Park photos

I believe everyone knows about now that my favorite pass time is taking a nice walk in the park while the second one is taking pictures in the park.

I just enjoy the outdoors.

If I would have the possibility to chose where I could live, it would be a small house with a big garden (for flowers and animals). That’s why I always hate it when I see really big houses with no garden or green space at all. Life is just unfair like that. But no worries, I plan on winning the lottery in the near future and I will buy my own little sweet home, that or I will work till I die if I have to.

But, I would prefer the first option.

Now seriously, if you can afford a big house why not spend a little more for some greenery? Will a tree ruin the house value?


It’s been a long time since I posted pictures of Suzi.

Well you’ll have to understand me cats don’t like to be disturbed and Suzi, while she may be the cutest thing ever (when she wants to) she can also beat down a big size dog (my first real life lesson on how not to mess with cats).

And I also can recognize a mean stare when I see one. Sorry Suzi didn’t mean to disturb you.

P.S.: This morning I was late for work (again) because Suzi didn’t like the smell of my clothes and decided to pee on them. It’s a good thing Johnny’s place isn’t far away from my place.


I’m usually the one who takes photos and just plays around with the camera. Well, not this time.

Johnny wanted to play with the camera as well and he ended up taking some really nice macro photos while we were in the park. Here’s the results:

I am actually a little bit jealous of him, because I always had problems taking good macro pictures. I know this might sound silly but it’s true. I always had a hard time finding good subjects for macro photography.

Maybe I should stop enjoying taking photos of the sky so much and focus more on earthly things.

Back to school.. umm work

I wish all days would start like this one. Waking up refreshed and rested, not having to hurry up to get to work, sitting down in the bus and just enjoying the warmth of the sun. And on top of that even getting on time to work.

I am truly happy that spring is here. Not even the fact of having to work can ruin my mood when the weather outside is so amazing. I believe I feel like this because we had such a long winter. Too long for my taste and bloody cold as well.

Easter was great. I enjoyed every moment, from playing Sims Medieval, to watching “Who framed Roger Rabbit” and just going out with Johnny and his cousin. All holidays should be like this. Not a single thing to worry or fuss about. Oh I did manage to eat a little to much but it’s not a big deal since I ate only what I really liked.

Pizza Club 16

I hate advertising, but this is one of my favorite places to eat pizza. The website might not be great, but the place itself, the service and the food are. I also have some good memories and pictures (with Johnny) from that place.

It’s one of our favorites (and we have just 2).

Even so, I know we won’t be having pizza this weekend because *drum rolls*: we’ll be having a three day weekend.

That said, enjoy the Easter holidays. We know we will, especially since we’ll be having guests this year, rather then being guests ourselves. It will be interesting, that’s for sure.

Hope the good weather keeps up.

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