Winter is here

This sucks big time. It was suposed to be Autumn but instead Winter came.

It’s really cold, it rained for 4 days in a row and we are sick. This ugly weather just took everyone by surprise. One day it was really hot and the next it was really cold. I guess the global weather is really changing. 

And we still didn’t go to the Zoo or to the Circus. I wish it would at least snow, cause snow is much more fun than rain.

October already!

Wow time sure flies when you’re not paying attention. I was almost certain it was still September.

It just doesn’t fell like Autumn since leaves are still green, it’s not cold outside and I haven’t seen any rain for a month or so. I wish Autumn would stop teasing and just come already.

There are a few things I want to do:

  • Go to the park and visit “Muzeul Satului” (The Village Museum) with Johnny during the weekend, and just walk around and enjoy the fallen leaves and crazy squirrels.
  • Visit the Zoo with Johnny, cause they brought new animals to see and I’ve never been to the Zoo with Johnny.
  • Drink hot coffee in the cold morning with Johnny while walking to work.
  • Wear sweaters and cardigans and cuddle up with Johnny.

 Autumn, for me is the best season, when everything just seem warmer, even if it rains or when is really cold outside. Also, Autumn is the beast season to start something new, like learning a new language or to cook, take on a new hobby, or even lose weight cause you’re already wearing clothes that cover you up so, there’s no pressure to hurry up. Ahh so many possibilities…

Darn you Autumn! Come already!

PS: If I remember right, last year in October, me and Johnny started this blog. It definitely was something new for both of us.