The Harry Potter Series

I’ve finally finished the Harry Potter series and now I’m stuck not knowing what to read next.

It’s kinda of  weird actually.

I got used with the story and the characters so much in the past 6 months that I didn’t realize the ending would make me feel sad. I kinda wished for one more book instead of the epilogue. I know that Harry’s has had enough to last him a life time (he even admits this) but I want to know how things got back to normal. Silly, isn’t it? But for me the ending felt to abrupt and there’s this huge gap (19 years) between the battle at Hogwarts and the the epilogue.

Not only that, but all my favorite characters died by the end of the series.
Rowling even killed Fred. Why Fred? So many Weasleys and she kills one of the twins.

Even so, my most loved character is Snape. Is my choice predictable? Maybe. But, he’s the only one who seems more real than any of the other characters. Rowling might call him a “flawed human being“, but what human being isn’t flawed?

I didn’t like Snape because he has loyal to Dumbledore or because he gave up his life to help Harry and his friends. I liked Snape for being Snape. Even if he loved Lilly Evans he still remained true to his nature: he loved the dark arts, was a very good teacher (even if he bullied his students and showed preference for his own house), was smart and cunning. He was himself and I was hoping for a better ending for him.

Then again, his death seems natural (as natural being bitten by a huge snake and left to die can be). I couldn’t imagine Snape living in a world that knows he’s a good guy.

I was reading on the Internet that maybe Rowling would publish a Harry Potter encyclopedia. That might be fun to read, but wouldn’t that go against her initial thoughts of leaving the ending vague? Why bother leaving the ending to the readers imagination if you’re going to write your own version of how the characters end up in their own fictional universe?

Still, I loved the series and I’m happy I had the chance to read the books (even before the last movie comes out). I am actually looking forward for the release of a box set with all the movies.

Burberry Bespoke trench coat

I’m not a fashion forward person, but I have fallen in love with this trench coat:

This has nothing to do with the fact that Emma Watson is wearing it. I just really love that trench coat.  But I seriously doubt I will pay around 1000 euros on a trench coat. And I am not sure if that’s the right price either.  But it wouldn’t matter anyway it would still be out of my price range, way out of my price range!

Still, it looks really good on her. *pondering how it would look on me*

The work song

It’s amazing how many artists out there speak to me right now. But none does it better than Donna Summer, because I DO WORK HARD FOR MY MONEY!!!

It’s barely February and I feel like I’ve been working for a few years without any vacation at all. Please let Easter come faster, even a few days off will cheer me up. And if I seem like a wimp for complaining about work, let me tell you that this is the third week in a row that I STILL have a cold. It just won’t go away.

Credits: longmix

February 14

Valentine’s Day and all I wish is for Spring to come faster.

Don’t get me wrong or anything, me and Johnny did go out and enjoyed each others company this weekend. It was quite nice and we even had 2 bottles of red wine with our pizza. Considering I don’t usually drink that was some lunch we had. I don’t remember when was the last time I enjoyed myself that much.

I am currently fed up with Winter and having to dress up with my winter clothes. It feels suffocating after 3 consecutive months. I don’t know how people in northern countries can stand the cold for such long periods of time.

Either way, I hope Spring will come early this year. I just want to go out to the park and not freeze. Plus there are some places which are extremely beautiful during Spring and which I want to visit (with my camera of course).

Sunny day

This picture was taken back in 2007 by yours truly. I was using an old digital Sony camera and the scenery was incredible. It just shows that I can take good pictures if I try. Must train my eyes and my photographic skills more. After all, having a good camera doesn’t makes one automatically a photographer.

I should feel sorry for not posting considering I had a lot of things on my mind, but somehow it didn’t felt right to post personal thoughts (not ranting) online.

I think I will keep those to myself.

Either way it feels good having a “vacation” from my blog. Considering I was sick (still am, damn flu), I am working like mad and I have gone out just 3 times in one month, I am still doing good. My mood is really good considering the past weeks. I guess, being over worked it’s something I can cope with. Which is not something I can say about dealing with people.

I am enjoying reading and stitching very much lately. It disconnects me from everything around me and really relaxes me. Exactly what I need at the time being.

I am reading at the moment “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”, the 6th volume from the Harry Potter series. I did promise to myself that I will finish reading the books before the last movie comes out. And I doubt I will have any problems finishing the books, they are very addictive.

I finished a few more stitching projects, but I haven’t used my camera for a while. I should feel bad about this (since I won’t improve on my photography skills if I don’t use my camera) but there weren’t many things worth photographing. But now, after I saw that the weather is starting to get warmer and the cats have started coming out and sun bathing I will most likely start caring my camera with me everywhere.

I guess I’ve found a subject I like: stray cats photography. I should use a more general term to include and dogs.

Either way, all is good on my front. Doing good with losing belly fat (I could do better if I actually tried), work is good (also I should be happy to have a job considering how many complain to me on a daily basis about how hard is to find a job), and things are good at home as well.

Hopefully this weekend I might enjoy a nice lunch with Johnny at our favorite pizza place.

We’ll see…