Don’t mess with cats

A cat scratch hurts more than a dog’s bite. Cats are very vengeful and pretty damn scary if you upset them.

And let’s be serious how many people would dare take on a bear?

Sean Paul – So Fine

What can I say. I like this video. But I love and song !!!Always liked Sean Paul, for his vocabulary, and his personality.

I hope you will like you too !!

Poc & Poch on Flickr

Sincerely we aren’t that active on the Internet. We have our normal blogs/websites/news portals that we use on a daily basis and that’s about it.

We don’t have any accounts on Twitter, Facbook or on any other similar social websites, cause, sincerely their a waste of time (for us).

But, we started an account on And as a first impression: it’s really slow. I don’t know if it’s because our server or Internet connexion or because there are so many people using Flickr. It took me 15 minutes to upload a single picture.

Beside that, it’s looking good. I still haven’t used it completely so I can’t say much.

What would the Wonder Girls be without Sun Mi?

Korean entertainment has been taken by surprise by the official announcement that Sun Mi is leaving the Wonder Girls.

As all the fans out there, I was shocked when I read the news (on Saturday). It really came out of nowhere and what really “hit” was how quickly she was replaced (by a 17 year old Lim).

I just can’t imagine the Wonder Girls without any of the original members: Sun Ye, Ye Eun, Yu Bin, So Hee and Sun Mi. JYP really found the “perfect formula” for a girl group. All of the 5 members had their own personalities and unique traits, they had really great chemistry on stage and off (not to mention talent) and the Wonder Girls are the only Korean Idol group that has managed to keep it’s style unchanged for more than 3 years. And that says something in an industry where image and keeping up with the latest fashions counts as much as talent.

It’s funny how things turn out, since last year in June, So Hee and Sun Mi were bashed for giving up school so they could concentrate more on their activities in the U.S. and now, half an year later, Sun Mi is leaving the Wonder Girls so she can focus more on school and the fans are shocked and refuse to “let her go”. I guess you can’t please everyone.

I am wondering if her leave will affect the Wonder Girls English album that is supposed to be out this February? Either way, she will be greatly missed and I’m sure that everyone will agree that she’ll be a Wonder Girl no matter how long she’ll be away from the stage.

Wish you luck with your studies Mimi!

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