Bad drivers

I am sure that everyone knows the old stereotype about women being bad drivers. Well, I’ve been fighting with this since I was little, and I’ve always used the argument that stupidity [...]


28 June 2009

Me and Johnny had a great weekend. We didn’t do nothing special but we did enjoy ourself. We went out for a pizza and even went to the park. And the best part, the rainbow at the end of the [...]



I rarely buy manga’s and when I do I am very picky, cause they are a bit expensive. I’m more focused on buying completed manga’s, so I won’t have any surprises in the [...]


Lewis Carroll

Since last week was very stressful because of work, this week I decided it’s time to take it slow. So what better way to relax than reading a book. The only hard part is choosing what book [...]


Emma in Teen Vogue

Oh wow, both Emma Watson and Alexis Bledel have come out with new photos. Ain’t I lucky. Emma will appear in the August number of Teen Vogue magazine and she’s on the cover as well. [...]

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