Bitter sweet Monday morning

It’s not often that I sit at my office on a Monday morning with a energy drink besides me. I usually go for coffee or a coke, but this morning is different. While I am in the best mood I could possibly be, my body is not and it needs some help to get through the day.

I had a great weekend!

It was fun and I got the chance to do lots of stuff: I went to the movies (X-men: First Class), to the Dolphinarium, out for lunch and even to the beach. Yup you heard right, this weekend me and Johnny went to the sea side and even if we didn’t had great weather (for swimming or sunbathing) we still had a good time.

My favorite part was the Dolphinarium and the little Zoo we visited. The animals there were so gentle and you could actually pet them and they would just enjoy the attention. I don’t think it was a petting zoo because there were a lot of signs with “Do not touch the animals” but the people in charge there actually encouraged us to pet and feed the animals. Weird? Maybe, but it was amazing having a little deer licking your hand or being able to rub a horse on his belly. The little park was just great and I almost left there with a kitten.

I was very close into taking one of those little ginger kittens but since I know that my parents are very much against keeping pets in the house I refrained myself. What surprised me most was that Johnny kept telling me that I should take a kitten home. And he’s the one who usually tells me that my parents won’t accept one. They were really cute… I just hate it when reason wins.

I also enjoyed the time spent with Johnny. Since we don’t get to see each other that much this weekend was really awesome. I hope this summer I’ll get to visit more places with Johnny, even if only for the weekend.

Actually, weekend trips like this one are all the rage right now, because not many want to spend money or take days off from work. And I’m pretty much in this situation. I’m keeping my days off for August or September. I don’t have to wait much, after all June is almost over and I’m pretty much sure July will come and go pretty fast. Hopefully I’ll have time to do all the things I wanted to do this Summer.

Ahh, I really just want to go home and sleep right now. It’s just a shame I can’t…

P.S. I also got myself a new pair of shoes. I can’t wait to wear them.

It’s good to be back

After my current drawing failure I really wanted to see if I really lost all my drawing skills or I just suck at technical drawings. So I picked a picture from my stock photography folder and just went home and draw.

I don’t remember where I got this picture (I did kept the original name) but I thought it would be a good one, and I wasn’t disappointed.

So, after a little warm up I started sketching and the results were very unexpected. It isn’t a great drawing but coming from a person that hasn’t drawn in a few years it’s pretty good. Yes, I like complimenting myself when I deserve it. Still, I could use some more practice just to get back to my regular level.

Oh and here’s the drawing:

This is an one hour sketch and I’m not sure if I’ll finish it or not. I’ll see in what mood I’ll be this weekend. Overall, I’m pretty happy with myself. These past few days I did everything I wanted, when I wanted and how I wanted. And I also found and easy way to juggle all of my hobbies, friends and I still have time to get bored.

Life’s pretty good right now.

Patience is not my virtue

I forgot that learning is a slow process. And what makes my learning experience even slower: working.

Because I work I have little free time in which, lets face it I have no more energy to put into learning. What’s more bothersome is that I am most active during the mornings and at that time I am either on my way to work or already working. Depends which public transportation I use to get to work.

It’s frustrating that the more effort I put into learning the more I realize I have a long way to go.

I also forgot that in order for me to learn foreign languages I need dictionaries. Needless to say that online dictionaries aren’t that reliable. So, I looked up dictionaries in the online bookstore, since they have a bigger variety of books.

I found this website and low and behold they even have the book I am learning after… and what a shock I had when I saw the price: 80 Euro. That’s expensive!

I had this book for a few years now. I think it was a book exchange between my brother and our cousin. Lucky me! Japanese books are really hard to find since it’s not such a popular language here. But I never imagined this little book (Invata singur limba japoneza) to be so expensive. I mean it doesn’t even come with an audio CD. Instead it promises to teach basic Japanese in 40 days.

Well I’ve been using this book for 2 months now and I’m still at the Hiragana part. I am practicing Hiragana like mad and I am pretty much happy with my handwriting. Although I do saw some really nice handwriting on the Internet from other people. I do have a little bit of problem with “wa” and “ka” but I haven’t practiced these two as much as the others.

I found on SuperCarti a Japanese dictionary which was really cheap (just 3 Euro) and a German dictionary. The grand total: 16 Euro with shipment.

I was also looking for books with exercises but I couldn’t find any. I am also trying to persuade myself to do Japanese 3 days per week. Which would be an improvement from my barely there two days. I also try to push myself to do more than an hour each time but I always get so sleepy it’s hard to concentrate.

But I think what got to me was seeing an actual test sheet from the Embassy of Japan. It is exactly like the IELTS test sheet. For me this is a real eye opener since I realize that it will take more than an year to reach a decent level. For now I wish to learn Hiranaga and Katakana and improve my vocabulary. And then I’ll move on to the first grade of Kanji.

And to end it on a good note Ganbatte! I could even make a head band like Japanese students use when learning for exams (like seen in manga’s). Do they still use them?

A great find

There are times when I find some really cool stuff on the Internet and I just love this little image I found on Izismile.

If the world would be a better place, these would be laws.

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