Feeling refreshed

Routine can make one feel tired. The days pass so quickly and so uninteresting that it makes me feel like I’m wasting time rather than being productive.

But its a miracle what a little change in the daily routine can do to one spirits.

Just by leaving one hour earlier and going to the park before work, by visiting a friend during my day off, even reading a book or two. I really do feel much more refreshed and I’m in a better mood than before.


I must admit the weather was really nice and it was a shame not to go out for a walk. Even if I was by myself. I guess being alone doesn’t bother me at all, especially on a lovely early Spring morning.

Yes I do consider that Spring is here. I can actually smell it!


What can I say, when Spring will come in full force all the parks will be full with people so I should enjoy them and their solitude as much as I can.

After that I know for sure that everybody will come out and the parks will be much to full for my liking.

And yet, even staying indoors has it perks when you have a cat.


Geisha Needlepoint






Almost there but still a long way to go. The part that take the most time is her kimono. A lot of colors and some are very close to each other. Hopefully, spring will come with a project finished.


Valentine’s Day

I am starting to feel like Valentine’s Day is becoming more and more like Christmas. The only difference is that I forgot to buy gifts, or more like I thought we had an agreement that no gifts will be purchased this year for Valentine’s Day.

Well, Johnny surely surprised me.

I woke up looking at a red rose and a black box with a silver ribbon on it. Inside it, 2 BB cream’s: a cleanser and a face cream. BB creams just appeared on the Romanian market so I was really surprised that Johnny actually went to a drug store and bought them for me. And he didn’t buy the imitations he bought the real deal.

I was shocked! Really, I was just shocked.

And that was not all, in the evening after Johnny came from work he opened his backpack and got out a new photo camera!


I actually started crying a little. I mean, I bought nothing and here comes Johnny with things that I wanted and for which I was saving for. And I was just staring at him thinking “I have no idea what to buy for you“.

I am in such a happy state right now. All I need is a case for the photo camera and I can take it with me without having to worry that I will ruin it.

IMG_0396So, now lets plot on what should Johnny receive for his birthday in March.


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