It is time…

…that I start to break the connections and ties that keep me still.

Time to move on, slowly but surely.

Nice people

There are nice people out there, but to be able to meet them you have to be nice yourself.

Being frumpy all the time doesn’t get you anywhere. This is a lesson I learned from Johnny. I now know why he smiles at every clerk, waitress and any other person we come in contact with.

Where ever we go, people really do treat us different if we are sociable and friendly. They actually remember us if we ever come back. And we end up having a great time.

Why am I writing this?

Well, yesterday we were going to visit a friend who lives at the other side of the town. We took the subway (fastest way to get there) but we couldn’t find two seats next to each other so I sat down and Johnny was in front of me. Then, all of a sudden, the girl next to me moved and let Johnny take her seat.

That was really sweet of her.

This simple gesture of kindness really made my day. Not many people would’ve done that. I mean it takes an effort to move your ass from one seat to another after a working day, so I really appreciate it.

Another day at the country side

 Another week, another weekend at the country side.

 I can’t complain this time since we were all present. We had fun. We even took time to take some family photos. That’s something pretty rare, all of us taking a picture.

 I actually enjoyed myself since we went to the forest nearby. The weather was great and even if the fields were empty it was lovely. I could say we had quite an adventure since we “visited” the military unit there and we weren’t supposed to. At least the so called “tied up dogs” weren’t so mean. Quite the adventure seekers we are.

 And how could I forget the lone tree in the middle of the field. 

Supernova ‘No matter who’

Two Supernova posts in one day.

I just read the (kpop) news and it seems the boys from Supernova released a song for ‘Jungle Fish2’.

It seems that their activities always tend to go toward the girls from T-ara (Jiyeon stars in ‘Jungle Fish2’). Not that I have a problem with that, actually I’m hoping they release a new song together since they make such a good group.

The song (‘No matter who’) is exactly something one would expect them to sing.

Credit: Sarangbebe1

I’m eternally grateful for sites like allkpop.

Supernova Live

I realized that I never posted a live performance Supernova

So here it is: “On days that I missed you” Live.

Credits: manarask

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