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I’ve found an old song that I’m just in love with. But even if I love it, I forgot about it… completely, until recently when I was listening to a Hindi song (by Salman Khan) which had the same beginning.

Credits to: hoRnd

If I think about it, there are a lot of “old” songs that I like but just don’t listen because I forgot about them. I wonder if there’s a way to remember all the songs one loves/likes without to much hassle?

Ice Age 3

We saw Ice Age 3 this weekend. It was a random act from the both of us (me and Johnny). But we didn’t went to the 3D screening, we saw the movie “in the old fashion way”.

It was pretty good. But, even if the movie has 94 minutes it felt short to me. I guess I just loved it so much that I didn’t want it to end. I was even more happy that they gave Scart more attention and more funny scenes in the movie. I’m sure if they would make just a movie with him it would be a blockbuster.


Credits to: andrevse

But surprising as it might seem, some friends of mine said they didn’t like the movie. Is that even possible? I just can’t comprehend how some people could not like Ice Age. I guess each with it’s own.


We had two surprises today.

First a visit from the man in charge with the fire protection and inspection and second we had an earthquake. Well the fire control went OK but the earthquake was pretty bad.

It was a 5.3 degrees (Richter scale) earthquake and it shook the office building pretty hard. It’s a good thing we didn’t had a bigger one, cause you may never know what might happen. They did say this autumn we’ll be having a serious earthquake. I just hope they are wrong.

Even so, nobody got frighten and we all kept our calm.

(Re)watching Gilmore Girls

Last week I got my Gilmore Girls DVD box collection. Wooo Hoooo!!!

I was waiting for this and I’m really happy that it’s here. So, yesterday I (re)watched the first episode. It felt so weird! I haven’t watched Gilmore Girls in two years or more and sadly I didn’t got the chance to see the last season. But that shouldn’t be a problem now.

As I said, I felt weird watching the first episode. If I remember correctly, they first aired the show on “Acasa TV“, on a Sunday and it was autumn. I got this weird feeling that it was already autumn and I got all cheery, until I actually got out and I was struck by the heat (COME AUTUMN!!!). I was in high school at that time and there weren’t many interesting TV shows. Gilmore Girls was a breath of fresh air because of all those dramas and telenovelas they aired all day long.  

Dean (Jared Padalecki) and Rory (Alexis Bledel) looked so young and so cute. I’m just glad that I can watch it whenever I want now.

Coffee anyone?

Coffee is an international drink. Everywhere in the world sleepy people wake up drinking coffee.

I don’t need coffee to wake up but my boss really needs it. And sometimes, by accident we run out of coffee and I have to pay a visit to the coffee shop. Every time my boss waits patiently while I come back with the coffee. But today he didn’t. He decided to make his own coffee (with whatever we had left). 

Well, that is nothing out of the ordinary but I don’t know how he managed to make such a sweet coffee. I mean he drinks his cup of coffee with just two spoons of sugar.That’s plain and simple. I guess he was still sleepy. But even so, his expression while drinking his coffee was priceless.

So, if you’re a secretary or an assistant, having the ability to make coffee that everyone likes is definitely a plus. You should write it on your resume if you want to get hired.

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