I know

What I have been missing these past few days: travelling.

I was sorting some old photographs and I realized that about this time of the year I would start roaming around the country with Johnny, my brothers or with friends. I think I became so used to migrating at the end of Spring/beginning of Summer that not going anywhere made me feel like I’m missing something or that I am supposed to do something.

Weekend excursions are the best.

Unfortunately this year I doubt I will be going anywhere except the park. Well, until August all I’ll have are my old photographs. Somehow, looking at them makes me feel better.


What a pirate weekend I had!

Full of fun and good times, and what a dreadful way I started my week. Monday’s are the worst I tell ya.

Not even my friendly doggie from work couldn’t save this day. Although it was my first time trying to photograph him. He was really interested in my camera and what I was doing. It certainly didn’t fit with my usual petting and scratching.

This weekend I actually saw two anime movies: Clockwork Island Adventure and Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals. I just wanted something crazy and funny and you can’t go wrong with One Piece. The first movie I saw a few months ago and I wanted to watch the anime series but I freaked out when I saw how many episodes there are (+400). I think for now I will stick with reading the manga and watching the other movies.

Of course I watched the One Piece movies on my own since Johnny isn’t much into anime.

But later, I finally convinced him to watch The Pirates of the Caribbean. He hasn’t seen any of the movies and he wanted to. Well that’s what he said but after the first 20 minutes of the movie he was sleeping so peacefully. I tried waking him up, but that didn’t work much. He did woke up at the end of the movie and I asked him if he wanted to see the second part.

I was on a roll…

But we had such good weather this weekend it would’ve been a shame not to go out. So off we went to our pizza place.

I didn’t cook at home, mainly because I forgot to print the Korean recipe I wanted to try and because I knew Johnny wouldn’t be interested in it. Oh well, I shall try it today since I have fresh eggs and green onion from the country side.

Overall, the weekend was great. It’s just a shame it ended.

Seriously, everyone is really annoying on Monday morning. For example, today the bus was really empty I even got a chance to sit down. But when I wanted to get off I had to push my way out. Why? Because some guy with his daughter (which had this huge backpack) were in the door way but it wasn’t their stop yet so they just sat there. They were actually offended when I had to make way so I could get off. WTF!!!

Then I made the mistake to go to the grocery store to buy something to eat. I waited patiently till the clerk lady asked me what I wanted and when I asked for something she told me she couldn’t give it to me because the store was supposed to be closed so she can arrange all the products that she received. O_O I just left and didn’t even look back. Why the hell didn’t she lock the store door or said something when I came in?

What’s wrong with these people? Are they still in weekend mode?


This is going to be a very long week.

We’re almost there

Just a few more hours and I’m going home.

This weekend will be a little bit special since I am planning on cooking for myself. I’ve found this great site with Korean recipes and the good part is my fridge and pantry contains all the ingredients for the vegetable pancakes. I’m actually looking forward to it.

I may not be a great cook, but I can learn especially when I am not disturbed by others.

Come weekend!~

The Lily Bard “Shakespeare” Series

I haven’t watched a Bollywood movie last night. I couldn’t find anything that would be interesting to me. So, I decided to finish the second book from the Lily Bard series by Charlaine Harris.

It was a challenge all right. I wanted to know what was going to happen with Lily and Jack so bad that I couldn’t bring myself to stop. In a way books are best read at night, so there’s no point in me complaining about feeling tired right now.

At the 8th and final chapter I was unable to sit down, so I started pacing the room. 40 more minutes of listening, and it was the most interesting part of the book. 40 more minutes of action and drama unfolding.

I would like to write all my feelings about the ending, but I’ll only say this: Mookie became one of my favorite characters and it was a pity that she had to go. Thinking about it I realize she was another version of Lily, strong and very much action orientated.

While the first book was straight forward: dead body → investigation → crime solved, the second book had more to it. The crimes committed weren’t just normal murders, they were hate murders.

And this is where I am thankful for the Internet and the useful information you can find with it.

I always had the impression that racism against blacks happened a long time ago. Well, apparently in America, especially Southern America this is still an issue. Bigotry and separation still exists and in some areas it’s quite the norm.

This little bit of info, along with the rest of the news about the state of the world made me reach one simple conclusion: we are all bigots.

Yup, there’s no denying it. While some can function pretty well and live a normal life without taking any kind of action, others go for the extreme and release all of their pent up anger and intolerance.

How I reached this conclusion?

Well, it’s pretty much simple. We’re all the same (technically): we are born, we live and eventually we die. But during our life time we develop different characteristics, opinions and prejudices. The only thing that really matters is where we are born.

Prejudices depend on the region we are born because we are indoctrinated from birth on what is right and what it isn’t.

For example, yesterday when me and my brother we’re leaving for work I said hello to the cleaning lady, which is a gypsy. And my brother asked me why I keep on saying hello to her, after all she never says hello first. What he meant was: she should say hello to us first (because she’s gypsy and she’s a cleaning lady) and maybe then we should reply or not. My view was: I’m 24 years old and the cleaning lady (while not the most pleasant person in our apartment building) is 40-ish, therefore much older than me. So it would only be natural for me as the younger person to say hello first. Also, at least she says hello back, a thing which many of my neighbors (people whose kids I’ve grown up with) seem to forget every time I pass them by.

There you go a daily prejudice against gypsies.

Truthfully, I also have a problem with gypsies. Not all of them, but just with those that treat women like dirt, gypsy women that allow themselves to be treated that way and who pass on their mentality to the next generation. But this situation is very much common in every country and nationality.

There are much worse situations than the one above.

Also I’m not sure how much things will change in the future. Will we start to tolerate each other and start living a better life or it will all go down the drain and the future will be bleak? I truthfully doubt that the future will be anything near nice, with all the tension going on between different countries.

We are humans, and we’re the best at destroying things around us. This will probably be a matter of time.

Until then, I hope I get old and die. I really just want a peaceful life and so far I’ve been doing just fine. That and I will start reading the third novel of the Lily Bard series. It’s just addicting.

Do I have a passive reaction to everything that goes around me? Yup, I do. Because I learned in this life you’re pretty much on your own and no matter what we would do we would still be bigots. There are no saints on this Earth.

Note: If you feel offended by my opinions, sorry but that’s what I feel. And considering I pay for this blog, at least I should have the right to express my opinions, thoughts, etc. Fell free to ignore this post as ranting.

I have a feeling

Ever since the warm weather has come I have this strange feeling that I should be doing something. It annoys me that I can’t figure out. I know it’s something that I’ve been doing in the last years but I just can’t seem to put my finger on it.

It’s so frustrating.

Darn my short memory. Oh well, I’m sure it will hit when I least expect it.

Moving on…

Tonight I’m gonna watch a Bollywood movie. It’s been a while since I last seen one and I am in the mood for one. The only problem is that I don’t know what movie to pick. I could go with a classic (from the ’90) or I could pick a newer one. I am thinking something with Pretty Zinta or Kajol. But Preity hasn’t made a movie for a long time (in Bollywood years) and Kajol latest movies are not my cup of tea. That and older movies are hard to find, especially Bollywood movies.

I’ll see what I can find today, after work. I hope my good mood keeps up. And just for randomness here’s another pic of a cute cat yawning away.

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