Ruined boots

You know what, buying clothes or shoes from big name stores doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get quality.

Johnny bought me this really nice pair of boots 2 months ago. I was so taken with them but I couldn’t afford them at that time. They were pretty expensive. But Johnny bought them for me. I’ve been wearing them only occasionally and the weather has been nice, I mean it didn’t rain or anything. But the boots got ruined and now I am forced to throw them away. What’s more interesting is that my friend bought similar boots and hers also got ruined.

Wanna know something even more interesting?

The market is full with the same style boots (made from the same material). Now, either I just suck it up and wear my old real leather boots (which I’ve been wearing for 3 years now; they are in perfect condition) or throw money away on some silly boots just because they look nice.

Now call me cheap, but I think I’ll just wear my old ones. Fashion you suck.. our money away. I hate you!!!

A new Porco Rosso in the making?

Just browsing around the Internet and I couldn’t notice on Studio Ghibli’s Wikipedia page an interesting thing: “Porco Rosso: The Last Sortie“.

If the almighty Hayao Miyazaki intends on directing a sequel of the original Porco Rosso from 1992 then who am I to complain?

I can only think about one thing to say: are we going to find out if Porco and Gina ended up together?

The country side in November

I don’t remember ever going to the country side in November. Usually, in November the weather it is really cold. But we had really good weather this weekend, it was sunny and really warm.

So, of course my family got together at the country side, for a barbecue.

On the way there I wanted to take many pictures. The landscape was stunning. I never knew the country side could be so beautiful during autumn. Even with all the trees bare and the land empty, the views were amazing. Unfortunately for me, we were late and I couldn’t ask them to stop the car just so I could take a few photographs.

I also know that I won’t get any other chance in the near future. But I did enjoy myself and I also took a few pictures of my usual “targets”.

Supernova – Shining Star

A new song from Supernova: “Shining Star”

Thanks to: Sarangbebe1

I can only laugh watching this video.

I find their dance pretty funny and I can’t seem not to notice how much makeup the boys have on, especially Sungje with his lipstick/gloss at the beginning of the video. I understand the fact that many (if not all) male stars wear makeup in order to look good, but I will never understand why they need to use so much. I guess it’s an “each with its own” thing. But men wearing makeup have always put me off, especially men who want to give the impression of manliness.

Moving on, I’m happy they have a new song (complete with video) out. I was starting to worry that they will go back to the “shadows”. And I’m even more happy that it’s easier to find news about them since various sites seem to write more and more about them.

I’m also waiting for the girls from T-ara to release a new song. I’ve heard that this will happen in December (thanks to allkpop). After all, they will have a new member, Hwayoung. So it will be interesting to see what she can bring to the group.

Omohide Poro Poro

Since I was complaining I haven’t watched an anime in a long time, I made it a priority to watch at least one this month.

I made a completely random choice last night, but I’m happy with it. Actually, I think that my “all time favorite” list has become bigger.

“Only Yesterday”, or in its original name “Omohide Poro Poro”/”おもひでぽろぽろ”is a Studio Ghibli movie.
The movie came out in 1991 but the story takes place in 1982, and sometimes in 1966.

The story is about Taeko, a 27 year old unmarried woman, who finally “grows up” with the help of her inner child (her 10 year old self more precise). When I say “grows up” I mean she finally realizes what she really wants from life and goes for it.

That would be the big picture of this movie and that’s about as much as I want to go into talking about the plot. Why? This isn’t a movie that can be described in words (well not in my words), its movie that needs to be seen.

I really loved it! Mostly because I see myself like Taeko. Living my life the way I think it’s right but I have no idea in what direction I should go. I have no idea if I’m happy or not, and in a way I’m avoiding the “decisions making” part which comes with the territory of being an adult.

And that’s about it. My resemblance with Taeko ends there. I know for sure that my 10 year old self couldn’t help me at all. Because I can barely remember how my life was at that age. And, while watching the movie, I couldn’t keep thinking of how awesome it would be to meet a “Toshio”.
But, then I remembered that I already have a “Johnny”.

Even so, I found myself cheering for Taeko at the end of the movie along with all her imaginary friends from her childhood.
Beautiful movie!!! A Studio Ghibli movie indeed.

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