Let it snow, Let it snow

I just wish I would have my camera cable so I could upload some pictures cause it’s really nice outside, snowing and all.

3 more days…

4 more days

4 more days and we’ll be out of town, far away from the city, relaxing… in the cold. Hope it snows! Cause nothings gets you warmer than a snowball fight.

As I was saying 4 more WORK days. These will be really long days and I hope that things won’t go as bad as I think they will go. I am thinking that Johnny is more eager to this trip than I am. And who can blame him, he’s been working like a dog in the past month.

So, to make things go faster, I’ve actually made half the list of things we will need to take with us. And, when I say that I truly mean packing the minimum. And, when I say just half the list, I mean I just sorted the toiletries. I’m still puzzled to what kind of clothes we should take with us. But what puzzles me more is what kind of suitcase we will need to pack our clothes. After all, we we’ll be gone for at least a week from what Johnny tells me: “We’ll stay there till we get bored!”. Packing winter clothes is no fun.

4 more days…

Winter is here to stay

Forgetting about politics for now, I can truly say that this winter will be worse than last year.

In just two days since the weather got colder, half of the people from work have gotten a cold. Some didn’t even show up for work today (thank God they were the annoying ones – we can ALL use a break). Now, I can only hope that we will have a white Christmas not just a cold one (like last year).

Even so we (me and Johnny) are thinking of spending a part of the holidays out of town (since we just had enough of some people and work). Just one more week and we we’ll be home free. Until then patience and music to make our days better.

PS: I can’t wait till February next year when the Wonder Girls will release their new album (which will be in English).

Who the hell won the presidential elections?

We went, we voted and we waited for the results. Last night all the TV stations said that Mircea Geoanawon. They (PSD – Partidul Social Democrat) were actually celebrating last night. I was actually thinking “We’re screwed, the comunnists are back“.

I woke up this morning, got to work and I heard that Basescu won (from the radio stations). The TV stations are still saying that Geoana won. But, people are saying that the TV stations are lying (cause they are owned by people in the Democrat party) and they (PSD – Geoana) are trying to make things work in their way and that they aren’t relying on the actual voting results

And my question is: “Who the hell won the presidential elections?”

Geoana or Basescu?

This is really a stupid situation and I never seen such press manipulation before. And that just confirms my belief that you shouldn’t watch TV, it just makes you stupid.

Pink Piggy for sale

But we sure won’t be buying it.

There’s a reason why I hate dislike holidays: in stores you always find the most cutest plushies you can imagine and this year it was no exception. We were actually looking around for snacks when we saw this huge pink piggy with a pink ribbon. It was so cute, but the price killed all our enthusiasm.

But that didn’t stop us to put it in our cart and walk around with it in the supermarket. Everyone that saw it smiled at us and some people even asked us how much it is. When we told them, they had the same reaction as we did.

It was really hard to part ways, but we had to say our goodbyes. It was fun nonetheless.

See you on our Christmas dinner pink piggy, or at least your living cousin…

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