My last entry for 2010

It’s that time of the year yet again. But, this time I am giving a heads up: this post is very long!

I got my Christmas wish: a Johnny and lots of snow. The city was pretty this year with all the Christmas lights. And yet I’m actually happy that 2010 is coming to an end. It’s been a very long year for me. So long, that I won’t mind it ending. I haven’t done many things in 2010, except losing weight, getting my IELTS diploma and wasting time.
But even so, I actually did some good things at the end of it, mainly preparing myself for 2011. Some might say I made resolutions but I don’t think they are simple resolutions. I consider them goals and I’m actually am going to do them.

Yup, you heard me, I’m actually not going to waste another year:

  • My main goal for 2011 is to learn German and Japanese. I’ve already looked up classes and I found a few that are what I need. I already bought books with CD’s, notebooks, and anything else that I might need. All there is to it is getting started.
  • Second, I would like to finish my needlepoint/cross stitch projects that I’ve started. I’m already half way there so it will only take half the effort to finish them. Also, I would like to frame my projects and find a place for them in my room. I am referring to my cat, tulips and my geisha gobelin.
  • My third resolution is about money. I think this will be a constant resolution in my life. Like usual, I would like to put money away for rainy days. Hopefully, with me having more stuff to do (stitching, reading and learning) I won’t spend as much as I do.

These three are my main goals for 2011.

I also have a few other smaller “resolutions” for 2011, but I don’t think they are as important (for me) like the ones above.

  • Lose the belly fat. This would mean me actually getting my butt up and start exercising.
  • Start a photo journal. I am already a fan of personal diaries (I’ve had one since I was 13 years old, my diaries are my best friends), but this year I would like to combine my photography hobby with my daily writing/ranting. I already bought a new 200 pages journal (handmade and very expensive) since my old one is almost used up. All I need is to use my camera.
  • Become more active on our blog. So far I’ve been writing on it very random, only whenever I would have something to say or rant about. I would love to actually start writing on a normal basis and cover more hobbies/interests of mine. I have a few ideas on how to become more active, but then again I will need to stop procrastinating.
  • Start a new photography album with me, Johnny, our family and close friends. I just need a new photo album, time to select pictures and money. That, and I want to digitize our old family pictures, thank God I have a scanner.
  • Go to the theater. Believe me or not, I’ve never been to the theater.
  • Visit the art museum here in Bucharest. Even if I stopped drawing I still have an interest in art.
  • Visit a tea house (like Carturesti).
  • Grow my hair long.
  • Visit new places.
  • Finish reading the books I have at home, the ones I borrowed and the series that I already started.
  • And since I haven’t been to the movies that much this year, my movies list has grown a lot. So, 2011 will be dedicated mostly to movie nights.

Even if the list is a bit long, there’s nothing on the list that can’t be done if I put my mind to it. I think it’s about time I start being realistic with what I can and can’t do and all the above are very much doable. I have to confess that some of them are already started. I figured, that there’s no reason for me to wait the New Year.

With all that out of the way, we wish you a Happy New Year, may all your wishes and dreams come true in the year that is yet to come. Also, enjoy my last set of pictures for 2010. I promise that In 2011 I’ll become a better photographer.

21:35 on a Monday

Johnny is sleeping, my parents are watching TV and I’m at the computer, browsing around and watching videos with Maru on YouTube.
I would very much like to be outside in the snow instead of here, but I’m sure it won’t be fun if I’m all alone. I tried waking up Johnny but I had no luck.

The last few days have been very tiresome. We’ve been on the move from morning (if waking up at lunch can be considered morning) till the early hours of the morning: family reunions, going out with friends, celebrating our 3rd anniversary, Christmas, clubbing, etc. My sleeping routine has been destroyed, not that I’m complaining.

Even so, I would still like to go outside and play in the snow, especially now since it snowed all day and it’s dreamlike outside. I just want to feel that it’s winter. I want a snowball fight and to make or at least try to make a snowman. I want to get cold and crave for some hot tea or choco milk.

I doubt I spent more then two hours outside these past few days, and that was because I was doing the holidays shopping.

Hopefully, tomorrow I will convince Johnny and we will go to the park. Hopefully I will get tired soon and go to bed so I won’t wake up at lunchtime. Hopefully it will keep on snowing so that I can make a very very big snowman.

Well, until next time enjoy a Maru clip.

Credits to: mugumogu

Abe Natsumi – Furusato

Morning Musume is rubbing on me. Unfortunately, Abe Natsumi isn’t a member anymore of the group but her voice is wonderful.

Credits to: Dorathea

I can’t get enough of this soothing song.

Merry Christmas

Dear All,

May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow. Wish you lots of love, joy and happiness. Merry Christmas! 

With love, Cre-Cre and Johnny.


SNSD – Tell me

I love it how sometimes I get so bored that I actually start wondering around the net. I’m not looking for something specific, but I’m just wondering aimlessly and then, out of nowhere comes something that catches my attention and entertains me.

Credits to: rickygillespie

I must say that the SNSD girls did a wonderful job, I’m actually loving this.

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