Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

We finally watched “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”.

Before I start ranting about the movie I must add that Johnny’s new sound system is amazing! It really does make a difference and I now see no reason to go to the movies when I have a cinema at home.

A little boasting never hurts, right?

Moving on…

I was reluctant to watch this movie because everyone said it sucked. Well, the movie didn’t sucked but my friends failed to make themselves understood. What they meant was “It sucked because the lack of humor”.

The humor that was enjoyed so much and dare I say, what made the series such a hit was completely gone from this last installment. It was really a shame because that’s what made the series so appealing.

Even Jack Sparrow didn’t seem as Jack Sparrow. He seemed toned down and mellow. But was he supposed to be that way? Was his love for the beautiful Angelica Teach (played by Penelope Cruz) what made him mellow?

Also, the movie introduced us to two new actors that I’m sure almost nobody has ever heard of: Astrid Berges-Frisbey (who played the beautiful mermaid Syrena) and Sam Claflin (who played Philip, the religious samaritan). Their love story was played beautiful, in what meant to be a pure love at first sight.

Hmmm, there was a lot of love going on in this movie. Maybe that’s why they didn’t have any room left for the humor. I actually missed the original couple: Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley). Now, I’m not saying that they could’ve saved this movie but at least I like Orlando Bloom.

Oh well, the movie wasn’t that bad. It was rather good and it even had some action thrown in at the end. But what I liked most was Jack return to his whiskey island to drop Angelica. It was probably the best part of the movie: the ending.

It was OK, seriously I enjoyed it and Johnny did as well. But you can’t actually compare it with the first two movies of the series now can you?

Suzi in slow motion

I don’t know if I mentioned this but Suzi is on the chubby side. She does get some exercise with me and Johnny playing with her, but she mostly sleeps.

While some may argue that it might not be healthy for her I can only dream of having her life: eating, sleeping, playing and scratching people if my requests are not meet. Blissfulness!!! 

Yup, she lives the good life. And just for our entertainment here’s how Suzi rolls from one side to another:

"Too sunny, going to turn around"

Yup, that’s her belly.


"Now just a little more and I'll be on the other side"

She’s so lazy that she won’t keep her eyes open. That or maybe the sun really annoys her.

"Almost there"

Just a little bit more

Close enough!

Yup, she’s a cat alright.

What is in your Bag?

I’ve been following this topic on flickr for such a long time and even till this day I’m still hocked on it. It’s amazing how much stuff people these days carry in their bags.

It’s amazing how much stuff I carry in my bag. I sometimes wonder why do I carry so much stuff, even when I know that my shoulders will hate me at the end of the day. Well, I don’t know why I carry so much stuff. I just do.

On a few occasions I cleaned my bag from all the “useless” clutter to only find myself in situations when that “useless” clutter was very much needed. Here’s a very much random photo of what my bag and it’s content looks like after a normal day:

Please note that those two brown cigars are not mine, they belong to Johnny. The Vogue cigars are mine. I also know the photo isn’t that good but what do you want, it was pretty late and I had no natural light. Which reminds me that I need to learn to tak photos during night time. Moving on…

What do we really need to carry on a daily basis?

Here are my must have in bag (in order from most important to the less important):

  1. Phone with charger
  2. Keys
  3. Napkins and antiseptic gel
  4. Pouch for coins and money
  5. Card holder (bus card, bank card, library card, etc.)
  6. Hair clips
  7. Photo camera with cables
  8. Mp3 player with headphones
  9. Notebook for random thoughts and scribbles
  10. Pouch with pens
  11. Pouch for lipstick, concealer, mirror and hair brush
  12. Water bottle and mints
  13. Cigars and lighter
  14. Notebook and Japanese book
  15. My external drive
  16. A bag for groceries
At first that doesn’t seem much, but if I add my daily lunch, sweets, glasses (which are broken at the moment) and the random book that I usual take with me my bag can easy get to 3-4 kg. Did I mention that for a period of time I had 3 phones with me? Did I mention that I am an avid fan of the messenger bag? Did I also mention that I sometimes carry and Johnny’s stuff in my bag?
Even so I still consider that I pack light whenever I leave out the door compared with women my age.
I am now considering a simple experiment. I wonder how long would I carry all of the above without complaining?

Mr. Cat

I’ve been a prolific poster these past few months. I don’t know how I managed but I just seem to always have something to post. It might be luck but I hope I keep up the pace.

So, let me introduce Mr. Cat from the country side.

Mr. Cat is also a prolific cat. He’s really good at catching mice and he’s a mellow cat. Loves to be petted and by God he can purr like a car engine. Not only that, but he seems to love me. Which is really a good thing because I love him too, not only that but he’s such a good cat. He isn’t bothered by me aka the crazy person that always shoves the camera in his face.

And I did shove the camera in his face for 20 minutes or so. And I was only to obtain one decent photo:

This must be one of my best photos so far. It was hard work but it was worth it. I also uploaded it on Flickr and on the Poc and Poch gallery (for the original resolution go to the gallery). I actually can’t wait to go back to the country side for another photoshoot with Mr. Cat. But don’t think that Mr. Cat works for nothings. Last time he ate half of the meat of my plate. Just don’t tell that to anyone, because my parents might make me a vegetarian.

Learning Japanese on a lovely Monday

Repetition is the key to learning any new foreign language. But I can’t help but feeling sleepy after 2 hours of practicing. Repeating gets boring really fast and my mind starts to wonder in different places.

I must confess I haven’t practiced as I wished. Actually I haven’t practiced at all in the last month. I can’t even blame laziness this time. I was just busy.

Yet, this morning I told to myself I will practice at least 2 hours. Well, here’s the result of 2 hours of learning:

It’s not much and with some characters I still have a long way to go. But I’m getting there. Soon I shall know the basic hiragana characters.

Well, I have one more thing to share. The new character design for One Piece:

I am just shocked. I usually hate spoilers but this time I just want to watch One Piece some more. They look so different and yet the feel the same. Okay so maybe they haven’t changed that much, still the one that changed the most seems to be Usopp. Heh, I really want to go home now.

I.Want.To. Watch. One. Piece.

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