Another Monday Morning

The weeks come and go, and I’m starting to feel like nothing gets done. My only happiness at the moment is that the days have become longer and I can actually start stitching again. That and I’m waiting patiently for the moment when everything will become green.

K-Pop follows me everywhere!

At work I got an assignment (if you can call it that) to spell check someone’s presentation. A petty job that many people just don’t bother with and they give it to lower ranking employees (like myself). While I was checking the text for grammatical errors and trying not to laugh at some parts of it I came acrros this:

Zona de conţinut K-Pop

Daca esti fan al K-Pop, LG aduce o ofertă captivantă şi unică, K-Pop Zone, pentru divertisment nelimitat. Poţi să vezi atunci când îţi doreşti vedetele favorite în 3D, să revezi emisiunile, interviurile şi concertele tale favorite K-Pop şi să te bucuri de conţinut nedifuzat şi care nu poate fi altfel accesat.

Translation into English:

K-Pop Zone

If you are a fan of K-Pop, LG brings a captivating and unique offer, the K-Pop Zone, for unlimited entertainment. You can now watch your favorite idols in 3D, re-watch TV shows, interviews and  your favorite K-Pop concerts and enjoy content that otherwise isn’t accessible.

Now, before you go “Wow, you work at LG“, I must warn you I don’t! I just find this amusing, the Koreans (yes, LG is a Korean brand) are trying to make their products more appealing by using the K-Pop wave.

It’s funny how South Korea is becoming more known for its music and idols rather than its products and technology.

And just to prove that K-Pop idols are rocking the world at the moment, here’s a new colaboration: Pixie Lott feat GD & T.O.P. (from Big Bang).

Source: Allkpop

That moment…

You know life’s a bitch when you start something you really like and you are unable to finish it because things interfere.

I started the March photo challenge and then: work got really busy, university is gonna be hell this semester, I got food poisoning, the flu and my tooth hurts. The same thing happens every single time. Is this Karma? Did I do something bad in the past and now I’m being punished?

Oh well, there’s nothing I can do about it. I am only happy that Spring is finally here. I already stored all my winter clothes, no more heavy boots or layers over layers of clothing. And I am not the only that celebrates the arrival of Spring, Marlanu’ is also enjoying himself:

I hope we all have a great week. ^_^

Today is a greyish day

Okay so not everything in life is black and white. There are also shades of gray that are harder to see, especially to people like me that just glide through life without lifting their heads from the ground.

For a while I started giving mean stares to a neighbour of mine, I just really hated the fact that he just wouldn’t put his dog out of misery. You see, this neighbour of mine has an old dog that had multiple surgeries and can barely walk. I once caught my neighbour trying to push his dog butt down just so he could pee. This weird sight just broke my heart.

Why can’t he just put the dog out of misery and get a new dog?

I’m not a heartless person, I know losing a pet can be more devastating than losing a relative (yeah I said it). But why go through all of this just to extend your pet life for a couple of months, maybe a year? Why drag on with the pain?

This morning, I was just going to work when I saw this neighbour with his dog in his arms and he was talking to him, whispering things, and I think he was crying. Now I don’t know who I should pitty more, the poor dog or the owner that is trying to hold on to his dying dog.

It’s a sad world we’re living in.

After this depressing incident I went straight for the bus, and on my way there was this woman with her dog starring at something under a car: a black and white kitten. The woman was just looking at it, didn’t said a word and then left. I felt really bad for leaving the kitten there, but I can’t save them all. That’s what I said to myself, I can’t save them all. And then it hit me, the secretary (yes the one from work) was asking for a kitten, not for herself but for her cousin that lives at the country side.

So I called and she agreed to take the kitten. I went back and took the kitten home, fed her/him and now at this hour I have two cats at home, both locked in different rooms so they won’t fight. This is the little kitten I took her photo mostly to have a memory of the critter that made me late for work on very gloomy Friday morning.

I can’t save them all, but if I try even just a little I might just save one or two. I can’t say for certain that this kitten will have a great life but at least at the country side he won’t have to worry about being hit by car and he can catch mice (not rats like we have in the city).

I feel a little better about myself right now.

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