Arrietty trailer

I’ve just seen “The secret world of Arrietty” trailer. Lately I’ve only been watching series (like One Piece, Sailor Moon, Doctor House, Invincible Youth, etc.) so I miss watching anime, hindi and comedy movies.

Source: DisneyMovieTrailers

My “must see” list just keeps growing and growing. I hate prioritizing my needs over my wants.

So, I started a new week with a very slow Monday.

This morning I was lucky enough to get a seat in the bus. And if you’re wondering what’s so lucky about that, well, at a certain point the bus driver couldn’t open the doors of the bus. It was that crowded. Technically, there weren’t that many people in the bus. The problem was there were a lot of fat people. When the doors couldn’t open I heard one such specimen asking “What? Do people really need to get down?“. She and another chubby (I’m being nice here) were resting (again, I’m nice) on the doors, that’s why they couldn’t open them. It took a few minutes before some men were able to push the doors open, and the fatties were just complaining that people were pushing them.

If I use the term fat cow I would be insulting the cows.

Moving on…

Two more months till the end of the year. Just a simple question: How many of you have completed their 2011 resolutions or are still working on them?


Ikebana gobelin

Hmm, I’ve read books, went to a convention, managed to practice Japanese at a normal (slow) and constant pace (even if I’ve had no major improvements), I’ve seen movies, read mangas, went out with friends, went out with Johnny and I even have dentist appoinments (that I managed to go to, so far).

Hmm, if I wouldn’t knew better I could swear I’m doing good.

Oh wait, I just forgot to add the stress (a new source by the way, fresh out of college and full of herself) I get from work. I guess that just balances everything out.

I know that presentation is everything in life, but I’ve never been good at this kind of things and until I manage to find time for artistic photography I’ll just post the scan. Yup, you heard right, I scanned my new stitching project.

I’ve had it done for a couple of days but just never found the time to iron it and to take a decent picture. That and the lighting has never been good enough. This Ikebana was a gift from my sister in law (for my birthday) and I liked it not because it’s a great model (truthfully I don’t find it pretty) but because it was therapeutic. Whenever I was in a bad state of mind, I just picked this up and stitch. It really calmed my mind and at the same time I was doing something productive.

I know I should’ve worked at my cat project, but I seriously can’t work at this project for just 1-2 hours per day. I need days when I can stitch from morning till evening without having to worry that at the end of each day I’ll have to clean up my floss and charts. Meaning, I need alone days, when I won’t be bothered by my family or even Johnny. Sounds mean, but it isn’t, we all need this kind of days.

I have a lot of projects that I’m working at and truthfully I don’t know how many will be finished. And I’m not talking about finishing them this year, I’m talking about ever being finished.

Strange, this post made me a little sad. It just made me think about what a “long life” really means. I don’t know how my thoughts connect to each other, but I was thinking that in a way I am wasting my life away, but then again I’m not. A long life shouldn’t be measured by how many years we live and by other people standards but what we do in our life and by our own standards.

Yet, the thought of stitching my life away comes into mind whenever I stitch for more than a few hours each day. But then again, it’s the only hobby that makes me have these thoughts.

Just a few more days

And I’ll get two comebacks that I’ve been waiting for a while. I’m really curious what these two groups will bring. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, well I’m talking about the comebacks of the Wonder Girls and T-ara.

I went on Facebook today and there they were, photos with the Wonder Girls new concept and I’m really liking it. It’s a step forward from that silly style they had with “2 Different Tears“. Their comeback will be at the beginning of November (on the 7th if I’m not mistaken) meaning it’s just a matter of days. I’m really hoping for something as epic as “Nobody“.

I was also thinking that the girls from T-ara will have a comeback that is similar to the Supernova boys debut: a 30 minutes long MV.

Not only that, but the concept seems to be the same. It’s no surprise since these two groups belong to the same company. I also noticed (I notice a lot of things don’t I) that only 4 members seem to appear in the MV, and it’s not a surprise that these are Hyomin, EunJung, Jiyeon and Qri. They are the only members that are active and as actresses.

I really want new songs! This year was pretty much horrible when it came to music. All the songs I liked were giving on the radio for 4-5 times per day, so I quickly got fed up with them. Some of my favoritte groups/artists weren’t as active as I would’ve liked and just the music in general wasn’t on my taste.

I’m not picky but seriously, I wonder If I will get to remember any of the songs that were released in the past few years. Of course there are a few exceptions but not many.

I guess this is what it’s called the sad reality of commercial music.

Nijikon 2011

I’m an idiot.

Yup, only I could’ve managed to go to the wrong location to an event that happens every year in the same place. Yup, that’s me an idiot that never gets where she’s supposed to.  Not only that but the convention wasn’t called Otaku festival it was called Nijikon. The Otaku festival took place in May while the Nijikon convention is in October.

I’m an idiot.

The worst part is that this time I dragged Johnny after me. Yup, I managed to convince him to come with me. I was happy that he came with me even if he wasn’t that pleased. Well I can understand him, I wouldn’t have liked to pay for things that I don’t use either. But he’s a nice guy and he supports my hobbies (even financially).

So here’s how it went:

  • we payed the fee and got in
  • I dragged him around looking for the best shops
  • we noticed a lot of people who were cosplayers are a lot of cute cat hats
  • bought a handmade notebook with Totoro and a Chopper plush toy
  • left

Yup, we only stayed about 20-30 minutes there.

I just realized that the only thing that I like about this things/conventions are the goods that I can buy. I don’t like to hang around much, especially since I don’t have many friends that are into anime. So it’s weird to be the only one going alone to this kid of things. Seriously, I only saw people in groups. I know that I had Johnny with me this time, but he was there because he’s my boyfriend not because he wanted to be there.

It’s different when you go with people that share your hobby.

This year there were a lot more shops and a lot more merchandise. I saw many cute things but *cough*Johnny*cough* only bought two: a handmade Totoro notebook (15Ron) and a Chopper plush toy (50Ron). But there was one item I do regret not buying: a Chi wallet (30Ron). It was so cute and functional. Darn you life for not giving me money when I need it most.

There were some Japanese guys there that were selling a lot of cool stuff, and this is were I saw the wallet. But all of their merchandise was expensive. I mean a Totoro wallet was 70Ron! That’s pretty expensive for a wallet. They also had some Totoro plush toys, pretty big in size, but truthfully they were ugly. And after seeing the price of the wallet I didn’t dare ask how much the plushies were.

Oh well, I can’t complain much because I did spend a lot of money this weekend. Besides the things I bought at the convention I also bought new manga’s from MangaShop: 2 new volumes from Dr. Slump and the first 2 volumes from Cross Game.

I’ve spent quite a bit this month on my hobby so I’ll need to behave the next few months. Heh, but I got Chopper and he’s so darn cute I can’t believe it.

Note to self

Note to self: I will never get anywhere if I keep acting like a moron/redneck/total dumbass. That’s reality!

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