Bad drivers

I am sure that everyone knows the old stereotype about women being bad drivers.

Well, I’ve been fighting with this since I was little, and I’ve always used the argument that stupidity doesn’t discriminate, so there are as much as bad male drivers as there are bad women drivers.

But from time to time, I find news articles that amaze me. Click this if you know Romanian if not just read below:

A young lady from Timisoara “sechestrated”, Saturday afternoon, some people in a bank. Although there were a lot of free parking spaces around, the driver parked her car right in front of the door of the bank, just a few centimeters away. For TWO HOURS (I would’ve killed her), no one could get in or out of the bank.

When she came back to the car, the police officers gave her a parking ticket.

Seriously, just look at her face. Do people actually think she understood why she got a ticket? They should’ve towed her car away, give her a ticket and just lock het up somewhere for two hours to see if she likes it.


Emma Watson in ELLE Magazine

I’ve noticed that Emma is now a common face in fashion magazines.

I guess it’s a good thing. Even if Emma decides on not acting again in the future, she would make a good fashion model. From this little “behind the scenes” movie clip you can see that she’s quite enjoying herself.

But I’m thinking right now that Emma Watson won’t be disappearing from the public/VIP scene for a while. So there’s nothing to worry about.

28 June 2009

Me and Johnny had a great weekend. We didn’t do nothing special but we did enjoy ourself.

We went out for a pizza and even went to the park.

And the best part, the rainbow at the end of the day. It was my first time seeing a complete rainbow.

Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett died!

And I can’t believe it! Wasn’t he suposed to make a come back? What happened? I woke up this morning and my father said: “Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died.”

I knew Farrah Fawcett was going to die because of her fight with cancer, but Michael Jackson!?! My first reaction was: “What are you talking about, Michael Jackson can’t die, he’s alive, he’s planning a come back”. This started a fight between me and my father and I didn’t believe him until I opened the computer and saw the headlines.

It’s like unreal. I called Johnny to be absolutely sure, but I still can’t believe it.  This is the last person in the world that I would’ve expected to die so suddenly.

Either way, two great entertainers have died and it’s a really sad thing. But I’m very much sure that they will never be forgotten.

Credits to w12517.

Credits to 55chevyguy12


I rarely buy manga’s and when I do I am very picky, cause they are a bit expensive. I’m more focused on buying completed manga’s, so I won’t have any surprises in the future.

But I broke my rule and bought the first 5 volumes from Yotsuba&!. And I’m glad that I did so because it seems the manga was written especially for me. It has all the things that I like, crazy neighbours, a lot of ice cream, a lot of running and going on “daily adventures” and even guinea pigs.

In fact, I’m actually looking around the Internet looking for the anime, if it’s out or not, if it’s for sale or not, if they deliver to Romania or not and so on. I’ve only read the first 3 volumes, I’m keeping the other two for the weekend so I can enjoy them properly.

By the way I now miss my guinea pigs. T_T


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