My dictionary talks to me

It’s Saturday. I’m at work. It’s quite sad because I was planning on slacking the entire day.

But, before I left from work, I actually looked around my room and noticed my Japanese Idioms dictionary. I bought it thinking that I will keep on learning Japanese (but somewhere along the road I got lost). So I opened it and guess what idiom I read?

Kono shumatsu wa hatarakanakereba naranai node, ki ga omoi desu.


It’s depressing to have to work during the weekend.

The dictionary talked to me. It was saying “Sucks to be you!”. If this isn’t a good way to get me back into learning Japanese than I don’t know what is.

A different point of view

It’s amazing what a simple tilt of the head can make. And it’s somehow amazing that all these years I’ve been walking around with my head in the ground.

I was thinking these couple of days to start a Photo Blog section. But I thought about it and I realized that it would be impossible for me to update every day. Especially since the Weekend is my time off from everything, including the blog.

Also, I wanted to be something meaningful. The truth is, things that actual mean something don’t happen every day. So I pondered some more and I’ve reached a compromise with myself: A Photo Log.

I actually have old fashion diaries at home (since my school days when I had no idea what the Internet was). I cherish those diaries, because whenever I open them I actually realize how many things I’ve forgotten. But, the thing that I regret the most is that I don’t have pictures with my friends. Some of my childhood friends are just names now, because I’ve forgotten their faces. That’s quite sad, and I’m sure there are many people out there in the same situation as me.

So, a Photo Log seems like a good idea, plus this is a personal blog so why not use it for my personal use. But, I’m still considering posting pictures of people.

My cross stitch project

Is done!

For me, cross stitching is easy compared to needlepoint, even if the result isn’t as detailed.

At least I had fun doing this project and it only took me two full days. Considering I’ve been working on my cat gobelin for over a month I don’t even think I had time to get bored of this small Lanarte kit.

Oh well, things are really going smoothly right now in everyday life. I’ve been working 12 hours a day for the past week or so. Things have started taking a slower pace and I’m very happy for that. But I still can’t go back to my normal routine. There are so many structural changes in the office right now, I can’t even get near the PC.

Instead I’m working downstairs and it’s quite nice to be away from the computer. I don’t have to think and my eyes are grateful for the break from the PC screen. Which reminds me that I need to change my glasses cause my current ones have broken.

Also, I like the company. In the office you don’t get to talk that much with the others, and truthfully I don’t even want to chat with them. Them being just one person that just by being near me can make me go insane… As I was saying, I enjoy the company of the people downstairs, and these past few days I managed to get to know them better.

So, being overworked but in a positive environment isn’t that bad. It was actually refreshing. And from how things are going in the office, it seems I might stay downstairs for a day or so.

My cat gobelin (Part 2)

I’m still working at my cat gobelin.

I know it will take a month or so to finish it but I just realized something: I’ve been working so far with just 6 colors.

The gobelin has 28 color threads.

So, about 60% of the gobelin is made out of 6 colors and the rest 40% is made of 22 colors. Wow! This is a shocker to me; cause that means it will take even more time to finish it. It will probably take more time changing the thread in the needle then to actually work on the gobelin.

Also, I noticed there are some portions of the gobelin where there are many colors mixed together. Well, I can’t back out now. I like the model so I will just have to suck it up and finish it.

And, just to not get bored with the current colors I did a few stitches with a shade of red just to keep me going.

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