On a rainy morning

It’s raining outside and it’s lovely.

I walked all the way to the subway and I even took the long road. It’s not pouring down, but it’s raining, calmly. It’s not cold but it isn’t hot either.

It’s just a perfect morning even if my hamster got out of his cage last night (that wasn’t so hard since the cage was left open) and I had to look for him this morning. Don’t worry I knew where he was and I found him in a couple of minutes.

Usually he’s a good hamster; once he’s out he goes back to his cage. I still can’t figure that but hey I’m happy he is house trained.

And, I even went to the park and took some pictures.

This is a lovely morning, hopefully the day itself will be good.

Another weekend at the country side

 The warm weather has come and we are already going to the country side.

Well, you can’t blame us, after all it’s so quiet and beautiful there you can easily forget about all your troubles.I also realized that there is lot of interesting subjects for photography there. For example, old railways, fields with farm animals, clouds, forests, etc. But I realized that a bit too late since we were already on our way home.

I won’t miss my chance next time. Hopefully the weather will be as beautiful as it was this weekend.

25 tulips

It was my birthday yesterday.

It was cloudy and cold outside. We had a lot of things to do at work. Not all things went smoothly and at some points of the day I forgot it was my birthday. Long story short it didn’t feel like a birthday, it felt like an ordinary day.

But, there where moments when I was reminded that it was my birthday. After all I don’t get gifts everyday. From a lovely night lamp shaped like a turtle (from my brother and sister in law) to mix style star headphones and flowers (from Johnny), to clothes from my parents and a lot of well wishes from friends and family, I got a nice cozy feeling.

And, on top of all of them 25 tulips from my “mother in law”.

It’s a good thing when the mother in law remembers what kind of flowers you like.

A rare find…

I am a hoarder, but I like to call myself collector.

Truthfully I just like to have pretty things, like notebooks. And look what I found:


Notebooks like that are hard to find and when you do find them they are expensive. These ones were really cheap and they are really cute.

What a lucky find.

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