The last working day of 2011

It’s so quiet I’m actually enjoying myself.

I find it sad because Christmas is two days away and I’m still in my “whatever“/”rotten” mood. It’s really sad. I’ll probably go home, do some cleaning, go out to buy gifts (because I’m obligated by tradition not because I want to buy gifts), and just listen to my parents blaming my cat for my niece sickness (she got pneumonia).

I don’t know what’s sadder:

  • me ending up with no money
  • having to spend holidays with people I barely know and truthfully I don’t wish to know
  • arguing all day long that a child cannot get pneumonia from a healthy cat
  • having to fight for my right to keep a pet
  • not getting a chance to enjoy the holidays
  • not having a word to say about the way I’ll be spending my holidays
  • having to smile throughout the season and pretend to be happy

Yup, this year sucked to the very end. I just can’t say I truly had a happy moment this year. Yet here I am, still trying to make things better, trying to entertain and tell myself that it will get better. That it will all go away and soon things will return to the normal.

Until then, I decided that the best course of action is to put new music on my MP3 player, have some Hayao Miyazaki movies on my hard drive and just try not to have a breakdown. So, to cheer me up (again) I’ll post one of my favorite Christmas songs:

Porky Pig – “I’ll have a blue Christmas”

I’ll also have to remember to take out the trash and clean my office before I go.

Trouble Maker

Since I’m in a rotten mood I really need a feel good something. And what a better way to cheer up than listening to awesome songs.

Hyuna really has grown from her Wonder Girls. I sometimes wonder if she would’ve stayed with the Wonder Girls would’ve JYP be able to contain her hotness?

Well, here it is Hyuna and HyunSeung “Trouble Maker”.


My 2012 list

As you know people make a lot of resolutions around this time of the year. Well I’ve been working on my resolution list for two months now.

No! I haven’t gone mad.

You see I’ve been working on it and I managed to separate the wants from the needs and prioritize them. And that’s how I ended up with 3 resolution lists.

I’m still sane. Seriously!

Besides the fact that I actually managed to cross some things off the list (meaning that I completed them) I actually felt good and happy. It gave me hope that 2012 will not be the same. It will be different!

I will make it different.

  • The first list contains all my aspirations for this blog. Basically all the things that I wanted to do for such a long time but never got to I was too lazy, and some new things as well. This list is actually saved in my blog drafts so I can access it every time I log on.
  • The second list is my personal list with all the MUST do things. There are only 3 things written on this list and it’s basically the hardest list to complete.
  • The third and the last list is the list of things I wish to do over the next year and this is the list that I shall post.

