Another trip to the Zoo

Today is my only free day and I actually convinced Johnny to take a small road trip to the nearest town… just to visit the Zoo.

So, we went to Ploiesti!

I love going to the Zoo, if it would be possible I would visit all the Zoo’s in Romania and in other countries as well. I will never get tired of animals.

This trip was fun. The zoo in Ploiesti isn’t that big and they don’t have many animals but its really beautiful. Plus the animals there are as gentle as the animals we have at the country side. I mean, they have signs all over saying “Please, don’t feed the animals” but they come to you and let you pet them and feed them grass.

My favorite animal there was this beauty. The horns were huge, yet she still managed to maneuver them so she can get to the grass.


I love cows (bovines) a lot and I’m giddy as a little kid right now. I actually fed it!


Of course there were tigers, lions and bears, but they were hidden from view or napping (in the case of the big cats). Instead we had fun feeding grass to any herbivore that came our way, including donkeys.

After the Zoo, we went and ate and back home. And all of this in 5 hours! I know it would’ve been easier to go to the Zoo in Bucharest, but we’ve seen it about 3 times so far and I really wanted a break from the big city.

WIP: The Market Square Tavern

I haven’t finished my tulips needlepoint from Draga Decor and I am aware that if I put my mind on it I can finish it in a couple of days. I just got bored of it and I don’t see the point into rushing to finish it if I don’t feel like it. It’s a hobby after all.

But, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t stitch at all in the last period. Instead of focusing on my studies (well I passed two exams out of two, so I can’t complain … so far) I like wasting my mornings with a good audio book (Agatha Christie book most likely) and the cross stitch project from Ronnie Rowe: The Market Square Tavern.


I’ve started this project a long time ago but I never paid too much importance to it since I had no motivation. Recently, on the stitching forum I visit, I found out that there is another person working on the The Market Square Tavern and we kinda agreed that we will work together on it. Well, in my mind it was more like a competition, who finishes first. I’m simple minded I know, but its fun and its good motivation.  That and it’s very easy to work with just one color.

I’m also happy to say, that I almost finished 1 page from 4 in total.


I really like my progress so far. Half of it I’ve done in the last 2 weeks. 4 days each week I stitched around 2-3 hours before going to work. I am not sure for how long I will be able to keep up the motivation, since the two other stitching kits that I bought arrived and my hands are itching to open them. But, I’m trying to be rational and I try to remind myself that I still have other projects that need completing.

And, of course I couldn’t post about stitching and audio books without my assistant.


Kiki’s Delivery Service Live Action Film!

Yup, they are making a live action film about Kiki’s Delivery Store. I don’t know if I should be happy or upset about it.

Here’s a little video…

It seems like they are trying their best to make the movie as loyal as they can to the animation, but I still have my doubts regarding it. I was actually looking for info regarding the new animation movie which will come out soon from the Ghibli Studios and I stumbled upon this little piece of information.

New things

After a few years I decided it was a good time to reward my patience and actually buy something online. I decided on two things: stitching materials and books. Shocking, right?!

Well, It’s been 3 years since I last bought any manga’s, stitching kits/materials or any other random things that I used to buy before. Its not like I saved any money by not buying anything, is just that I stopped my impulsive shopping. It became an addiction in getting things by post every two weeks and it was not healthy for my budget, the free space in my room or my mental health in general.

So, after much deliberation I bought 2 needlepoint kits, both from The first one I liked because it resembled Marlanu’ in a way and I can always do the background a different color. Its very easy to customize it to your own needs and cute at the same time.


The second needlepoint kit I just loved it. It’s just beautiful! Its like in video games, you go to the next level. No mode 20 colors and small size stitching, but 30+ colors, the stitching will require more attention on my side and also it is pretty big compared with what I’ve stitched so far.


 My second purchase was for 6 books, all of them were written by Georges Simenon. There were on sale and I took advantage of it. The Maigret books are the only ones I cannot find online in audio format or in any other format. It’s not that I mind buying books, heck no, its just that he is Belgian writer, his books are in French and my French is not what it used to be.

I think if I try hard enough I might get some books in French, but at the moment I’ll stick to English and Romanian.

Hopefully, soon the post will come and I’ll be one happy hippo.