I’ll be gone till November

I wish!

Instead I’ll be gone till next week. That’s better than nothing. I am currently charging the battery from my camera, charging my phone and thinking how the hell I will stay awake tonight. Yup we’re taking the night train so we won’t catch the daytime heat. Also we are trying to avoid wasting half a day because it will be a 5 hours train trip.

It’s my first time taking the train during night time and I am a bit wary of it. I’ve had a few bad experiences with trains during day time and even at first class so I’m not sure what to expect. I am pretty much sure Johnny will fall asleep because he always falls asleep on trains. Oh well it isn’t healthy to dwell on such things because you can never tell what will happen.That and I’m pretty sure no energy drink will keep me awake considering they have no effect on me.

We’re not going to the mountain side nor to the sea side. We’re going up north to visit Johnny’s relatives and basically we’re going to have a rural vacation. I am very happy about it because I’m sick and tired of the city and I would really like some moments for myself. I even packed two books and on my MP3 player I have 5 or 6 audio books. And that’s all the entertainment I’ve packed with me.

But there’s one thing I wish to do: take lots of pictures.

I haven’t been as active with my photography and I really miss taking pictures of cats and dogs. But even animals won’t come out during the day especially on this heat.

Oh well, speaking of cats here’s a sweet video of two cats playing:

I’ve just remembered, this week I almost bought a cat. Well Johnny almost bought me a cat to be more precise. We were in the mall and decided to visit the pet shop and there was a girl playing with a furball. It was a 3 month old British shorthair. It was huge for a kitten but it was a male kitten so it made sense. I can only imagine how big that cat will grow. I really fell in love with it but the price and my parents overpowered my desire for a pet.

How could you not love these furballs. Oh well, hope this day will pass fast because I really want a vacation.

Have you’ve ever been so pissed off

That you just stopped giving a shit? Well that’s just me right now.

Normally I would just fume about it (about this situation) but I’m calm. Everything just sank in and it has come to the point where I need to move on or I will end up a bitter person. Two new gray hairs can testify to all the shitty situations that I had to endure this past year. Yup they are gray and shinny all right, and they tend to stick out. I’m starting to think that even my gray hairs are making fun of me. 

So that’s that. End of a chapter for me. It’s time to start fresh.


If things would be that easy. Oh well I’ll just have to do my best and just get a move on.

Friday morning

A few more hours and here comes the weekend. Until then I shall ponder on what I will do and where I will go this weekend.

And so this won’t look like a silly random post here’s another picture of our furball.

My first try at reading and translating hiragana

Normally, at this point I would drop everything and forget about learning Japanese. I would just give up!

I’m just stunned how difficult it is to learn a foreign language as an adult. Now I regret even more giving up so easily when I was still in school. If I would’ve kept going maybe today I wouldn’t feel so disappointed with myself.

But enough of that.

I tried the impossible today aka reading and translating a childrens story. Needless to say, it was a futile attempt on my part, considering I still haven’t learned all the Hiragana characters. But I tried. Learning from error is better than not trying to learn at all.

With this opportunity I also practiced my writing. What can I say, I barely managed to read the words, translating the text is another story. So here is how I read the text:


Mukashi mukashi kodomoga inai ojiisanto obaasanga kamisamani ongaio muruto koyubikuraino otokonokoga umawamashita.

“Mamaeha itsusunboushinishimashou”

Futariga takusan gohano tabesasetanode itsusunboushiha totemo genkini sodasamashita.

That doesn’t feel right at all! The words are way to long even for Japanese. Even I can tell that it’s wrong but the question here is how wrong am I. The original text:


むかし むかし こどもが いない おじいさんと おばあさんが かみさまに おねがいを すると こゆびくらいの おとこのこが うまれました。

And it’s reading in Romaji:


Mukashi mukashi kodomo ga inai ojiisan to obaasan ga kamisama ni onegai wo suruto koyubikurai no otokonoko ga umaremashita.

I can only think of one thing right now, and that is that I still have a lot to learn about how the Japanese form their sentences, about particles and all the other things related to grammar. But I can recognize some words like “ojiisan” and “obaasan” which are stuck in my mind thanks to watching anime for so many years.

Oh well, back to my Hiragana characters.

Suzi is so black..

you can’t even see her nose.

Well, I didn’t want to bother her to much with the flash so it’s no wonder that you can barely see her nose. Still, she was nice and posed for the camera. Sometimes I get the feeling that she knows she is being photographed and goes into “supermodel” mode.

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