Basically, it’s a feel good list. Ever since I started working I really lost track of time and I gave up on enjoying life. I mean, there’s more to life than the weekends. I can do so much more with my afternoons. I actually can’t wait to cross things out after I complete them. So here it is:

~~~~2012 wish list~~~~

  1. Go to the theater.
  2. See 10 movies at the cinema. (1, 2, 3- MIB 3, )
  3. See a live circus act.
  4. Visit new parks.
  5. Plan a summer vacation.
  6. See all the Harry Potter movies.
  7. Finish the cat needlepoint.
  8. Finish the black and white cross stitch.
  9. Read 50 books (audio books included). (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 , 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20- The Princess Bride, )
  10. Go out more with friends.
  11. Make new friends.
  12. Throw/give away all the stuff that I don’t use.
  13. Go to the art museum by myself.
  14. Have photos with Johnny and me in all the seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn).
  15. Have photos with Alexandra and me in all the seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn).
  16. Print said photos.
  17. Start a new photo album.
  18. Start an exercise routine. (24.06.2012 – 58 kg; 27.08.12 – 54kg; 14.09.2012 – 54 kg)
  19. Stick to the exercise routine. (for at least a month).
  20. Go for a run on the Olympia Stadium by myself.
  21. Wear a dress/skirt.
  22. Learn to apply make-up like a pro. Thank you Michelle Phan
  23. Learn to dance on “Tell me” by the Wonder Girls.
  24. Learn to dance in general.
  25. Learn all the Hiragana and Katakana characters.
  26. Start my German lessons.
  27. Start my French lessons.
  28. Improve my spoken English.
  29. Watch 10 Bollywood movies. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 )
  30. Watch Dream High and Dream High 2.
  31. Watch Hayao Miyazaki’s new movies. (1, 2)
  32. During summer, in one of those lonely weekends watch “My Neighbor Totoro” and “Spirited Away”.
  33. Visit a tea house.
  34. Go to a party/club without whining.
  35. Draw.
  36. Learn to knit.
  37. Make a sweater.
  38. Make a scarf.
  39. Make a sweater for Johnny.
  40. Walk more.
  41. Street photography.
  42. Enter an online contest.
  43. Take on yoga lessons.
  44. Take better care of Marlanu’.
  45. Put money away for a new photo camera.
  46. Laugh more.
  47. See a sunrise. (On my vacation, I saw a sunrise and a sunset at the beach)
  48. Cook a decent meal.
  49. Start my own cooking journal.
  50. Whine less.
  51. Be more assertive in general.
  52. Stop gossiping about the annoying co-worker. It’s a waste of precious time and brain matter.
  53. Stand straight, no more slouching.
  54. Wake up at the same time as my alarm clock.
  55. Do great at university. (Do great at university in the second year)
  56. Be more outgoing and actually go out more.
  57. Visit a new place. (The Hard Rock Caffe in Herastrau Park)
  58. Put money away for a new pair of (Sony) headphones. (Already bought a new pair of headphones… okay there were 6 pairs)
  59. Buy a great gift for Johnny.
  60. See a Korean/Japanese love movie.
  61. Start my “Trip to Japan” fund.
  62. Learn to make gifs.
  63. Write a letter to my future old self and put it safe in my old journal.
  64. Get a nice tan.
  65. Visit my friends that live far away.
  66. Go to a concert.
  67. Eat less junk food.
  68. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  69. Do not buy manga, stitching materials, figurines, drawing materials for an entire year.
  70. Learn to say “I love you” in as many languages as possible.
  71. Make a cross stitch bookmark.
  72. Have 100 great photographs by the end of the year.
  73. Start a photographer portfolio.
  74. Learn a random skill.
  75. Climb a tree.
  76. Have a photo with me up in a tree.
  77. Outdoor drawing/reading (summer here I come!).
  78. Buy flowers for myself.
  79. Have an office plant.
  80. Think about what kind of plant I should buy.
  81. Frame my stitch work.
  82. Have 10 couple photos with Johnny.
  83. See a 3D movie. (Underworld – I have the tickets to prove it)
  84. Do something completely stupid and enjoy it.
  85. Cross as many things possible off this list.
  86. Learn the Spongebob intro by heart.
  87. Sing the Spongebob intro to Johnny, on the phone, early in the morning.
  88. Write a short story.
  89. Make a DragonBall t-shirt (make this childhood wish come true!).

And that’s about all I could think off. I didn’t think of things that are out of my reach therefore everything on this list should be crossed off by the end of the year.

I actually enjoyed myself writing this list and I’m sure I’ll be having fun crossing them off as well. 2012 you shall be my most excellent year ever!

P.S. I don’t know who made that gif. I know I found it with Google and I kept it’s original name. 

Aditional goals:

  • Stitch a cute cat for my cooking journal.
  • Buy a red scarf.
  • Buy a new photos album.
  • Have a photo with a big smile on.


Yesterday it rained, today it’s snowing!

This weather is messed up. I’m thinking this white Christmas business isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

And even if my all time wish for Christmas (lots of snow) won’t be happening this year, I’m surprisingly in a good mood. Well, the surprising part is that I’m feeling good when I should be pissed off.

Does this mean I’m more mature in my thinking? I doubt it. I just gave up on actually giving a damn about what comes out of her mouth. I shouldn’t go mental when I’m planning on making some changes in my life.

It’s that simple.

On a brighter note:

  • I’ve found this awesome Tumblr blog: Studio Ghibli Gifs. As the name says, it’s full of gifs from all the Ghibli movies. It’s an awesome find for fans of Hayao Miyazaki’s work . I’m probably going to use some of the gifs in my future posts, but I wanted to share it.
  • Yesterday I spent all the afternoon with my best friend. This is a rare get-together since we have such different schedules. The fact that it was pouring didn’t stopped us one bit. We went shopping and out for a small dinner, if you could call having dinner eating fast food on the streets.
  • I bought a new dress for Christmas. It is probably the nicest thing I bought ever. Simple, elegant yet not to pretentious and I look great in it. I couldn’t have asked for more. I’m sure Johnny will approve once he sees me in it.
  • Two more days off work and then a week off!

It might not be much but these simple things keep me going.

The weekend before Christmas

Can you believe that Christmas is just one week away?

I can’t. I’m just stunned how fast time went. In a way I just can’t wait for this year to be over with, but then I realize that nothing will happen in 2012. Everything will be the same. I guess reality sank in so much that I can’t even enjoy the thought of a fresh new start in 2012.

But who knows, once the holidays start I might have a change of heart.

This weekend was pretty cool. It was cool because I spent it with Johnny and because we went to the I.O.R. Park (or Titan Park).

We got to see the Christmas lights. Johnny got a new hat and we ate buns with sausages, which were really good and much cheaper than the ones in Herastrau Park. We also played air ball, and we tied. I won the first game (10-6) and Johnny won the second game (7-3). It was a good exercise for getting warm, that and drinking hot wine.

At first I wanted to take lots of pictures and post them because this year the Christmas lights are really beautiful. But that didn’t happen. I blame the bitter cold and the fact that I was really not dressed for going out: just one sweater and my autumn jacket. I’m surprised of myself because I’m still healthy, no running nose, no cough, no sneezing. I was expecting to get really sick after freezing my ass off yesterday.

Well the point is the pictures are blurry and it wasn’t intentional, I was just shivering and I couldn’t hold the camera steady.

I’m consolling myself with the fact that I’ll take better pictures next weekend. Hopefully, it will snow till then.

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