Oldies but goodies

Roxette – Come Back Before You Leave

It seems I cannot have enough of this song. Too bad it doesn’t have an official video.


I’ve been watching the trailers of “Barfi’ and truthfully I really want to see this movie. It seems like a happy movie.

I’n not one that waits for Bollywood movies to come out, but this one really caught my eye.

David Stern – Nightmare World

Last year I purchased some second hand books, mostly in English. They were cheap and I said to myself why not.

I must admit that even to this day I have not read them. Well, from 15 books that were purchased I only read one and that one was on a train when I was going at the sea side. And even then, the only reason for which I started it was because it was a small book perfect for travelling for short distances.

And that book was “Nightmare World” by David Stern, which is books nb. 5 from the Dr. Bones series.

Yes I do know that I started with the wrong book but it is the only book from the series that I have. And I just now found out that there are 6 books from the series and I am looking them up. Maybe I can find them at a sale or second hand, or if I can find them in audio format then everything should be perfect.

Well, I am not looking them up because the book was amazing in any way, but it just feels weird not to know exactly where things started, what happened in the first 4 books and why are the relations between the characters like that (what brought them together, what separated them, etc.).

As I said it wasn’t a great book, but it was OK. I mean at least I didn’t throw the book to the dumpster like I did with certain books in the past, nor did I regret purchasing it.

The only thing that really annoyed me was the name of the characters, well the alien characters. They were really hard to read and truthfully I didn’t even bother pronouncing them.

Still, it was a science fiction book, it was a good change from my Hercule Poirot novels and who knows maybe I’ll read and the rest of the books in the near future. After all, I made a resolution that this year I will enjoy immerse myself in reading and watching movies (especially Bollywood movies).

And yes I know, such a redundant post no actual information has been given. Well, I’m sorry for that, here’s a cute picture of me and Marlanu’ enjoying the afternoon, one listening to audio books and stitching and the other sleeping.

Three more novels by Agatha Christie

I recently wondering why I cannot pick anything else to read besides novels with Hercule Poirot. And then it struck me that the novels (even if they are read in random order) are like watching a detective series. Yes, I am aware that there is a series out there, but there is one thing to watch the TV and another to have your imagination run wild.

Agatha Christie’s Belgian detective has become very dear to me.

With every novel that I read I start to notice more details, traits and little quirks that define Hercule Poirot and Captain Hastings (and dare I say even Inspector Japp). It is really nice to see how these three very different individuals come together and actually get along.

At one moment I started thinking that all of the novels resemble each other in one way or another, but then I started reading “The Big Four“.


This novel is a very big change from what I’ve been reading so far. Hercule Poirot actually goes against people that are as intelligent as he is. He doesn’t go against one or two but against four different people: a Chinese man who is the brain (so the whole Asians are smart started a very long time ago), an American who is very rich and has a lot of influence, a French woman who is involved in science and an English man who is known only as “The Destroyer“.

These individuals formed an alliance of evil trying to destroy the world as we know it. And they go under the name of “The Big Four“.

In this novel I learnt a lot of things about Hercule Poirot:

  • he is a very patient person, that can handle failure without blinking an eye or even have his ego affected
  • he will do whatever he can to protect his friends
  • he will even shave his luxurious mustaches in order to save the day

I also learned that Captain Hastings, while being a very adorable character, he really is a dummy. But even if he lacks in the brain department, he really makes up with his courage and loyalty towards his friends and family.

“The Big Four” was a very entertaining novel, it was like watching a chess match but with a lot more drama and action, which is rarely found in Hercule Poirot novels. After all, Hercule Poirot is all about using the “little gray cells” rather then going around like a hound.

Another novel that I enjoyed these past few weeks was “Thirteen at Dinner“. This is the third novel that I’ve read in which Agatha Christie uses an actor as her criminal.

I don’t know why but I believe that actors these days would really fail miserably trying to carry out a murder in a smart way. Maybe the actors of that generation were more talented than the actors that we have now (I’m not saying that all actors suck, but 80% of them are horrible).

Still, the name “Thirteen at dinner” comes from a superstition. I’ve learned about a few superstitions from Agatha Christie books, but this one seems to be the most interesting. It is said that if 13 people gather at a dinner, the first one to leave will die.

And it’s quite nice how Agatha Christie plays this superstition in her novel. Really, she is a master in twists and turns, if you don’t pay attention you will get lost on the way.

And the last but not least, was “Cards on the Table“.

This novel has a lot of bridge in it, well  the name says it all. The plot if as follows:

There is a dinner party, where the host (a very eccentric man) invites 4 “sleuths” and 4 criminals (well 4 people that he suspects of being murderers). If you don’t know what “sleuths” means, well neither did I till I read this book, it basically means 4 people of the law, in this case Hercule Poirot the detective, an inspector of Scotland Yard, a writer of detective novels and an agent of the secret service.

Everything goes well, until the hosts gets killed in the room with the 4 “criminals” and yet nobody saw or heard anything and the big question is “Who did it?”

The 4 sleuths have the job of finding out who of the 4 suspected murderers did it and how. And the only way they can find out who is it is by digging up in their past and trying to find out why the eccentric host suspected them of being murderers.

It really is a case of human psychology. Very entertaining indeed, especially when one of the suspects saves the right girl.

Well if you want to know more, I do recommend you read the books. They are very captivating, entertaining and you can read them in one sitting. What else could I ask for, especially now when my free time has been reduced so drastically.

Cross stitch birds

I started a new Lanarte project.

I’m an idiot I know. I have at least 10 ongoing stitching projects. In fact I don’t remember the last time I actually posted a completed project on the blog. I should feel ashamed but I am not.

Really I just like to work at more things at once. And if I get bored with one project I can switch to another one.

Here’s a more detalied picture of the project:

This project is actually pretty big and I am thinking of doing it in two parts; what I stitched so far I am thinking in making into a bookmark and the other part I am thinking of framing it after completion.

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