Busy Busy Busy

I’ve been running around for a week or so. Lots of things to be done and very little time to do them.  

My hamster seems to be doing OK. I mean, she’s still alive. She eats and runs around, so that’s great considering tomorrow she has surgery planned. Even the vet told me that it would be much cheaper to get a new hamster, but as long as Martinica eats and is as lively as ever I won’t put her down. She doesn’t seem to be in any pain from the lump so why not give her the chance to live for another couple of months?

Truthfully, I doubt I will get another pet after Martinica.

Besides worrying about my little furry friend, I have to worry about the upcoming wedding we have to attend (we = me and Johnny). The wedding is happening in less than two weeks and we are not prepared at all. Johnny’s suit needs cleaning and Johnny needs a new shirt. I don’t have anything to wear (no dress, no shoes, nothing planned at all). Did I mentioned I need to color my hair and get a haircut?

Oh and the next weekend we’re going to the mountain side, and during the week we’re going to visit some relatives of Johnny from Moldova.

I doubt the fact that I will get everything done.

P.S.: With all the running around I still noticed that Autumn is here and that is just awesome. Hopefully I will take beautiful pictures of the Moldavian landscape.

My hamster has a lump

How is it possible for such a small animal to grow such a big lump under his leg in just one night?

I am now very sad, because I don’t know what it is and I want to take her to the vet. But, I’m at work and I just can’t leave just because my hamster is sick.

This is gonna be a really long day.

Supernova is back!

Or should I say Cho Shin Sung?

I’ve been waiting for them to release a Korean single/mini album ever since their collaboration with T-ara. And now, after months of waiting they finally did it: they released their first Korean mini album “Time to shine”.

I’m really excited about this because they have become one of my favorite Korean boy bands.

They must be the most underrated group in Korean music industry. They actually debuted around the same time as the Wonder Girls but there aren’t many articles of them from that period. In fact many Koreans have no idea who they are.

 I’m guessing their company (Mnet Media) was focusing more on promoting Davichi, since all the attention was focused on the Wonder Girls, Girls Generation and so on. So, it can be said at that time it was the start of the “battle of the female idol groups”.

I like their new song, but I’m “concerned” about how they will be received by “the general public”. Even if the most dangerous competition in the music industry (Wonder Girls, Girls Generation, Kara, Big Bang, etc.) is promoting overseas there are still a lot of popular groups who are promoting/debuting/or intend on making a comeback to the kpop scene.

Hopefully, their company will do them some justice this time around and they will promote them better then the last time they released a Korean single.

If you’re interested in knowing more about Supernova, you should visit Choshingsung Stargaze Forum. You will find everything about them, from their debut till the current date.   

Credit: Thanks to allkpop for the news.

I had a silly idea

I was reading on Wikipedia about Shirley Temple today.

While I was reading, I thought to myself “What if every normal person would have their own biography on Wikipedia, what would that be like?”

Besides the fact that there are over 6 billion people in the world, wouldn’t that be interesting? To just pick a person and read about what they did in life and where they are now, even if they are normal people living normal lives.

Then I woke up back to reality. I remembered what kind of people live in this world and just having all that information lying around wouldn’t be a smart thing.

But still, what would a Wikipedia page tell about me? I bet it might not be a long biography.

Tulips Gobelin

I’ve put on standby my cat gobelin because I was getting bored of it.

It isn’t fun to work on something that you have no more interest in. I didn’t realize it would take so much time to finish it. I thought “Oh, 20 x 20 cm, that isn’t a big gobelin, it won’t take much longer than a month to finish it.” Well, I think I will finish my cat gobelin in 2-3 months from now.

It’s nice to be able to put aside things knowing that you can finish them later.  

So, I started a new gobelin with tulips. It’s much smaller and it’s easier to work on. I was curious on how many hours it would take me to finish a small gobelin and this is the result of 13 hours of stitching:

There are 4 blocks of stitching like this one, meaning I can finish it in 2 weeks top, if I work on it on a daily basis (but I won’t promise anything). That would be really cool, because, this way I would have tulips in my room all the time, not just during spring.

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