House of Bluebird

House of Bluebird or 파랑새의 집 as it’s known in Hangul is my first Korean Drama for this year.

House of Bluebird

I was watching KBS World one day and they were airing it. I really loved the connection/relation between Jang Hyun-do and Kim Ji-wan and decided to give it a try.

Below is a small sample from Tumblr:

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I’ve reached episode 10 and as I found out from Wikipedia, it will have a total of 50 episodes. That means I will have to be patient since only 14 episodes have been aired so far. That or watch a second drama to fill up my time.

I’m really grateful they uploaded the episodes on their official Youtube Channel: KBS World TV. It makes things much easier for me, and I get an email every time they upload a new episode.

I like this drama because the characters are cute. Yes, they are cute! You can tell from the beginning that there’s going to be trouble later in the series, with all the tension between the older characters. It’s also plain as daylight that things are not straightforward and there are deep secrets between the two main families.

But, the thing that got me was the main plot:

“House of Bluebird addresses the differing inter-generational attitudes of Koreans towards work; and the conflict between the desire to fulfill personal dreams and the need to make a living.”

It’s a drama that hit home with me. I am trying to make a living but also trying to find myself/fulfill my personal dreams. I’m currently in-between jobs and truthfully, I’m back where I was last year. I decided to go back to my old job. It was a hard thing for me to do, but it was harder for me to stay where I was.

In a way the first 5 episodes of this drama kinda helped me realize certain things. It will be interesting to see how things evolve in the drama as well with my life.



IMG_20150322_200426IMG_20150322_174600 Dogs!IMG_20150322_200543

Who would’ve thought that getting a dog would open so many doors. We’ve managed to make new friends because of Pluto. Not only that, but somehow a small dog club was created.

Each day, at 7 PM we get together and chit chat while our 4 legged friends play around. We also get together during weekends, if the weather allows us and we go to the park.

It’s great fun!

It’s also refreshing to have someone to talk to about certain subjects that non-pet owners will never understand. It’s always nice and comforting to have new friends.

Pluto and a Black LabradorDat asssss!

I was really thinking a couple a weeks ago that if I cannot find a decent job, till summer comes, I will start my own dog walking company. I would do it for free actually. I am also happy that the weather is turning nice (even if we have some rain from time to time) and that we can have weekend outings to the park.

The only thing that annoyed me regarding to dogs, is the police. I’ve been stopped twice so far by police in less than 2 weeks, just because I was walking my dog. They are trying to make sure all dog owners are aware of the new laws:

1. All dogs must be kept on a leash, except for special places meant for them to play in,
2. All dog owners need to clean up after their dogs.
3. All dogs that are not a pure breed need to be sterilized.
4. All dogs need to have that microchip implant.

I agree with all of the above. We’ve always cleaned after Pluto. We walk him on his leash (he has 3 of them). He is a pure breed so we don’t need to sterilize him, but we do need to pay taxes because of it. And he has that microchip implant.

Yet, because he is a big puppy and that I am a girl, the police actually stops me every time they see me. They never stop me when I am with someone else; they never stop John even if he sometimes plays with Pluto without a leash in front of our apartment building and they never stop people with small breeds.

I guess I’m special like that. Either way dogs are great.