Still cold, still gloomy

I wasn’t expecting much from February in terms of weather. I was expecting it to be cold and gloomy. What I was not expecting is for  the weather to turn nice and warm, making us believe that Spring is on her way.

Pluto and I, on a cold day

Even so, I don’t know why I bother. I mean, I work on the night shift. The only time I get to see sunlight is when I leave from work, at 7 AM. Even then I take the subway to avoid the crowds and loud noises, but mostly to avoid people.

In a way, warm weather would bring a bit more motivation and fresh new energy.

Also, it would give us the best reason to take the beast to the park. It’s been a while since we went out, not having to worry that I have to go to work in the evening or that I need to sleep. It’s funny that I am talking about sleep, considering it almost 3 AM. I wanted to sleep more, I swear. I was awaken from my slumber by Pluto. Yes, I did take him out. That’s why I know it’s cold and gloomy. In fact, it’s creepy. There are just a few lights, it’s way to quiet and weird people are still out.

Oh well..

It was fun so far. I mean, the first two weeks of February were packed. We acted as babysitters for Charlie (a beagle).

Pluto and Charlie

We had the police called to our door (because of loud music, don’t worry we got a warning and it was actually funny). I was able to buy new clothes, and now I am afraid to spend money. We fixed the car, meaning we won’t need to sell it and get a new one.

Pluto and Marlanu’ are cute as always, even if they have their moments.


Pluto got a new headgear, because why not. It feels like something is wrong if he doesn’t get sick every month or so. We still love him.. Plus, we were able to have a few laughs regarding his situation. It’s a good thing for Pluto that he doesn’t have to wear it outside as well.


Oh, last but not least, February is a short month. That means we won’t have to wait long for Spring. I can’t believe that I am saying this, but I wish the cold would go away. I am sick and tired of wearing jackets, boots and lots of layers. I am sick and tired of being cold all the time.

One month down..

One month down and eleven left to go from. So many plans, so little motivation.

Yet, January was satisfying. I got the chance to relax, clean the house, take pictures of my minions…

I’ve discovered new beverages..

We went out for a game of pool with friends we haven’t seen in years…

Last but not least, we got the chance to rest (some more than others, but who cares).

I could say things are looking up. I have lots of plans for Faberuary. At the moment, I have no motivation since I woke up at 5:30 AM. I’m sure it will come to me eventually. After all, I can’t sit still in my free time. Also, we must make the best out of February since this is a short month.

I also noticed that I’ve become a bit more outgoing these past few days, even if January overall was a wasted month. Spent time chatting with friends, making plans to go out, things like that. I hope this mood will not change and that I will make lots and lots of happy memories this month.