East European Comic Con


I’ve bought the tickets since December and I can’t believe that there are only 5 more days till Comic Con!


This is really an amazing event that I just can’t wait to go to. The only downside of this is the fact that I’m actually working, both on Saturday and Sunday, from 4PM.

So, I’m stuck not knowing what to do. I can either take a day off from work, ask someone to do my shift or skip work altogether and go wild.

I’m just so torn up, I  WANT TO GO and just waste time and money.

When I first bought the tickets I planned on going just to buy stuff and that’s it. But now, I’m looking on their website and I’m just crying a lil bit inside.

John Rhys-Davies (from “Lord of the Ring” and “Sliders”) will come to the convention. I’m just looking and the website and an autograph from him is 50Ron. That’s not much, but considering I was planning to spend no more than 100Ron (trying to be rational here) kinda makes it hard for me. So I decided to go as high as 300Ron for this convention, hopefully I won’t overspend.

John Rhys-Davies

For me to actually be able to get an autograph from this big guy I’ll have to go on Sunday. But I’m not going alone, since I have 2 tickets. Johnny said he’ll pass this one out and I’m actually going with a colleague from work. But she’s in Germany at the moment and she will be back at the end of week.

I want to make plans and set things straight.

Then there are the many shops with merchandise! I’m so excited I can’t even describe the feeling.

I feel like a little kid that will go to the amusement park for the first time and doesn’t know what ride to try first.

I’m one sure of one thing, I’m taking my new photo camera with me and I’ll go wild with photo’s. I want lots and lots of photos of this event.

Georges Simenon – Maigret collection

I believe I mentioned before that I borrow/buy books and just forget about them. Well, this year I decided to read as many books as I can from my bookcase. What I would do with them after I finish reading them, well I haven’t decided yet.

I don’t remember reading so many books in such a short period of time, not even in school.

But then again, I didn’t read huge novels that never end (The Fellowship of the Ring doesn’t count), I actually read detective books.

Nope, no Agatha Christie books this time, but Georges Simenon books.

The Maigret Novels

 I still had 3 more books from the Jules Maigret series that I haven’t read and I was actually missing the French detective. The thing that I like most about Georges Simenon detective is that he isn’t a snob like you see in most detective books. So, in no particular order here are the three novels by Georges Simenon:

~~~Maigret Loses His Temper~~~

The plot: a nightclub owner is murdered and the police doesn’t have any suspects in the case. The owner of the nightclub is an Italian with a respectable family and who doesn’t have any enemies.

Basically, the owner vanishes one might and his family reports him as missing. Two days later his body is found in a cemetery. Maigret tries to find out if anyone from the other nightclubs might’ve had quarrels with him, but none hated him enough to kill him.

In the end I realized why the book was named “Maigret Loses His Temper“. The killer is actually the least expected person: the lawyer of the nightclub owner. The reason is actually simple: the lawyer used to pick his cases depending on the type of crime people committed. Then he used to ask “protection” money promising that the criminals wouldn’t be prosecuted and the police won’t be bothering them. But the money was never shared with the police. In reality, he was smart enough to know that the people won’t be indicted and would’ve gotten away even if they didn’t pay up. The nightclub owner was getting suspicious of the lawyer and his methods and that’s why he was killed.

In the end, the lawyer commits suicide in his cell being to afraid to face the harsh reality.

  • Rating: 2 stars out of 5.
  • Reason: it was interesting but not captivating enough.

~~~Maigret on the Riviera or Liberty Bar~~~

Plot: A murder takes place on the Riviera. Maigret is called in to investigate because the person murdered was actually a spy and the authorities want the case to be solved as soon as possible and without any complications.

The main suspects are the dead man’s lover and her mother who are caught in the act of fleeing the house their shared together.

The entire atmosphere of the book is that of a lazy vacation. Maigret cannot concentrate on the case, but in the end he finds the guilty person and guess what he lets that person go.

Basically his resolve of the case is that a stranger is guilty. Easy fix and with no complications. I won’t actually spoil this book because I really found it fascinating.

  • Rating: 3 stars out of 5.
  • Reason: it was interesting, made me yearn for the summer days at the sea side and for good food.

~~~ The Friend of Madame Maigret~~~

Plot: Inspector Maigret attempts to prove that a murder has actually been committed without a corpse anywhere to be found. As the investigation becomes increasingly complex, seemingly unconnected characters are drawn into the case, and Maigret begins to wonder if his wife’s earlier strange encounter with a woman and her baby may be the missing link.

This is the first book where Maigret wife is actually shown as being more than a housewife. She actually helps Maigret with his investigation and puts him on the right track.

It’s actually funny when a taxi driver questioned by Maigret says he saw a fat lady looking after a small child, the “fat lady” in question being Maigret wife. Again, I shall not spoil the ending. It was funny, interesting and it showed that even without an body you can still prove that a murder was committed.

  • Rating: 3 stars out of 5.
  • Reason: again it made me hungry, it was captivating, the Maigret family unites in solving a case.

Geisha needlepoint

Spring is here! It’s so nice to not wear many layers of clothes. I think the reason why I like Winter so much is that it makes Spring so much sweeter.

I’m doing good.

I wanted to write about many things but then again not everything needs to be shared. I passed all my exams at university, work is OK and soon we’ll go team building (it will be high school all over again). But, I am happy about one thing in particular: I finished a needlepoint project.


Yup, I finished my geisha needlepoint from Draga Decor. I actually, worked on it on every spare moment I had (while I “read” about 6-7 audio books by Agatha Christie).

And here is the end result, my framed Geisha:This was the final stage right before framing it.  I was really happy with the colors and all that. Had some issues with the quality of the floss but that passed.


Of course, Marlanu’ had to approve it before putting it on the wall. But then again, I have no idea where I could put it in my room and all the other rooms are already packed full with paintings and other stuff.

So, I’m still pondering on the location.

Still, its so nice. The framing was really expensive and this was actually the second choice of frame since my first pick, a more simple reddish frame, was out of stock.


I’m actually proud of myself, now another 5 projects to finish and I can say that I don’t leave anything unfinished.