Countryside weekend

Finally we went to the countryside. It was about time considering we haven’t been there in a very long time.

It wasn’t anything special. We had lunch, played with the cat, fed the rabbits and just enjoyed the peace and quiet. Seriously, you could only hear the birds and the wind.

It was so nice!


What can I say, I’m really happy that Summer came. There is one thing that I would like to do on the next payday. I would like to go on a drive for the entire day and just stop somewhere and have lunch. I would really love that!

But it will take a little bit longer before that will happen. Till then, here are the rabbits.


There are 3 other white, but they have underground tunnels and most of them go there to cool down or sleep without being bothered.


There are actually 3 generations there. But the oldest one, Vera, doesn’t like to be photographed. They were really funny when we gave them fresh grass. Rabbits are cute when they eat.

And there there’s the cat. I don’t think my father was ever so attached to a cat like he is to this one. This cat, as fluffy and nice as it looks, is a real killer. Everyday a mouse/rat dies because of him.


And yet, he’s the sweetest thing when he comes in contact with humans. The fact that we were eating meat with more meat doesn’t have anything to do with his attitude. Nope, he just loves us like that.


It was nice.

I wish the weekend would come faster, but its barely Tuesday so another 4 days of hard work and then just one day off. Well, I did have a 3 day weekend, I can’t actually complain.

Things to do, May Edition

Believe it or not, Summer is here! Yup, I don’t thing Spring even had a chance. One day it was gloomy and cold, then it was sunny and hot.

I’m already advancing on many of my goals for this year, but on some I’m way behind. For example, I missed all my classes at university so I need to get everything from my friends. I also have to hurry since finals are coming. I’m broke and pay day is far away (10 more days to go; yup that sad), so my savings plan kinda went out the window.

But on others I’m doing good. I finished Spring cleaning. Everything that wasn’t used was boxed away under the bed, everything that wasn’t needed or used in years was thrown away and I’m still thinking when I should handle my wardrobe.

So, I’m cleaning up my life starting with my living space. Believe it or not, that’s a good way to start. Small steps, small steps..

I made a list for May. It’s small, realistic and very doable.

– Pay my university taxes.
– Pay off the bills.
– University stuff. Finals are coming, brace yourself.
– Perfect legs! I need to take out the lawn mower ^0^*
– Bye Bye Tummy! (Meaning no more soda, fat foods and junk food, starting tomorrow)
– Finish my Japanese project. (I found the perfect learning “thing” for a lazy bum like me)
– Finish the tulips needlepoint!
– Finish two books.
– Shoes, tee’s and summer stuff.
– Have fun in team building and take lots of photos.

And that’s it. I don’t need anything else.

A Walk to Remember

After reading so many books with Hercule Poirot my brain demanded a change. It requested something completely different, meaning anything but a detective book.

So, after much deliberation I picked “A Walk to Remember” by Nicholas Sparks.

A Walk To Remember

I knew I was picking a romance but I was hoping that it will be a romance with an uplifting ending that would cheer me up and make my day.

Boy, was I wrong!

This book was anything but cheerful. It was slow paced, nostalgic (for the good ol’ days of childhood), captivating and heartbreaking.

The funny part is that when I was reading this book I was actually thinking of those summer days of my childhood when I was always out with my best friends, doing stupid things.

It might seem weird, but those were probably the only times that I actually believed in true love. Maybe I believed in it because when I was young, we didn’t had that idea of self worth, we didn’t care much of how we looked and how people saw us. So, daydreaming about prince charming didn’t seem that far fetched, even to a tomboy like myself.

Fast forward to high school and the bubble burst. See, real life is a bitch, especially for awkward teenagers.

In “A Walk to Remember“, Jamie (the female protagonist) is shown as a plain girl, that always brings her Bible with her and only thinks about how she can help others. She is shown as someone with a beautiful heart and mind, but with a plain exterior. She is seen as a weird girl by her peers and only the adults actually appreciate her and her hard work.

By the second half of the book she goes from the plain religious girl to the beautiful misunderstood girl who is hit by a horrible fate, she has leukemia and she will die by the end of her senior year.

Landon Carter (the male protagonist) is the cool, rich kid that hangs around all the cool crowds. He goes from disliking being in Jamie’s presence to being infatuated by her, by her beauty. He notices her when her breasts start growing, he is relieved when Jamie starts wearing her hair down rather than in an uptight bun.

This was something that annoyed me. Couldn’t Landon just love the plain Jamie? Why did she have to transform from the ugly duckling to the beautiful swan? I’m not saying that Landon is a bad guy, he actually did a lot of good things to help Jamie, even before she told him about her condition. But still, why? Can’t ugly ducklings have their true love?

The way I see things in life is that people don’t actually grow out of their skin, nor do they transform over night (even with plastic surgery). Usually ugly ducklings stay as ugly ducklings.

If someone likes/loves you, they don’t see you differently. They don’t see you as the most beautiful, fairest of them all. No. They see you as you are, with defects and all, but they like/love/care for that person that you are, ugly duckling or not. And that’s why I think real life beats fiction.

I liked the book, I did. It was beautiful! But it didn’t fit with my idea of a good love story.

Marlanu’ and tulips

First was Suzy,  now it’s Marlanu’.

Marlanu' sleeping

But he isn’t interested in the real flowers. Nope. he was busy sleeping while I stitched on my tulips needlepoint.

If I keep on it, in a few days I will finish the tulips needlepoint.


I am really unsure of how much I like this project. There are moments where the flowers seem too square and then there are moments when the result seems gratifying. I guess, its a love hate relationship and the only way I’ll know if I love this project is by framing it.

Tulips 1

Here is a detail of the stitching.

Tulips detail

Framing my stitching projects isn’t on any list at the moment so I’m guessing after I finish the tulips they will go to the folder with all the other finished projects.

Still, after I finish the tulips I would love to finish the cat needlepoint. It’s been more than two years since I started that project and it needs just a few more stitches and it will be done. And I will be at peace with myself for finishing something that I started.

I don’t know why, but lately finishing, completing, finalizing, anything that means an end result brings me a lot of joy and satisfaction.

Suzy and Tulips

With me having a new job (with a very different schedule from the normal 9-5 hours) and since we have Marlanu’, we weren’t able to visit Johnny’s parents that much. In consequence we haven’t seen much of Suzy lately.

Suzy, compared to Marlanu’, she’s like a princess. Always clean and docile (until you piss her off, then all hell breaks loose) and very small.

But she’s so cute when she’s curious.


Must make a note to self, to take more pictures of this fuzzball.

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