It pretty ugly outside (it’s raining and it’s cold) and there isn’t much to do inside, so I’ve decided to take a few photographs of Suzi (Johnny’s cat) and the view outside.

I’ve played a little with my camera and there’s one picture of Suzi (done with 1600 ISO) that I truly like. She looked straight at the camera and she looks so sweet.

Aishwarya Rai new movie

Reading other blogs and websites is really the best way to find new information. I have a few blogs that I follow on a daily basis (except during Weekends). Some are about Japan, some about Bollywood stars and some just for news.

As you know I’m a big fan of Aishwarya Rai, and this little piece of information caught my eyes, well just the picture of Aishwarya. It seems that she’s filming for her new movie “Endhiran (Robot)”, which will be released in 2010. From the pictures you can clearly tell it’s gonna have a lot of dancing and singing (not that I mind). Also, I can’t help notice how good she looks, and it also reminds me that I haven’t seen a Bollywood movie in a long time. Maybe I should take some time for myself and watch one this weekend.

I also found more pictures of her:

Photography lessons 1

If you remember, I made a recent post in which I was complaining about the quality of my pictures and how bad I am at photography.

Well I started looking around the Internet for photography lessons and found a few places where I could go here in Bucharest, but they seemed a bit expensive. So I changed tactics and did a little Google search and found some pretty decent online and free photography lessons. Even more, some friends borrowed me some books on photography.

The first thing that I’ll try to improve at is composition. It seems only normal that I should start with the “small” stuff. So, I’ve started reading “Digital Camera Magazine -Vital Skills Guide 1 – Master Composition“. And I think I picked the right book to start with. I especially liked the introduction:

Just as a composer has to arrange a piece of music, deciding which instruments will work together, which sounds flow and which clash, so it is that a photographer has to construct powerful images from the visual overload hitting them from all directions. To picture a scene through a photographer’s eyes is very different to just looking at it for what it is.”

Marcus Hawkins Editor, Digital Camera Magazine

I think I’ll be busy for a while, even if the book is only 49 pages.


Oh my gosh

Lookie, page rank 1, page rank 1…. how awesome!!!

Hey people brag with their stats, I like to brag with the rank. But still, wow that’s amazing. That just made my day, and I’m guessing Johnny’s also. I wasn’t expecting something like that after all it’s just a random personal blog.

How could I forget

I seriously need to write things down, cause it seems I keep forgetting about stuff.


Right, moving on… to the Hot Dog quest, you heard me. After we bought the sandals yesterday (Johnny was with me, and he bought a web cam for a neighbour), we went to eat. We saw some fast food places that had huge adds with hot dogs. You can guess that we went straight for them. But none of the places there had hot dogs even if they were advertising them. It was weird cause we went to 4 different places and none had hot dogs, yet they had the adds.

How can you advertise for something you don’t sell?

Anyway, I gave up and asked for a shaorma, Johnny didn’t want anything. So after 10 minutes, we left and guess what, a few meters away there was another fast food joint which actually had hot dogs, but no adds. You can guess that I ate a double hot dog and and the small shaorma.

But the entire thing was really weird.

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