Hello cold and snowy days!

Hello cold and snowy days! It took just one night of continuous snowing to block the entire city. What can I say, I’m glad it’s Sunday! I’m glad we finally have real snow.

It’s really pretty outside, everything being white and untouched. I’m happy that we own a dog and that I’m on morning duty. Today, there was no one else besides me and Pluto. Guess who had fun this morning?

Pluto enjoying the snow

Did I mention that it’s still snowing?

Current view in front of our building

Yup. We’re going to have lots of snow and it will be fun going to work. It will be even more fun taking the dog for a walk. This is the kind of weather that I would’ve enjoyed.. if I was on vacation.

Since I have no real vacation, I will just have to make the most of it.

I’m just glad we were able to buy food yesterday. That means we’ve eliminated some of the trips that we normally need to make outside. Who am I kidding, I would love for us to take a trip to the park. I am fully aware that we first need to clean the car and make sure we are able to leave the parking lot. But, that is not possible at the moment..

The neighbors will need a shovel or two

I did mention we were the first ones to go out, right?

Oh well.. let’s enjoy this month, after all it’s January. It should be cold. Hopefully, I won’t fall again. I think I shall go and eat now. Something nice and warm will do the trick.

By the way, it’s still snowing.

Old habits are hard to break

Half of January has passed and nothing has changed. It’s the same old routine we’ve had last year. I guess old habits are hard to break.


Bad habits are like a comfortable bed. Easy to get into, but hard to get out of.

It’s been ever harder for me, since I really want and need a vacation. With 12 days of paid vacation left from last year, I was only able to get one day off. It’s just not possible for me or anyone else to get a vacation at the moment.

Who said January is considered a “dead” month in terms of work was clearly wrong.

That doesn’t mean, I don’t have anything better to do than complain about work. Nope, I like to complain about work when I am at work. It makes more sense that way. In a way, I want to break this bad habit that I have and stop complaining about things in general.


I also wanted to make this nice post about my goals and resolutions for 2016. But I never got the chance or I got stuck when it came to what I want. It feels rather weird since I have at least 10 things I want to do each year.

Then, I though about it more and I realized that what I want is not something big. My goals this year are so small and common that normal people would automatically do them without really thinking much of it. I know, it’s a habit of mine to compare ourselves with others.

I guess 2016 is not about big things, but rather the small ones in my case. It just hit me that we will be turning 29 this year. It will be our last year when we can see “When we were in our twenties..“. I know age is just a number but I feel so small when I look back on how I’ve spent the last couple of years.

It might be just me thinking that way..

Either way here is what I want from this, in very general terms:

No more Facebook.
Read 50 books.
Change/upgrade something/anything in the house.
Pay my debts.
Save some money.
Get my eyes checked.
Visit a dentist.
Have a staycasion.
Have a real vacation.
Learn new recipes.
Break my old habit of procrastination.

Then there would be even the smaller things, but they do come in the want rather than need section of life.

I hope I will be strong enough and I will not fall in the same old patterns, have the same old habits and just become better at being a grownup.

India’s Frontier Railways

Watching BBC Documentaries: India’s Frontier Railways has become one of my favorite pastimes.

India's Frontier Railways

Each morning when I come home from work, I take the dog out, make coffee for Johnny and in some cases I do some cleaning.  But, before bed I watch TV, for half an hour or so. I’ve found that on TV1 (national television) they air documentaries. This is how I’ve become hooked on BBC documentaries about India.

I love India and its culture. It’s one more my favorite places in the world, with its good and bad parts. I’ve never traveled there and I hope that some day I will have the chance. It’s on my list, along with Japan and South Korea.

It relaxes me and it makes me forget about my daily responsibilities. The documentaries are slow paced and for me its very nostalgic. It’s been years since I’ve been on a train. Ever since Johnny got a car, we gave up on trains.

There are three parts out, and each is beautiful:

1. The Maitree Express

2. The Last Train in Nepal

3. The Samjhauta Express

I never thought I would be the kind who would enjoy documentaries so much. I guess it really matters the content of the said documentary. I’m sure, Johnny would not be as interested in them as much as I am.

There are other documentaries about India that have caught my attention and I plan on watching them. I also love the fact that I can enjoy them early morning, when is just me, Pluto and Marlanu’. They just sleep with me while I get to indulge in a few moments of relaxation. These are the moments that I cherish the most, the moments when you can relax and forget about your worries.

Happy New Year!

Am I late in saying this? Maybe.. but, Happy New Year!

It’s my first day off since the new year started. I’ve finished 2015 working, started 2016 working and today I slept 14 hours straight. As a friend of mine would say “Nap all day, sleep all night, party never“. I guess that would apply for our weekends, and we could easily switch the words “sleep” and “nap” with “work” and we get the quote for the rest of our week.

We live such an awesome life…

Work wise, nothing has changed for me. Still on the night shift, with another 2 months to come (my choice). A lil bit more responsibility, but also I have people that come to me for help all the time. Considering I’m still in a lower rank than others and yet I am the one they reach out for help, it makes me happy. It’s not that I like the attention, but I like the fact they value my advice and help. I like being Little Miss Helpful. They are nice kids.

Personal life, well the house is still not 100% clean. In fact, at this very moment the level of cleanliness is around 60%. Nothing that I won’t be able to handle tomorrow.

The two beasts are doing great, no one got sick or injured in the last 2 months.

I’ve started the year with friends, playing Lego: The Hobbit for PS3 (have no regrets buying this game!!!), watching The Vienna Concert on TV and visiting relatives. It was a good start! It was fun, I got to do what I wanted and what I enjoyed. Plus we had food for a week and I didn’t cook anything. I won’t even mention the fact we started the new year with more booze than we finished it. I also got Bailey’s! I wanted it for a few months and I finally bought one bottle. I think I will buy again, because it’s really good (for my soul, of course).

I even found new things that I like, for example I found BBC documentaries about India, new manga’s & anime, finished one book and started a new one. Slowly and surely I’m getting back in the game. All I have to do now, is to take more care of myself. The night shift is showing on my face (pimples, black circles under the eyes, etc) and body.

Oh, and John is doing good as well. He started the year even better than anyone, he is now the proud owner of his own Volvo S80 (paid in full). It’s all good so far.