One more week and here comes November

It’s insane on how fast time flies. I just can’t believe how fast this year went by. Not only that, I just can’t believe that winter is already here. Just one more week of October and it’s already really cold outside! All that’s missing is the snow and the lights announcing the winter holidays. 

They said we were going to have a really hard winter and that we should be prepared for it. But, didn’t we had like 4-5 months of winter (with lots of snow and bloody cold weather) last year? I even remember that in March it was snowing and I was still hoping that spring would come faster.

Well, I am prepared considering 70% of my wardrobe is made up from sweaters, jackets and winter boots. But I’m not prepared for anything else. Like usual, I don’t know where I’m going to spend my Christmas holidays. I don’t even know what my budget is or if I will actually have one. But, thinking about it, I don’t want to make any big deal about it all. I just want some days off, good home made food, some good books and movies to read and watch, and lots of snow.

I just can’t think of anything better than enjoying the cold weather (can’t wait to play in the snow!) and then going back to the warmth of my home.

Ahh two more months. Funny how I was complaining a moment ago.

My Cat and Tulips gobelins (part 2)

Remember my tulips gobelin that I started a month ago? What about my cat gobelin that I started this summer?

Well, I’ve advanced some more on both my gobelins, but things are going slow because the weather is really gloomy and I don’t have as much sunlight like I would like. It isn’t that I can’t see the colors, but it’s more like I don’t want to ruin my eyes.

So, I stitch a few hours per week, especially since I stay in front of a computer for 8 hours straight at work.

This is what I’ve done so far.

At the cat gobelin I made a mistake and now I have to redo the white part at the top. Except that it’s actually advancing pretty fast in my opinion.The tulips gobelin is going even better. It actually looks more like a vase with tulips and I’m liking the colors used for the tulips.

I’m actually proud of that I can work at two stitching projects at the same time.

Hopefully I will finish one of them by the end of this year, because I already have my eyes set on other projects. I also want to do a geisha gobelin. But we’ll see how things progress.

Happy day

The sun is up, it’s quite nice outside and I am in a very good mood.

Yesterday I went and picked up my results from my IELTS exam from British Council and I’m happy to report that I did well at it. I got 7.5 on all my tests (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking).

The grade itself it’s quite funny because on the back of the diploma there are the grades and what each means: 7 is for Good User and 8 is for Very Good User, and I’m somewhere in-between.

Either way, I’m happy with the result and hopefully in 2 years I will get at an intermediate level at German and Japanese. I have the books and the CD’s that I need, all I need now is motivation and focus. Oh, and some lecithin for my memory which isn’t at its strongest peak right now.

Also, I will be getting Internet at home.

My own Internet paid by yours truly. I call that “independence” since I was always relying on Johnny’s stick for Internet and it was just like playing at the lottery, some days it worked and some days it didn’t.

I’m happy because now I will get to use my notebook more often. It was about time, considering I bought it 2 years ago and barely used it for personal problems. I am also considering of buying an external hard disk because my notebook has only 60GB of memory. But, I shall have to wait before I put my plan into action, because these things cost lots of money.

Either way, I’m surprisingly very patient. Usually I just go head first and buy everything and then I would worry if I have the money to pay for them or not. Not very smart of me, I know.

Oh, other good news: I actually talked with a very good friend of mine from middle school. I haven’t seen her in a few years and in this time she even got married. Hopefully we will meet this weekend because I really missed her.

I actually miss a lot of people, so it’s good whenever I get to talk or even run into somebody by accident.

Hopefully my good spirits will keep up for the rest of the month.

An ordinary autumn day

It’s cold, it’s gloomy but it seems that means nothing for a stray cat. There’s nothing standing in the way of a cat’s sleep.

But there’s good news also: it seems the weather is getting warmer and the sun is trying to shine.

The is a conspiracy going on – Nijikon drama

And it’s been going on since the first Anime and Manga convention took place in Romania.

Every year there has to be something that keeps me from going. The first year I had no money, the second year I forgot all about it, the third year I made a silly mistake and thought that we were still in September and boy was I surprised when I found out it was October. Don’t ask what was wrong with me then, I still can’t figure it out.

And this year, I have money, I have more free time then anyone and yet I don’t think I can go. Why? The convention is on the same weekend as the wedding of one of my best friends (from high school).

And if that isn’t enough I just found out from the official Nijikon site that the Japanese rock band Guild will be concerting on the first day of the convention, which is on the 23 October.

I’m bummed down right now, because I haven’t been interested in Anime, Mangas in the past few years. Occasionally I would read a Manga or watch an Anime but that’s about it. It’s a shame because this is how I lost all interest in drawing and I was good at it. I don’t want to lose my passion for Japan. It’s on my “Bucket list” in the “Places that I will visit” subsection.

Well, I am now plotting on going to the Convention early in the morning on Saturday or on Sunday afternoon. Now, I must convince myself that I will not buy anything.

Oh well, I just wanted to show you the Guild concert poster. The tickets are really cheap T_T. That makes this an event not to be missed.

Also, here’s their message for Romanian fans.

Thanks to: Nijikon

I shall now go plot my way into the Convention. Oh, and I need to find a sponsor as well. I wonder, is Johnny still sleeping?!?

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