I guess it’s time for an update.

First of all, I finished my ChicKawaii cross stitch miniature. I am happy with the project, but I am not happy about the quality of the floss I’ve used on it. I am thankful it was a miniature, otherwise I would’ve given up on the whole project.

ChicKawaii Update ChicKawaii cross stitch miniature

I shouldn’t complain since it kept me busy this week. Stitching helps me calm my nerves. In fact now that I’ve finished it and I have absolutely nothing else to do, I feel restless.

I also have an update on my job hunt. Tomorrow I have an interview and it’s not for a call center. It’s a secretarial job. I’ve tried all week to not think about it, but now that it’s so close I’m a bit scared. The only reason why I feel this way is because I really want this job (and I actually need it). I actually spent all day refreshing my memory in primary accountancy, picked up an outfit (I’m going for casual office, because of the bad weather), cleaned my boots and just role played in my mind (you know, how I would answer this and what I would ask).

The lady on the phone was really nice and gave me a lot of details and they sounded serious about it. I know I’m being silly about it, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

There is one good thing about it, if it goes good or if it goes bad, on Friday night I’m going out with friends from my old job (the call center one). And the funny thing about it is that none of them actually work there anymore. Yup, they’ve all moved on and found new jobs. I’m really happy about them, they really did deserve something better. And that’s about all I have to say right now. I shall post an update after the interview.

New stitching project

I’ve been working on a new stitching project. It’s a cross stitch miniature and it’s very different from anything I’ve stitched so far.

New stitching project Progress on the new stitching project Cross stitch miniature Almost done, cross stitch miniature

Because I am stressing about getting a job, I couldn’t get in the right mood to work on the needlepoint projects that I’ve started last year. There are a bit tedious and you need to stitch for a couple of days so you can see some results. This is the result of a month stitching (5-6 hours a day).

Krif needlepoint project

While I do love needlepoint more than cross stitch, it’s always good to have a break from it from time to time.

I’m not sure what I will do with the end result of my new stitching project. I think I will browse around and see what others are doing with their miniatures. After all, I’m just a newbie when it comes to adding the finishing touches to needlepoint/cross stitch projects. The best I did so far was to frame 2 of my needlepoint work.

The rest of my projects just sit in a folder (so they won’t get dirty). While needlepoint can be framed and look stunning on the wall, with cross stitch it’s a bit different. I doubt I will find a suitable place for it. So best to make something practical out of it.

Hopefully I shall finish it by the end of the week and have another thing to brag about. Yes, I am a proud stitcher even if I can’t compare with some people out there.

On a foggy weekend

On a foggy weekend we went to the park. Pluto was the most happy about it.

On a foggy weekend with Pluto

Of course there was a lot of snow, it was cold and the sun was nowhere in sight. But, it was fun. No matter what the conditions are you cannot be gloomy when you have a dog that enjoys everything around him. A dog is a bundle of joy.

I can honestly say we need all the joy and happiness we can get.

It was also a good opportunity to take photos. I really do miss our one day trips to different places. They were the best mini vacation we’ve had and we always managed to take beautiful pictures.

There weren’t many attractions (now that the holidays are over) and not many people in the park (because of the weather). It was pretty quiet.

A statue in Tei Park

But that meant more space for us to play around with Pluto. We meet other people that owned a labrador, but one just took our breath away. It was a 3 year old white labrador. He was beautiful, very friendly and HUGE!

Pluto with a fellow labrador

Of course, our Pluto is the most beautiful labrador in the world just by being ours, but there are certain dogs that just wow you. One of those specimes is the white labrador named Khan. Besides its beautiful coat and impressive stature, he was really smart.  His owner showed us aa few tricks, one involving a simple command “Police”.

Basically, we are not allowed to walk the dogs without a leash in the park. There are patrols in all the parks that will give you a ticket if your dog is not on a leash. So, this guy has come up with a new command: his dog will run away (with him) whenever he hears the word “Police”. That’s pretty ingenious.

I know we should all follow the rules, but it’s not fair considering a lot of people with small dogs get away with it. Just because a dog is of a bigger size, that doesn’t mean it’s aggressive. In fact, in our neighbourhood the most aggressive dogs are the smaller ones.

Anyway, I hope Pluto will grow up as big as Khan and be as smart. I have found a role model for him. Until then, we shall stick to our ball games.

Here's the ball! Pluto

So, a lot of things can happen on a foggy weekend, you just have to keep an open mind even when the weather is bad.

Out and about

We’ve been out and about, doing our business. Johnny always at work, me with the two bastards (doing house work and job hunting).

We’ve settled into a new routine. While I do enjoy slacking around, there’s been a bit off too much slacking for me (7 months to be more precise). I am happy that the job market started moving a lil bit.

On Monday I’ll have my first interview. I know I should be happy for this, but I am not. It’s not that I don’t want to get back to work, it’s more that I do not want to get back to work in a certain field. Either way, I decided that I will go and see what they have to offer and if it’s enough to renounce my sanity.

Until then, I shall be out and about with Pluto. I love dog walking. I cannot believe how many people I’ve meet and how many friends I’ve made, just because I have a dog. I also noticed that when we just walk around, Pluto looks a bit down. But, if we meet other (playful) dogs or we just play with a ball, he is the most happy.

Pluto feeling majestic Pluto with his ball Pluto out and about Pluto staring at his ball

I hope that this weekend I will have the chance to take him to the park. There are a lot of dogs there and I’m sure he will have lots of fun. Until then, we shall play on the back streets, making sure no cars come our way. I guess that’s the only disadvantage of having a dog in the city.

Family day off (updated version)

In 2013 I posted a picture with our small family. It was the official family day off picture!

Family day off

I really love this photo. It represents us 100%. And ever since we got Pluto I wanted to re-create the photo. The new photo didn’t turn out as nice as the old one (since you can’t see my legs which are under the blanket) but it is a family photo nonetheless.

Family day off photo (updated version)

I was reading, Johnny was playing GTA 5 and the two furry bastards were just relaxing with us. I really do love it when all of us can share the bed and get along. Usually, the Pluto and Marlanu’ are wrecking the house, Johnny is out on errands or doing stuff on his PC, and I browse the Internet to amuse myself (or job hunting).

I will have to wait for summer or at least spring to get the same type of photo as the original. It will be a couple of months but it will be worth the waiting. Until then I am sure I will add more photos to my collection. After all, there isn’t a day where Pluto and Marlanu’ have their photo taken.

It’s nice to look over old photos and see how much they’ve grown, how we’ve changed or how things around us have changed. I guess, since we didn’t have many pictures of us as kids we are trying to make it up. They are our precious moments and I’m sure we’re cherish them in our old days.

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