Just live, like it means something

It’s kind of a funny story” how the worst week at work could end so nice at home.

After realizing that I don’t hate what I do for a living but just the workplace, I feel pretty happy with myself.

For a while now, I thought that on my way on becoming a fully responsible adult I made the wrong decision and that I ended up doing something I dislike. I thought that I am fed up with foreign languages and with my work.

Thank God it turned out I just hate people.

I never been a very social type (never been a loner either), but I always hated crowds and working with people. Why? Well,  because people suck. I probably suck too. I am very much aware that I annoy others as well, some on purpose and some unintentionally.

But, most of the times I like to keep a low profile and not to get too much ahead of myself. Still, that doesn’t mean I won’t get pissed of when someone acts like I’m the lowest of them all.

I may not be the best person in the world at what I do, I may not have all the things necessary for becoming successful, but I still do my best. Why, because I like what I do! I find that very necessary for me to actually make it every day of the week, every month and every year.

Am I gonna quit? Heck no, I am still a “in need of money person”. Will I rant to vent out my frustration? Yup.

And with that I end my weekly ranting. I just had a very good weekend people!!! Good food, good atmosphere and by all a new storage unit for my books (from IKEA). It’s so nice and lovely and everything fits in perfectly.

I saw “It’s kind of a funny story” today. I had no desire to watch a movie but it really caught my attention after the first 10 minutes went by. First was Lauren Graham, then Emma Roberts then the story line which was very quirky.

Not only that but the line “just live, like it meant something” really stuck with me. That and it boosted my mood to a very good level I must say. Movies like this one are always welcomed after a bad period.

Sometimes I really need a remember that in this very over populated world, there are bound to be people going through the same things as I am and some fair better and some crumble, given the circumstances, while I am in between enjoying my free time away from work.

PS: The weather is lovely, it might be freezing but it’s sunny.

A bit of butterfly?

I actually found a picture that actually made my day. It’s an old picture from last year taken by my brother. It has nothing to do with butterflies but it does has something to do  with hand made products.My brother is starting his very own Hand Made shop and this is how his “business” looked last year when he was barely starting. Well, I’m not sure if anyone noticed but in the left corner down you can see my framed stitch work. I did said it was a gift for him, to help him start his business but even to this day he still hasn’t managed to sell it. I’m glad he wasn’t counting on selling it, that would’ve been a big disappointment.

I may be a “newbie” at stitching but even now I still feel sad giving away my first gobelin. I feel bad because I had fun stitching it and I felt really great when I finished it. Even after I finished other cross stitch projects I didn’t felt that good. Deep down, really deep down I’m hoping he won’t sell it and that he will have to keep it. But, I will also be happy if someone does buy it.

Somehow, I think I am now ready to start working again on my cat gobelin.

PS: My brother’s website is not yet completed. Caution, Johnny at work!

The first day of fitness training

I did it, I actually started exercising and my conclusion: I hated it.

I didn’t hate the exercises (although the side plank was very close to being hated). I hated the fact that I have no rhythm, the fact that I am really out of shape and that I can’t coordinate my moves at all. Talk about not exercising at all in the past 10 years or so.

I started off thinking what lame exercises (I was only at the warm up part), but after 15 minutes I was panting and sweating. The exercises were easy (except the planks), but I could barely get myself to do them, even for 30 seconds. I didn’t even finish the 30 minutes routine. I was starting to feel sick not because of the exercises but because I ate too much when I got home. That’s another mistake I did, but heck I was hungry after 9 hours at work.

My first impressions about fitness routines are mixed. I don’t feel that I am actually exercising but at the end of it I can tell I put some effort it in because I am out of breath. I am not giving up on it any time soon, and I will hopefully get in the rhythm of things.

Now moving on from the hard work zone, look what I got:

I loved the Watchmen movie that much that I actually bought the comic book. It wasn’t as expensive as I though. Compared with the Batman or Justice League comics, it was actually cheap. I haven’t read it yet, but that’s because I had no time and I wasn’t in the right mood to enjoy a comic book. I actually need peace and relaxation to actually enjoy reading, no matter what I am reading.

My friend told me I am insane for buying so “much crap“, but unlike her crap (clothes and make up) mine won’t go out of style or expire. I admit I do spend to much money on mangas and comic books, but in the past two years I only made 2 or 3 purchases (only to complete my favorite collections: Kare no Kano and Dragonball). See I don’t have that many, just ignore the shelves that are empty.

Another Monday morning

Monday, January 17

The weather is lovely, I’m at work, I managed to drink my coffee without any incidents and I even talked to an old friend of mine. I could say this week started just fine. Slow and relaxing, just the way I like it. I am even willing to look over the fact that I have work to do now to last me two months easily.

It’s a perfect day to start my foreign language lessons. I decided I won’t take any classes (for now) because I can learn the basics on my own, that and it would be to expensive for me. If I reach a decent level I might look up some intermediate classes. Here are my Japanese workbooks, I wanted to do a picture and of my German books but I didn’t got the chance (long story).

I’m also happy because my Bipasha Basu “Love Yourself” fitness DVD is here. I’ve been waiting for this for a while and I actually can’t wait to start. I had a sneak peak last night at the beginner routine and it looks simple enough.

I’m not into the fitness craze, but I always liked Bipasha Basu. Plus she is known as one of the most fit and healthy Bollywood celebrities and her DVD received some good reviews. The DVD doesn’t promise miracles but it says that in 60 days (if the routine is done on a daily basis) there will be visible results. And that seems fair to me, getting fit doesn’t happen overnight. Since I reached my ideal weight last year I am now hoping I will be able to tone my body. Hopefully I won’t slack off like before.

Here’s a sneak peak for those who are interested in Bipasha Basu fitness DVD:

Credits to: affiliate1000

I know some might say that I am starting to many at a time and I won’t succed. But I find it easier to start several projects at the same time. Also exercising really improves my mood, my memory and my drive to actually do stuff.

My Geisha Gobelin

It’s finished.

I can actually cross one thing out of my Resolution List. Yup I’m still keeping track of that, I said I will and I will, even if it kills me, and I know it won’t.

I’m actually happy, because there couldn’t be a better day to finish it. It’s really nice outside, it’s warm and sunny. It’s definitely not a day to stay inside and stitch.

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