“February is merely as long as is needed to pass the time until March.”
–   Dr. J. R. Stockton 

There aren’t many things one can do in February. For me it’s just there so I can “wake up” after winter “hibernation”.The month has almost passed and I didn’t even realize that the days have gone longer, the weather isn’t as cold as before and my most beloved flowers are everywhere.

White tulips, pink tulips, yellow tulips, all kind of colored tulips are at every flower shop. What better flower to cheer you up on these cold, gray days than a tulip.

When winter lasts too much…

I’ve found myself yesterday thinking about the “good old days” when I used to wear sneakers.

I was really feeling melancholic about the entire thing. When I realized how silly that sounds I knew that I really am fed up with winter.

I am sick and tired having to get dressed every morning with the most “cozy” sweaters, I am tired of wearing my winter boots, I am tired of not knowing if it will rain, snow or be sunny. This weather is really unpredictable.

Last Saturday, it rained, snowed, the sun came up, and then it got gloomy and started raining and snowing.

I think that after 4 months of cold weather we should get a break and let spring come. I know it’s barely mid February, but this was the worst winter we had in years.

And, if the weather allows me, tomorrow I shall wear my sneakers.

Vintage Suzi

Suzi sure likes to be the center of attention, not that I am complaining. She’s a great model/subject for me.

Queen Seon Deok makes the front page

If you bought the TV Guide (TV Satelit) I’m sure you’ve noticed the beautiful picture of Mi Shil (from The Great Queen Seon Deok) on the front page.

There’s also a 2 page article about the Korean drama inside the magazine, and there’s only good stuff written about it. In the article, they also mention something about the drama having its own Facebook page. So, if you’re on Facebook and you are a fan you should visit it (and even join).

Also, on TVR2 (not TVR1), there’s a new Korean drama: “Cronicile frumoasei luptatoare” (English name: “Damo”; Korean name “다모/조선 여형사 다모”). The first episode was aired this Sunday, but if you’ve missed you can watch it on Youtube (the subs are in Spanish).

And all I can say is that the Korean wave is definitely hitting us. Now, if they could only broadcast the music programs that would be awesome. In fact, I’ll go even with normal dramas like: “Coffee Prince”, “Boys over flowers”, “God of study”, etc.

Okay, the last one is still in production/filming but one can only hope right.

Precious memories

I regret that my parents didn’t have a photo camera when I was little. There are lots of moments in my life that I wish I could remember or at least have “proof” that they happened.

The world was beautiful back in those days. Everything was new and fresh. Things weren’t as complicated as they are today. Everything was fun even on rainy days as today.

I regret that I don’t have any pictures with my childhood friends. I miss them, but I know that if I would see them today, my childhood memories would be stained. People do change in time, and I know for sure (from experience) that we might not be friends now if we meet.

Ironically, now that I do have a camera, I miss all the important moments. For example, last weekend, my high school best friend got married (well they just exchanged vows; the real wedding will be in October). My camera batteries were dead and I couldn’t take a single photo.

That was my first mistake.

So I decided to rely on her friends to take decent pictures and maybe include us two (me and Johnny).

That was my second mistake.

Not only that we are in just one (group) photo, but the rest of the photos are horrible. They are all dark and you can’t even see the faces of the people who were there.

The worst part is my friend decided not to buy the pictures from the experienced photograph because she already has the photos from her friends and they are “perfect”. It hurt; she doesn’t even remember when we left (we even had a Goodbye photo which we never saw).

I got mad at her. That was my third mistake.

These are her memories and if she feels that the pictures from her friends are enough, that’s her decision. If she feels that a group picture with everyone in it is enough, that’s her decision. It was nice that she did invite us and that she is willing to share these moments with us. Hopefully, in October we will be seen in more than two pictures.

I can truly say I’ve learned my lessons: I should only be concerned about the memories I make and I should check more often the battery on my photo camera.

In the meantime, here’s a sweet memory with me and Johnny:

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