hungry. I’m at Johnny’s place and they usually eat around 7 PM. That’s one hour away -__-.

I usually have dinner right after I get home, that’s around 5:30 PM. So I’m not used with eating so late, and it’s even worse since Johnny’s mother is making one of my favorite meals and the smell is killing me. Let’s not talk about Johnny’s father who is currently watching a cooking show.

I know one hour isn’t that much but it’s been a really long day at work and, unfortunately, something tells me it’s gonna be a really long weekend since Johnny will be busy repairing someones computer and I have to finish some translations. It sucks when you have to take work home.

Hmm I hope we go out for an ice cream this evening, I would really go for a lemon and vanilla ice cream right now.

Harry Potter marathon

There have been many articles on the net with pictures from “Harry Potter and the half blood prince” and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows“. So I decided to watch the first 5 movies because I forgot some things. It’s a good way to waste some time, plus I didn’t even saw the 5th movie in the first place.

I must say, I am pretty much surprised of how much Emma, Rupert and Daniel have grown. When I first saw the first Harry Potter movie  back in 2001 I was a kid (just 14 years old) so I didn’t considered them cute, I just liked the movie. But now after I re-saw the first 2 Harry Potter movies, I thought to myself “HOW CUTE!!!”. Well I did turn 22 on 15th April so I can say that my point of view did change.

The only bummer part of this marathon is that no one wants to watch the movies with me. It seems that I am the only one from my current group of friends that is interested in Harry Potter. I wanted to watch the first movie in my brother’s room, but when he came home and saw me all he could say was “Why me? What did I do wrong?”. After that I had to watch the movie in the living room, all alone. Not even Johnny wants to see the movies. So I guess I won’t be going to the cinema to see  “Harry Potter and the half blood prince“, I’ll just have to wait for the DVD version. But who knows, the movie isn’t in the theaters right now and maybe I can change Johnny’s mind till then.

By the way, Emma Watson has grown really beautiful. Kinda makes me jealous.

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