I wish I was a cat

I wish I was a cat.

Marlanu' enjoying an afternoon nap

Yup, that’s how my cat sleeps during the afternoon. I really envy him right now. He has no worries at all. He gets 3 meals a day, there’s someone cleaning up after him and he gets to play whenever he wants to.

No stress whatsoever. How could I not envy that.

There are days like this one when I would really like a way out of everything. I would just like to drop everything I have right now and just do something completely different.

Good Morning

Yup, it’s Monday morning and I’m in a good mood. Go figure!

A nice relaxing weekend can do wonders. I finished one of my needlepoint project (sorry, no photos) and “The apt pupil” by Stephen King, managed to see an entire season of Family Guy, I slept during the day (it was so good), ate lots of ice cream and chocolate (my tummy didn’t agree much with this), went out with Johnny (we saw The wrath of the titans in 3D) and I even took a few photos.

So where should I begin?

I shouldn’t depend on my iPod to take pictures. As I said, me and Johnny went out this weekend and we ended up in some weird neighbourhoods. While we were strolling around I saw this really old but beautiful bulding and I took a picture of it from far away (with my iPod).

Old Building in Bucharest

I really liked how it looked on my iPod and I asked Johnny to get closer. Well, how should I say this. You don’t get to see these kind of things everyday. I mean, a beautiful old building, the old car in the yard, it didn’t feel real.

Rare scene in Bucharest

While I do like the effects of Instagram, I really think that I haven’t done justice to this rare scene. I cannot undo this one and truthfully I don’t know when I’ll end up in that neighbourhood to re-take the photo. I guess we live and learn.

After our little stroll we went back home and we had our afternoon nap. I don’t think I’m the only one that thinks this, but what was in my mind when I was little. If I could just have all of those naps I didn’t took in my younger days things would be so much better. I now know why cats (including Marlanu’) love to sleep all day long.

Marlanu' taking his afternoon nap

Remember how I said I don’t like Stephen King books because of my wild imagination and how much I dislike the horror genre. Well, he is growing on me. I would like to go more into detail about The Apt Pupil but I won’t. This little story left me feeling confused about my own feelings towards the main characters. All I will say is that at the end of the book I felt sorry for Todd and the old man Dussander. I don’t know why I felt sorry for them, in fact I should’ve been happy that both of them got what they deserved.

How can one fell pity for a war criminal and a deranged kid that enjoys stories about the Holocaust? This feeling still bothers me.

Now, I can move on to The Body, the third novella in Different Seasons. I actually know what’s going on in this one because of the movie Stand by me, but I really want to read it.

I also mentioned that we went and saw The Wrath of Titans in 3D. Well, we went to Sun Plazza Mall and the quality of the movie was lame compared to the time we saw Underworld at IMAX. But we did end up with 2 pairs of 3D glasses that came with the movie tickets and that’s a nice thing to have as a memento. As for the movie itself, well it would be nice to see the first part before going to see it. It was good, I could say it was better than the first part but it’s one of those movies you go to see when nothing else is available. It’s not bad but it isn’t that good either.

Ahh it’s nice to enjoy the weekend. ~

I got a new toy

Johnny got me an iPod! Well, an iPod Touch with 32gb (white).

At first I was in shock because I know Apple products don’t come cheap, then I was trying to figure out what I could do with an iPod (OK, maybe I was still in shock) and then I was really happy with it. I mean who wouldn’t.

I’m still getting used to it, and trying to find different applications that might be useful to me (for example, iKanji). But, I’m a little bummed because of the quality of the camera. I was expecting better quality from it but it turns out my iPod has VGA quality photos. But on the bright side I can use Instagram now and it was fun taking pictures with it.

Hopefully, I will get used to my new toy by the end of the week. Until then maybe I can find different applications that would allow me to take better photos.

Supernova – Stupid Love

Supernova (ChoShinSung or ChoShinSei) is back with new songs, and their title track is called “Stupid Love“.

I actually missed them and its refreshing to see them making a comeback with a Korean song. What are your thoughts about the song? Like or not? I’m undecided.

4Minute vs. Sunrise Inc

Am I the only one that noticed the intro to 4Minute “Volume up” is the same with Sunrise Inc “Mysterious Girl”?

4Minute – Volume Up

Sunrise Inc – Mysterious Girl

Is this plagiarizing?

Nope, just coincidence. The companies must’ve bought the same “sample” and used it around the same time. That’s why I am starting to believe that talent these days is rare, and those who have it use it only to make money.

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