My cat gobelin

I’m on a roll!!!

I never finish things. But now, not only did I finished and framed my dog gobelin, but I already started my cat gobelin. And that means a lot to me, because I’m such a lazy person (in general).

It also may not seem much to others, but working in needlepoint really takes a lot of patience and determination to actually finish. And those are really two things that I lack.

I’m so proud of myself. I’m allowed to say that, because it’s been a while since I’ve been productive. Usually, the only environment in which I’m productive is at work and there only if I’m left alone (with no interference from others).

I also noticed one thing: I’m very cheap with myself (with buying clothes or things that some see as a “must”) but I spend a lot of money on things that some find trivial (like my hobbies and manga’s).

I noticed this yesterday, when I went shopping with my friend.

I usually avoid going to the Mall or other shops which I know are expensive (from my point of view) but I said what the heck, it was pay day after all. And there I was, sitting with the pair of jeans on me thinking if I should buy them or not.

I was very reluctant to spend 30$ on a pair of jeans! 30 bucks, that’s cheap and I am a jeans person, plus the jeans looked good on me.

 Then I thought it over: I spent in the last 3 months around 150$ on gobelins and here I am fretting about 30$ for a pair of jeans which I will get to use almost every week.

So I made a resolution: I won’t buy anymore needlepoint kits till I finish the ones I have at home, and I will buy myself a decent pair of sneakers (hopefully I won’t cry if I scratch them).

Ed, Edd n Eddy’s Big Picture Show

Cartoon Network isn’t what it used to be. And I haven’t been watching it for years.

But what a surprise I had last night when I was just browsing around. They aired “Ed, Edd n Eddy’s Big Picture Show” on Cartoon Network. I didn’t even know there was a movie with the Eds. Oh, it was so much fun that now I’m looking to buy the movie in English.

I wish they would air more “old” cartoons, like “Dexter’s Laboratory” or “The Powerpuff Girls”, oh and one of my all time favorite “Samurai Jack”.

Now there are more shows with teenagers then there are cartoons. It sucks, but I guess that it’s cheaper to get a few kids, put them in a show and film them, then to make a cartoon.

Either way, I’m still a fan of “old” cartoons and hopefully there will be something new out there that will entertain me.


I am a bit behind with my “Must see movies” list, but I can’t be blamed. Bollywood is well known for its 300 (or more) movies per year. And that’s way more then I can watch in a lifetime.

I know most Bollywood stars more from reading about them on the Internet rather than seeing their movies. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

Even so, I managed to watch my first ever movie with Priyanka Chopra: Dostana.

I LOVED IT!!! I guess that sums it up.

Seriously, I think the last movie which I liked so much was “Om Shanti Om”. But this is even better, because it’s funny from start to end. And John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan make such a good pair.

I must admit I liked Abhishek more, because he had the silliest parts in the movie. And, along with his fictional mother (played by Kiron Kher), he gave me the best laughter I had in months.

As I was saying, this is the first movie with Priyanka Chopra and I am amazed. She is really good at acting. But, it couldn’t be that hard to play a stunning woman, living in a beautiful apartment and having a dream job when that’s very close to how she is in real life. I’m not aware of her living accommodations, but I know for sure she’s stunning and has a dream job.

Word is that “Dostana 2” is in the making, but without any of the main cast (Priyanka will make a cameo in the sequel). I guess that’s only fair since the original story had a nice closure. And, it’s very common in Bollywood for the main actors not to be in the sequel (opposite to Hollywood).

And, just to end this on a right note, here’s a video with Mrs. Acharya (Kiron Kher) trying to make her “gay” son (Abhishek Bachchan) straight:

Lauren Graham in “Scream 4”

Oh how much I miss watching movies!

I miss even more watching movies with some of my all time favorite actors. I guess, it’s hard to have so many interests and so little time. But, now time has nothing to do with me not liking Lauren Graham next movie (role): “Scream 4“.

It’s quite simple: I hate horror movies.

I think she’s going after Scott Patterson, after all he was in the “Saw” saga. Emma Roberts and even Hayden Panettiere will be part of “Scream 4” and I know Johnny will love to see it, cause he’s a big fan of horror movies.

I can’t even imagine Lauren scream her heart out. Her Lorelay image is still imbedded in my mind. Oh well, I’ll just have to wait and see, until then hopefully I will get my hands on some movies.

Source of news: JustJared.

1971 CineAlmanah

I don’t understand why people would throw away books?  

Okay I understand the fact that books tend to gather dust in many modern homes, since not many people read as much as they used to. But there are always antique stores where you can sell or donate old books.

Even so, in some cases I’m happy that people throw away old stuff. I was going to throw the garbage this morning and oh what a great day to house chores.

There it was: a 1971 cinematographic almanac (in Romanian). How can someone throw away something like that? And the book itself is in good condition, with just a few pages missing. I can’t wait to get home and study it more, but I managed to scan some pages that really caught my attention.

And, what’s more interesting are the advertisements at the end of the almanac (which I will scan tomorrow).

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